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Wake Me Up When December Ends

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It has been a long year. 2012 hasn’t exactly been the brightest for me but I guess it happens once in a while – days ain’t always sunny huh?

Despite being demanding and despairing, this year went by so quickly. Although it’s less than 2 weeks to a brand new year, please wake me up when December ends – I secretly wish I could sleep through Christmas and New Year, and wake up to sunshine through my windows.

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I become a movie addict when I am stuck – be it soul-searching or finding for inspiration. Or generally in a blah mood.

Graphics on Life Of Pi is brilliant. I was amazed. But if you ask if I am going to watch it again, I am sorry, no. I don’t dislike it, in fact I think the story line is fantastic – like Cast Away with a more adventurous plot. I just find it a little too draggy. The trailer probably consists of all the most exciting scenes.

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Breaking Dawn Part 2 is amazing, like AMAZING.

I guess most of you would have watched it by now so don’t mind me “spilling the beans” – if you haven’t seen it and don’t wish to read what I am about to write in the next two lines, please scroll down, to the next picture.

LOVE the twist at the end. I haven’t read the books and I don’t think I will but it was fantastic – nothing I would have expected. And how lovely is Bella as a vampire? Doesn’t she look a lot happier? I enjoy her as a vampire so much compared to her being “human”.

So, I think I was born to be a vampire too, where is my Edward?

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Completely missed Step Up Revolution at the cinemas so I picked up the DVD one weekend.

This episode of Step Up is phenomenon – not referring to the story line tho but the dance choreography and movements came to life – I mean, it would have been so cool to watch it in 3D.

Which mob do you like most?

Personally, I enjoyed both the museum and office mob the most. The finale mob is real cool too – the whole movie makes me want to go to a dance school.

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My little niece is getting “big”. Oh my, she can have a proper conversation with me now – she will ask questions like “Can you come with me? I show you my toys.” And she tells me things, lots of things. It’s been an amazing journey watching over her since birth.

And it will only get better I guess.

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I was showering her the other day and I wasn’t sure about the water temperature. Gosh, I made a mess. Little niece went “hot” and after I adjusted the temperature, she went “cold”. Now, I think she’s playing with me. Either that, or she hasn’t got “hot” and “cold” right.

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CANDLES – I have been enjoying candles all over again. I guess it’s seasonal, I was really into candles once then I moved to essential oil and to incense sticks and now back to candles.

My favourites of late includes NARS Oran and Yankee Candle № 1.

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Nothing beats a stomach full of desserts.

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Speaking of candles, diptyque carries a wide array of home scents. So does MEMO and many other brands found at escentials.

Smell of a place is as important as how a place look – if not more important. It’s probably the smallest thing to be aware of and I think most of us don’t realise we are aware of it but we are – if it all makes sense. A classic example would be the signature scent of W Hotel.

I believe all W Hotels smells the same. It’s a sense (almost subconscious) of belonging – like home, like our own bed, like our own car. As our memories fade away, when we can hardly picture a place, a person or an object – close your eyes and take a sniff.

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Some pictures from my Instagram.

Clarins will be launching their new era of whitening innovation: White Plus Total Luminescent next March. The new range features a new and more potent ingredient, Sandspurry Extract, to promote not only fairer, more even skin but also to grant Asian women their wish of achieving healthy-looking transparency and rosy luminescence, as if it were from within.

More details on the blog early next year.

Currently enjoying By Terry Baume de Rose – if you like rose scent, you will like this. The smell is simply divine.

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Renovations for the Beauty Hall at TANGS Orchard are almost completed and I tell you, this place is like a “death trap” with brands like NARS, YSL, Laura Mercier, Tom Ford, Sulwhasoo and all the brands available at escentials.

But I truly appreciate all the effort and investments that have gone into this revamping project.

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Currently trying the EVE LOM Cleanser and I am liking it. I was given a 30ml press sample and I have finished it even before reviewing. For those who would like a review on this, don’t worry, I went back for a full size a few days ago. Shall gather my thoughts and share them soon.

For more information about EVE LOM, check out this post.

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Benefit hosts the most quirky and eccentric events with half-naked hunks serving cupcakes. And look at the Spy Gals – love their outfits.

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Shall end this entry with the above quote. I believe the sun will shine – soon.

Thank you for reading.

8 thoughts on “Wake Me Up When December Ends

  1. Hi Sleeping Beauty,

    Nice post.

    I am on the same page with you about movies. Since it is written by man for man, it can pack a bag full of lessons on humanity.

    Hey, do you mind sharing details of the orange tone nail polish on the 3 x 3 collage, third row from the top and first column from the right?

    Tiara Wy

  2. Just want to say i really appreciate your efforts in taking great pics always and for sharing much here. May 2013 be a great year of sunshine for you and all around you always.

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