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Flush Of Freedom With Dior Chérie Bow Makeup Collection For Spring 2013

In a flush of freedom, as though flaunting an irrepressible desire to seduce, the Spring 2013 makeup look by Tyen creates a uniquely fresh fusion of the House of Dior’s iconic codes.

Dressed with the bow that Christian Dior adored — a throwback to games of love and chance, feminine avatar of the bow tie and an homage to the ribbons worn by the Duchesse de Fontanges, the Chérie Bow collection unfurls… pretty as pink.

The couturier found pink to be “the softest of colours”, the colour “of happiness and femininity”. He continually reinvented its hues, from tender ballerina to hot and shocking. Pink received its first couture initials: CD.

With Chérie Bow, pink flirts with smoky black and anthracite grey… Pink, black, grey… The palette glows, the harmonies contrast against the skin…

Sometimes demure and well-bred, often sizzling and glamorous, always cult, pink has never been this edgy.

The ultimate Dior signature houndstooth makes its mark on the eyeshadows, turning these beauty accessories into the couture must-haves of the season.


Camille Miceli, Creative Director of Dior accessories, reinterprets the Fontanges bow, named after Louis XIV’s favourite, who made history wearing her ribbons in her hair.

In the elegance of Versailles, it’s cheeky and utterly 2013.

The star palette hides colours created by Tyen: a trio of velvety eyeshadows available in two harmonies, one around vintage powder pink, contrasting with grey and anthracite, the other in poppy pinks frosted with luminous white. A black eyeliner and a fresh pink gloss complete this pop-up edition that sets the season’s tone.


Inspired by backstage makeup artists, who apply a grease shadow set with powder for a long-lasting effect, the new Twin Set eyeshadow pen is the must-have for eyes. At one end, a smooth texture spreads a lush satin or pearly veil.

At the other, a sponge-pad dusted with shiny powder brings a mirrored sheen. One shade and twin effects for a twin-set makeup that beholds endless possibilities…

Illuminated, smoky or sophisticated to the hilt, the eyes recover the twinkle of spring.


A first for makeup. The legendary houndstooth that Christian Dior adored appears in eyeshadow palettes for the very first time. The 5 Couleurs and 3 Couleurs Smoky palettes revisit a play on grey and pink for the eyes. Variations on shadows and light, playing on textures and consistencies…


Diorblush also adopts a houndstooth attire. Beneath the puff, two original harmonies – peach and “real” pink – give the complexion a burst of freshness. Pink flushes to the cheeks, for an instant “fresh air” look.


For those who love a discreet rosy effect, an expert innovation for the lips: the gloss Dior Addict Lip Glow. It reacts to the level of humidity in the lips to diffuse its active colour effect and reveal their glow. Plumped with nourishing oils, it deeply hydrates the lips and transforms the smile with glistening sex appeal.

Who has never dreamed of a nail varnish that reveals the nails’ natural beauty and gives a colour-free boost to their glow? Dior invents Nail glow, an all-in-one nailcare, varnish and glow that reveals an instant French manicure effect in one stroke.

Like gossamer silk on the lips, Dior Addict Lipstick shapes the smile with light. Its four lush new shades for Spring 2013 reveal an implacable sensuality, shimmering between attitude and grace.


A fountain of youth for the lips, a glamour elixir, Rouge Sérum reveals two brand new shades. On the one hand, a delicate candy pink. On the other, a cheeky coral subtly flushed with pearly gold.


Easy to wear yet impulsive, the essential Rouge Addict shades play on the excitement and fashion desires of the moment.

This completely new, high-shine sensorial formula is totally addictive. With 25% less wax than a classic lipstick, it contains instead an extraordinary reflecting gel. The result is modern transparency, intense plumping hydration and a magnifying glass effect to intensify shine, plump the lips and above all, enhance colour.


In soft pale pink, Dior Vernis Tutu evokes the delicacy of a ballerina. Brighter and spiked with coral, the Rosy Bow shade celebrates spring and glowing seduction. Lastly, the Gris Trianon shade styles the nails with soft grey, a timeless code in the chromatic world of Dior.


  • Dior Chérie Bow PaletteS$105
    • 001 Rose Poudre
    • 002 Rose Perle
  • 3 Couleurs Smoky Chérie Bow EditionS$72
    • 731 Smoky Rose
  • 5 Couleurs Chérie Bow Edition S$98
    • 724 Rose Ballerine
    • 854 Rose Charmeuse
  • Twin Set Eyeshadow PensS$51
    • 060 Grey Sigh
    • 090 Fishnet Black
    • 530 Beige Ribbon
    • 840 Ballerina Pink
  • Diorblush Chérie Bow Edition S$68
    • 659 Tender Coral
    • 729 Pink Happiness
  • Rouge SerumS$50
    • 250 Tulle Pink Serum
    • 630 Arabesque Pink Serum
  • Dior Addict LipstickS$45
    • 437 Charmante
    • 457 Candide
    • 467 Bow
    • 687 Espiégle
  • Dior Addict Lip GlowS$44
  • Nail GlowS$37
  • Dior VernisS$37
    • 155 Tutu
    • 306 Gris Trianon
    • 355 Rosy Bow


Dior Chérie Bow Makeup Collection For Spring 2013 will be available island-wide from January 2013.

Thank you for looking.

14 thoughts on “Flush Of Freedom With Dior Chérie Bow Makeup Collection For Spring 2013

  1. Love the nail polishes and the blushes. Will pass on the eye quints this time as I simply can´t wear pink on my eyelids. Have you seen the Chanel spring collection yet?

    • Hi hun,
      Yes, I have seen previews of Chanel Spring 2013..
      Seems like pink is the “it” shade coming Spring and all brands are putting a modern + grown up vibe to it..
      Very cheerful =)

  2. Gorgeous collection, I can’t wait! Lots to choose from here. I love Spring makeup, especially the pinks and corals as every woman at every age level looks freshened up and younger in these shades.

    • No worries, still have time to think and when it’s out, swatch before deciding =)
      I can’t wait for all Spring collections tho, looks like Pink is big next Spring!!

  3. OMG absolutely loving the pinks! Would you be getting anything from this collection? I’m tempted to get the Cherie Bow palette or their IT Stick in Ballerina Pink…. But I’m very afraid of using pink 😦

    • Hi Rachelle,
      Yes, the pinks are so gracious – I haven’t picked up anything from this collection yet but would love to try the Twin Set Eyeshadow Pens and one of the quints =)
      Rosy Bow nail colour looks really good too!!

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