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Dior Diorific True Colour Luminous Lipstick In 340 Diorling

This holiday, Dior rolled out a gorgeously glam collection – you can find more details in this post here. Featuring lots of gold, sparkles and satiny red lips. I believe the selection of Diorific lipsticks in Asia differs from the ones US has to offer. Today, I have the Asian version of Diorling for you.

Retails at S$49 for 3.5g of product, made in France.

Encased in a polished cylindrical vintage gold casing with “Christian Dior” engraved to the short base, one would actually expect it to be heavy but it’s not. The bubbly shape of the casing is rather eye-catching and I think it makes a great gift too.

Unlike other Dior lipsticks, this particular one bears a delicate and captivating floral scent and I love it. I can go on smelling it the entire day – not kidding.

But for those who dislike scented products, you would be glad to know that the scent doesn’t lingers – on me at least. I could smell it when applying and probably just 2 seconds after.

Diorling is a gorgeous warm peach-nude with a golden sheen running through at various angles. It has a satiny-matte finish and the colour payoff is superbly good. It’s not the most creamy in texture (think Rouge Dior) but it still glides onto my lips without tugging.

For me, everything about Diorling seems perfect except I feel that it’s a little heavy on my lips and it’s not as hydrating as I wish.

For such a light and nude shade, this colour holds up pretty well on my lips – surprised, it actually lasted through a light meal. To compensate the lack of hydrating properties, I wear a lip balm under and over this formula. Although the formula is not as hydrating, it still feels comfortable on my dry lips and it didn’t dry my lips further.

Swatches above taken under natural day light, without flash.

I hope you can spot the golden sheen – it’s absolutely breathtaking and that’s the reason I fell in love with this colour. I have a sneak peek of how it looks on my lips in the picture below for you – details of this look coming up shortly. On my lips, it translates a little more nude as compared to the swatches above. I like the effect in a way because it helps conceal the natural redness I have on my lips.

This shade looks beautiful when paired with smoky eyes – particularly smoky olives and greens or golds and browns. Because this shade looks nude on me, I don’t pair it with natural lids – I think it looks a little too pale as a whole – on me.

I am very much in love with this shade. I am currently going through a smoky lids with nude lips phase so I am enjoying it very much. All in all, Diorific Diorling is very close to being my darling if it’s less heavy and more hydrating.

Thank you for reading.

6 thoughts on “Dior Diorific True Colour Luminous Lipstick In 340 Diorling

  1. This is the color I have been eyeing! I can’t do it if it lacks moisture though, I know I would never wear it. S I appreciate your review. Loving it though!

  2. I love Diorling too. As much as I try not to reach for it, I often find myself grabbing it when I want a nude color that is a little bit more complex and glammed. Such a lovely shade 🙂

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