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Givenchy Le Prisme Blush Bucolique In 2 Bucolic Poppy

Way overdue but nonetheless, I need to show you this beauty before the year ends. Together with the Givenchy Le Prisme Visage Bucolique in 1 Bucolic Blossoms (reviewed here), I picked up this blush from Sephora KL as stock were sparse in Singapore.

I believe this blush retails at S$76 in Singapore and it contains 7g of product, made in Italy.

The Givenchy Le Prisme Blush Bucolique comes in a pair, swatches of 1 Bucolic Rose can be found here if you are interested – I have also included them in this post.

I would like to think of both 1 Bucolic Rose and 2 Bucolic Poppy as sisters – they work together hand in hand and I enjoy them that way. I enjoy wearing Bucolic Poppy as a base and layer Bucolic Rose over. And if you notice, Bucolic Rose alone is too light as a blush for my skin tone.

Both contains iridescent shimmers which create the most beautiful sheen on cheeks – they are really very pretty. Both work together to softly enhance my cheek bones, making them look more lifted and plump.

Bucolic Poppy also adds a touch of radiance that flatters my skin tone – I look automatically more awake with this blush and it’s great for a lazy weekend morning. I would describe this shade as a toned down version of poppy red with gold micro-shimmers running through.

Distribution of the golden shimmers are nice and even with zero grittiness and flyaway.

Swatches above taken under natural day light, without flash.

Unlike Le Prisme Blush Blooming, these blushers are not scented – they could be but gone by now and I can’t remember, but I can still smell the scent from Blooming Fuchsias after 2 years.

Bucolic Poppy is love. I love this colour as it gives a very healthy flush to my complexion. Texture is silky and it’s very pigmented – I only need very little each time I use. I think this shade will look good on most skin tones especially those who are slightly more tan because of the golden glow.

Thank you for reading.

6 thoughts on “Givenchy Le Prisme Blush Bucolique In 2 Bucolic Poppy

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I really wish I had gotten Bucolic Poppy instead of Bucolic Rose–which is still pretty but I find I like the color of Poppy better. I was going to buy that one initially but I read a review that stated it was very red and difficult to wear. At the time, I didn’t like to wear blushes with red tones in it, so I passed it up for Rose instead :/

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