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6 Empties This Month

Good morning everyone, today, I bring you yet another set of 6 empties – consisting of products for face, hair, nails and even brushes.

I know the colours of this set of items looks very boring – white, blue and black but some of them are rather impressive and I can’t wait to tell you all about them.

Hope you find this post helpful.


S$41 – 250ml, USA

I use a different shampoo at least once a week – be it a clarifying one or a shampoo for thinning hair or in this case, a shampoo for dandruff control. This bottle is my first and I got a small one to start with.

Specially formulated for a flaky, itchy or dandruff-prone scalp, this shampoo helps soothe the problems and prevents them. It contains a unique blend of eucalyptus extract and aloe leaf juice thus it’s gentle enough to be used every day – but I don’t.

This shampoo has a very mild refreshing feeling and my hair feels very clean after wash – without being dry.


S$98 – 100ml, Japan

I am sure you know my love for exfoliating products by now – and this is a very gentle one. Whenever I feel that my skin is a little congested but not over the top, I go for a product like this. It’s mild and contains no micro-beads so if you have very sensitive skin, you may want to try an exfoliator along this line.

I wash my face with a foaming cleanser and pad dry with a towel. I make sure my skin is dry before applying 1 pump of product onto my entire face and neck. Let product settle for a while and start rubbing gently in circular motions – until small flakes appear. This product is good for removing dead skin cells and dirt from the skin.

After exfoliating, I noticed brighter and cleaner skin.

However, they are similar products in the market at only a fraction of the price. Depending on your comfort level, you may want to try others available before trying this.


S$35 – 75ml, Japan

A mask I have been using for years, many years. I always have an extra tube in my drawer in case it runs out – this is how important this mask is to me and it’s also Mak’s favourite.

I think this mask works better on Mak than on myself. It seems to remove more “debris” such as white heads, black heads and dead skin cells on Mak’s skin than mine (not that I don’t have any but the results are less visible). Because the mask is black, any “debris” will be shown and I like to “investigate” the aftermath quite thoroughly.

Do you do that too?

For those with very sensitive skin, you may find this mask a little harsh when peeling it off. What I usually do is, apply a hydrating or soothing mask right after peeling this mask off.


S$25 – 125ml, EU

This acetone-free nail polish remover is gentle and effective. And it is scented with bergamot and strawberries.

When you pour this remover on a cotton pad, it smells just like any other nail polish remover. The scent kicks in after you have wipe off the nail colour and I really enjoy having nails that smells good. Some times, certain nail polish removers can give me a headache.

  • CLARINS EXTRA-COMFORT CLEANSING CREAM for dry or sensitized skin with plants extracts

S$60 – 200ml, France

This tub of cream cleanser lasts forever. I have been using it for well over 6 months and have finally finished it, now I am on my second. As mentioned in My Skincare Routine [Night], I use this cream cleanser after removing my makeup with cleansing water/oil to remove any remaining traces of makeup. I feel cleaner this way and it’s sort of my personal double cleanse “system”.

I apply a generous amount onto my skin and massage in circular motions down to my neck area. Love the smell.

Occasionally, I also like to mix a little Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains For Face into this cream cleanser to exfoliate my skin. This pair works extremely well because the cream is nice and thick, acts like a cushion for the grains and it’s not to watery. Love.


S$21 – 120g, Thailand

Possibly the best brush cleanser I have tried. I need to buy more backups as it’s constantly out of stock. Full review can be found here.


Thank you for reading.

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