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Welcome Tom Ford, Let’s Take A Look At My Wish List

Around this time last year, I published a post on 6 Makeup Brands To Explore featuring 6 brands I haven’t had the chance to try. And one of the brands is Tom Ford. Honestly, I have never imagined this brand would make its way to Singapore so quickly – it’s like a dream come true.

Tom Ford will premiere on 23 November 2012 (tomorrow) at TANGS Orchard Beauty Hall and I can’t wait to go crazy swatching.

To celebrate it’s first appearance in Singapore, I was making a mental note of what I would like to get last night, before I go to bed. There are just too many items on the list so as soon as I got up this morning, I thought, why not share my wish list and seek for suggestions from all of you.

In a nutshell, here is my list – not every item but items I am potentially interested in so far and I shall zoom right in to swatch them when I visit the Tom Ford counter.

Let’s start with some Eye Color Quad. Having tried Golden Mink, I think I will eventually own 1 or 2 more pieces because they are absolutely gorgeous. From their permanent range, I have (from left to right) Titanium Smoke, Burnished Amber and Silvered Topaz.

Moving onto the lips, Black Orchid is a definite must have for me – have seen this shade in action many times on YouTube and I got to have it. Together with this shade, depending on the price tag (which will be hefty), I might get Crimson Noir and Sable Smoke.

Nail Polishes. I need some Tom Ford Nail Lacquer. Not sure on the colours yet but most likely a red.

Lastly, I would really love to explore the brand’s brush line having heard so much about them – especially the Shade & Illuminate Brush. I will also be checking out their Shade & Illuminate cream highlighter and contouring kit so many have raved about. As well as their Brow Sculptor.

Alright, as much as I wanted to keep the list small, I guess I pretty much have their entire makeup line listed in my wish list huh? I seriously can’t wait to check them out in person and make my final decision.

What is on your wish list? Do you have any recommendations to share? What are your favourite Tom Ford products?

Not entirely sure if Tom Ford’s latest collection will be available when the brand launches but I hope so because their new eyeshadow quads look gorgeous. Always happy to welcome “new” brands to the island. Hopefully there will be more coming.

Thank you for looking.

24 thoughts on “Welcome Tom Ford, Let’s Take A Look At My Wish List

  1. Hi Joey, very excited for you! Unfortunately, we do not have Tom Ford yet in Manila and I can only vicariously appreciate it through you. 🙂 Looking forward to your posts–I specially like to see the Shade and Illuminate, and the lipsticks! Another reason to visit Singapore then!

    • Hi Ae,
      Yes, it’s very exciting to have so many “new” brands coming in..
      I can’t wait and you must visit Singapore one day to shop =)
      Thank you for trusting my thoughts!!
      Love your looks and you look great in Wet & Wild Black Orchid – can’t imagine how stunning Tom Ford’s version of Black Orchid will be on you!!

  2. Ahh, I have too much I want from this brand yet no time to head down to the counter till like… next year? Lol but oh well, lets me gather my thoughts and thanks for this entry, I have a few more palettes I should keep an eye on now… aha!

  3. Glad to know Tom Ford is finally coming to Singapore! I absolutely love their lipsticks, eye shadows and the shade&illuminator highlighter. The shade & illuminate brush was a little disappointing to me though..I ended up getting a similar brush from giorgio armani 😛 Look forward to hear your thoughts 🙂

    • Hi Rei,
      Thanks for popping by and commenting!!
      Yes, such a pleasure to have NARS followed by Tom Ford in Singapore =)
      Thank you for sharing, I will definitely compare both GA and TF brushes before purchases!!
      Oh man, I can’t wait!!
      TGIF hun xx

  4. OMG I just sent my friend my wishlist when she goes to the UK! I have two lippies, Pink Dusk (white tube) and Indian Rose (brown tube). I have my eye on True Coral and Casablanca. Thanks, Joey! I hope they wouldn’t go beyond $75 per tube!!

  5. ooo nice list! I have the lipsticks and thats it so far… (but 6 of them, eep!) I’m not really in the market for more shadows or blushes that are shimmery, so I’m skipping those for now. I have been super intrigued by shade & illuminate all year, but i think both shades are too warm for me! The brushes look amazing though… I heard made just like hakuhodo? anyway, they have a brush set for $365 here. So pricey but luxurious!

    • Hi Joyce,
      Oh wow, 6 TF lipsticks – which ones?
      They must be really good as I have seen so many great reviews of them..
      I “refuse” to take a look at their brushes.. lol..
      You know what I mean, haha.. shall take my time to decide, too much going on at the moment!!
      Happy Sunday xx

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