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Shu Uemura Celebrates 30 Years Of Beauty With 30 Icons At Generous New Prices

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“Creating something that universally beautiful, that is art…”, with this vision as his motto, 30 years ago, Mr. Shu Uemura opened his 1st boutique in the trendy Omotesando district in Tokyo. Ever since, this boutique has been considered an art store to demonstrate the brand’s spirit and philosophy.

From its first footprint, SHU UEMURA has become a well-known international beauty brand with presence in 17 countries today.

In January 2013, in conjunction with Shu Uemura’s 30th anniversary, the brand is pleased to announce the price adjustment of their most beloved icons. SHU UEMURA would like to take this opportunity to thank and reward their customers for their loyal support and invite more people to join their SHU UEMURA family by pampering them with the generous new prices.

The products with new generous prices are as below;-

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In 1983, a cosmetics retail revolution marked the opening of the shu uemura Beauty Boutique in Omotesando, Tokyo. The store was the first of its kind to offer wide ranges of professional makeup color in transparent packages.

The clear casing was designed specifically for quick access to the right color for make-up artists and consumers alike. The shu uemura boutique was also the first cosmetics store to create an open tester environment, allowing customers to experiment with products before making a purchase.

The legendary shu uemura beauty boutique on Omotesando has moved into the ground floor of the Omotesando hills shopping mecca, facing the main street. Omotesando hills are one of the most iconic landmarks of the Aoyama area, designed by the world-renowned architect Tadao Ando and considered one of the hottest destinations in Tokyo.

From the streets, a giant light box captures the attention of the Omotesando crowds through a transparent glass façade. Upon entering the boutique, you will see the new beauty table that seats six, with individual mirrors.

Inspired by the brand’s philosophy of “beautiful make-up starts with beautiful skin”, shu uemura has pioneered this new beauty table to provide a full service from skincare to make-up. Beauty stylists and make-up artists offer each customer a complete beauty routine, starting with shu uemura’s signature cleansing oils and culminating in facial make-up, amid the utmost comfort.


All prices listed are in SGD (Singapore Dollars) and new prices will be effective starting from 1st January 2013 in all authorized SHU UEMURA points of sale in Singapore (DFS and Changi Airport SHU UEMURA counters are not included).

Thank you for looking.

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