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Introducing Shu Uemura Blossom Dream Makeup Collection For Spring 2013

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“When I opened a make-up box in Hollywood, I felt as if I had uncovered hidden treasures in a pyramid. It was this rush of excitement that made me determined to become a professional make-up artist.”

Shu Uemura

A few years later, he established his first cosmetic company and created the “unmask” cleansing oil and colorful cosmetics that would become shu uemura’s trademarks.

In 1983, Mr. Shu Uemura opened the doors of his professional make-up artist’s atelier to the public in Tokyo, Omotesando district. The stylish space featured more than 3000 professional products such as high quality skin care products, make-up, and accessories. The sleek, black and white space showcased the kaleidoscope of colorful make-up, and open tester tables encouraged women to touch, play, and enjoy.

The revolutionary offering of personal cosmetics from a professional’s selection sparked a sensation.

“There are as many colors as there are women…”

From the moment colors are added to her purified canvas, beauty blooms from her face. A unique personal beauty lies within you and blooms like spring flowers along with your hopes, dreams, and ambitions, just like Mr. Shu Uemura’s color-filled dreams in Hollywood.

shu uemura’s spring/summer 2013 collection is a return to our roots: a celebration of the re-opening doors for all women to the shu uemura atelier.

The atelier’s secret color recipes are now shared with the entire world. Soothing shades in every possible combination sparks off infinite beauty inspirations to fuel the dreams that exists in every woman.

For spring/summer 2013 shu uemura Chief International Make-up Artist Yuji Asano evokes the magic of dreams. A colorful array of pastel floral shades and diverse textures are inspired by glorious budding flowers that bloom when dreams comes true.

Combining matte and shiny textures in one make-up design, shu uemura enlivens the face with a fresh, awe-inspiring and totally original beauty. The limited edition packaging features vibrant new interpretations of the legendary unmask logo design.

Shu Uemura Blossom Dream Makeup Collection For Spring 2013 - 2


Eyeshadow Palette (Limited Edition) – S$98

Re-discover the joy of shu uemura’s professional atelier with three new special edition matte textured refills in charming pastel shades for your palettes. Now everyone can easily achieve pro-level make-up gradation, color payoff, and ultra-smooth matte texture.

“Matte texture gives a more soothing, warm, and soft impression than pearl or glitter textures.

Even when exposed to a strong light, matte texture maintains true color. pale, soft, and warm colors are best suited to matte textures.”

Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura Blossom Dream Makeup Collection For Spring 2013 - 3

Unmask Palette Pink

Beautiful combination of sweet pink rose petal flush and vibrant bright pink that instantly charms. The neutral pink shade is also used as a base. Apply faintly around the eyes to create a cute impression.

Shu Uemura Blossom Dream Makeup Collection For Spring 2013 - 4

Unmask Palette Blue

As soothing as a dreamy blue sky-an amplified aqua blue and delicate lilac shade that will leave a cool, feminine impression. Blue and violet gradation adds a red tint, for a nice balance without looking too cool. Use yellow as the highlight and accent.

Shu Uemura Blossom Dream Makeup Collection For Spring 2013 - 5

Unmask Palette Green

A variety of fresh pastel greens – light minty tint of spring green and bright grassy green that evoke the ripe fields of spring. Not pop, but an active, energetic femininity, that’s especially recommended for fair complexions.

Shu Uemura Blossom Dream Makeup Collection For Spring 2013 - 6

Drawing Pencils (Limited Edition) – S$30

Play with pearly colorful eyeliners to draw defining lines. Shades match eye shadow colors perfectly for both monochromatic color coordination and vibrant enhancement.

  • Pearly Gold – define with a glamorous pearly golden accent
  • Pearly White – attention-getting white brightens eyes in the most unexpected way

Shu Uemura Blossom Dream Makeup Collection For Spring 2013 - 7


Glow On (New Shades) – S$33

5 new shades in pearl and matte texture for a complexion abloom with fantasy. From blissful pink to vibrant oranges, the range is newly enriched with vibrant dreams and feminine delight.

  • P light yellow 020 – warm yellow highlight for a glowing shine day and night
  • P soft pink 324 – lively sweet pink for the most blissful complexion
  • P soft coral 332 – a softly delicate shade that blends rose and peach
  • M soft orange 542 – warm sunny orange gives that lit-from-within glow
  • P vivid orange 551 – vivid blooming orange to brighten your facial impression

Shu Uemura Blossom Dream Makeup Collection For Spring 2013 - 8


The prelude to a beauty dream begins by adding an alluring tint to lips, the ultimate symbol of femininity. A combination of nudey pastel colors and 4 dreamy limited edition shades are offered in two different textures.

Rouge Unlimited (Limited Edition) – S$33

  • Bright Orange – stain lips with this unusual subdued tangerine orange to make your dream brighter
  • Dark Beige – this warm beige with a hint of pink is a sensual neutral, to enhance your natural glow from within

Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte (Limited Edition) – S$33

  • Bright Pink – the supreme matte pink will turn heads, and ignite your deepest desires
  • Light Beige – say it with texture with this barely there, supreme matte nude lips to highlight a glowing beauty canvas

Shu Uemura Blossom Dream Makeup Collection For Spring 2013 - 9

Gloss Unlimited (Limited Edition) – S$39

This new shape memorizing lip gloss is designed to create unlimited mirror shine with “3D shape-memory technology” to give lips a high shine veil that maintain voluminous shine.

New applicator traps gloss inside the circle and slant oval-shaped applicator fits perfectly with the lip shape to achiever precise application in one stroke by gradually evening out the gloss on your lips providing a new and sophisticated gloss experience.

The comfortable, light texture melts into lips through a moisture active complex formula that includes a new lotus flower extract nourishes and protect fragile lips and a special rich blend of botanical oils for moisture comfort. Lips feel moisturized all day long.

Fresh, playful colors and nuance colors, 5 shades to mix and match different textures and colors to match your many daydream fantasies.

  • AT20G – a sparkly attention-getting, yet soft gold with a voluptuous shine
  • CR20S – a peach with high shine that perfectly catches the light
  • PK40G – a dreamy, shimmering sweet pink for the most playful spirits

Shu Uemura Blossom Dream Makeup Collection For Spring 2013 - 10


Two dreamy lashes maximize your colorful make-up fantasy festivities. Dramatize your look with fluffy, colorful feathers or accentuate your eyes with feather-light lashes!

Rainbow Feather S (Limited Edition) – S$34

A rainbow of colored feathers graphically accented by black lash hair.

Shu Uemura Blossom Dream Makeup Collection For Spring 2013 - 11

Rainbow feather L (Limited Edition) – S$41

A pair of lashes with exploding with fluffy green, pink, orange, blue and yellow feathers. colored feather tips are hinged by pink and white nylon lashes.


The Shu Uemura Blossom Dream Makeup Collection For Spring 2013 will be available island-wide from January 2013.

Thank you for looking.

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