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Make Up For Ever Holodiam Powder In 302, 303 & 304

Hello everyone, first of all, I would love to thank everyone who left a comment on the latest Femme Boulevard collaboration look. I had so much fun creating that look and these Make Up For Ever Holodiam Powder are the main ingredients for it.

Retails at S$41 each for 1g of product, made in France.

On camera with my white lighting, I didn’t manage to capture the true beauty of these glitters – quite sad tho but it’s alright because today, I have some amazing swatches for you in this post – let’s take a look.

Swatches above taken under natural sun light, without flash – applied dry. From left to right: Make Up For Ever Holodiam Powder in 304, 303 and 302.

Without a base, these glitters are definitely more wearable – they glisten very beautifully in every angle. I think they are suitable for wearing during the day as well. Can you imagine the beauty of these glitters on your lids when light hits, each time you blink, your eyes sparkles like diamonds.


Swatches below taken under natural sun light, without flash – applied dry on Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in 27 Black. From left to right: Make Up For Ever Holodiam Powder in 304, 303 and 302.

It’s a completely different story when these glitters are worn over a base. It creates an ever-changing veil of colour that glistens continuously.


The Holodiam Powder comes in tiny square plastic pots with a sifter. The pots are light yet sturdy and the sifter dispenses just the right amount of product each time I tap – in fact, I had to tap a few times for more product. It’s good that the sifter doesn’t release too much product because I wouldn’t want to waste any access and I wouldn’t want my desk to be in a glittery mess.

Normally, I tap product onto a piece of paper, tissue or on my mixing palette before use.

  • 302 Plum – turquoise, violet and pink highlights
  • 303 White – gold, green and blue highlights
  • 304 Brown Gold – yellow, green and blue highlights

If you ask me which is my favourite amongst them three shades, I won’t be able to choose because each has its own beauty and uniqueness. But I think 302 is the prettiest and most versatile – you can use this alone during the day or over a base for that gorgeous mixture of colours.


I am never really a glitter person. I love sparkles, shimmers and anything that glistens but when it comes to glitters, I think they are very difficult to manage. I hate applying them because they tend to get messy and I hate removing them because bits and bobs will remain around my eyes and face – and I will be seeing “stars” through my eyes.

But, these Holodiam Powder changed my mind.

Yes, they are still messy and they still fly away because they are so light and fine. When I previewed them during the event, I was deeply impressed by how finely milled they are – they feel like pigments. I couldn’t feel any grittiness – they are amazing.

I believe these glitters will look different depending on the lighting and the choice of base you use. Have fun and play with different coloured base for a different effect.


I love them – as you can probably already tell. I think they are great additions to my makeup collection – I don’t have many glitters.

Two reasons why they are on my hit list; 1. they are incredibly finely milled thus it’s comfortable to wear and they don’t irritate my eyes and 2. the duo-tone, tri-tone qualities of these glitters are incredibly beautiful and I am very much in love with them. I can’t stop admiring them while taking photos of swatches above.

I think these glitters look best under artificial yellow light – as if they are dancing in the night.


Anyone like me – who loves sparkles but afraid they are too gritty or will irritate the eyes. And anyone who wants to have some fun and create a dazzling look this Christmas.

You can find more details of the look I created above in this post.

Besides using the Holodiam Powder on eyes, one can also use it on the face, body, hair, lips and nails. A very versatile product to have.

Thank you for looking.

10 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever Holodiam Powder In 302, 303 & 304

    • Hi Pamela,
      Thank you so much =)
      Me too, I prefer pressed eyeshadows to anything but it’s “refreshing” to play with some glitters once in a while!!
      Happy weekend xx

  1. Oh wow, those are just really stunning glitters! They are even more amazing over the black base, love love love it! Again, you created such a beautiful look with it and now I really need to get a closer look at these next time when I’m at the store!

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