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Estée Lauder Pure Color Velvet Lipstick In Black Cassis & Violet Crush

Estée Lauder Pure Color Velvet Lipstick in Black Cassis & Violet Crush were released together in their Violet Underground Makeup Collection For Fall 2012 a few months ago.

Retails at S$38 each, both of them are incredibly highly pigmented.

I would like to share some thoughts and swatches with you in this post. I am loving all my Estée Lauder lipsticks so far, including these two. For a look I have done incorporating Black Cassis, please take a look at this post.

They are packaged the same as their Pure Color Long-Lasting Lipstick (reviewed here). Texture is rich and creamy, glides onto the lips smoothly. These lipsticks ain’t exactly lightweight but they don’t feel too heavy either. They can easily be toned down if you wear a lip balm under or use your fingers to dab the colour on instead of applying directly from the bullet or with a lip brush.

I love their intensity and these lipsticks have a velvety finish.

  • Black Cassis – is a deepen, redden plum
  • Violet Crush – is a hot magenta with cool blue undertone

Swatches above taken under natural day light, without flash.

Both are gorgeous hues but between the two shades, I find Black Cassis more wearable on myself. I find Violet Crush can look a tad intimidating on warmer skin tones because of its cool blue undertones. All in all, I have to say, Violet Crush is not an easy colour to pull off.

If you can pull it off, it will look absolutely stunning.

Besides the slight difference in their finishing, these lipsticks performs almost identical to their Pure Color Long-Lasting Lipsticks. They are long-lasting and doesn’t feel drying on my lips.

Thank you for looking.

7 thoughts on “Estée Lauder Pure Color Velvet Lipstick In Black Cassis & Violet Crush

  1. I love both! But I do agree Violet Crush is hard to pull off… Even on my skin, which is has pink and very few (but existent) blue undertones, it’d be a challenge.
    I’m sure it looks amazing though…
    Thank you for the swatches 🙂 x

    • Hi Raquel,
      Thanks for agreeing!!
      Do you have a post wearing Violet Crush?
      I would love to see it on you – I tried searching on your blog but no results =(
      Always a pleasure xx

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