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Lunasol Nail Finish In 07 Cool Beige & EX 06 Deep Red

I have two Lunasol nail polish swatches to share with you this morning. Both are from their Fall collection released a while ago in Singapore. Apologies for the late review. I have included some comparisons for the nude shade too, hope you find this post helpful.

Lunasol Nail Finish in 07 Cool Beige is a pink-tone beaver brown with a hint of mauve.

This is a “safe” shade I suppose because it has a touch of warmth and will not pale out the fingers. Texture is smooth like most of this brand’s nail polishes and the consistency is right. I didn’t experience any streaking during application and two coats offer full opacity.

I pulled out a few of my favourite nudes to compare. I am especially curious about how 07 Cool Beige compares to EX 36 Beige Gray.

  • Index finger: Deborah Lippmann Fashion
  • Middle finger: Rescue Beauty Lounge Grunge
  • Ring finger: Lunasol 07 Cool Beige
  • Little finger: Lunasol EX36 Beige Gray

DL Fashion is the lightest and creamiest compared to the rest. RBL Grunge is the coolest and palest when worn beside the rest. EX 36 Beige Gray is (of course) the deepest and I find 07 Cool Beige the most wearable across most skin tones amongst them.

Which is your favourite?

Lunasol Nail Finish in EX 06 Deep Red is a deep blood-red with gold, pink and red shimmers.

To me, this is the perfect red for this festive season because – look at the shimmers. Aren’t they beautiful? Again, texture of this shade is nice and smooth. It has a nice consistency too but unlike 07 Cool Beige, this shade has a some sort of jelly-like finish. It’s almost as if the red is enveloping the glitters and the glitters are shinning from within.

I experienced slight patchiness for the first coat but as soon as the second coat goes on, it’s nice and opaque. Remember to let the first coat dry first before applying the second – pulling may occur.

Overall, impressed with both shades and I think they are great additions to my growing collection of Lunasol nail polishes.

Thank you for looking.

Swatches taken under natural day light without flash. Swatches swatched with Nail Tek Foundation II, 2 coats of nail polish and Seche Vite Top Coat.

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