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NARS Nail Polishes In Storm Bird, Schiap & Dovima

NARS Nail Polishes In Storm Bird, Schiap & Dovima - 1

To me, NARS nail polishes are decent to good (depending on which shades) but not excellent based on what I have tried before. So, if you have encountered similar experiences with me, well, great news as today’s post features 3 nail polishes that won’t disappoint.

I like nail polishes that are opaque in 2 coats and 2 coats is all the allowance I will give to a high-end brand. If a third coat is needed, I am not impressed. Unless, of course, the shade and finish is meant to be semi-opaque, jelly-like. And I usually pick colours that can cover my visible nail line.

NARS Nail Polishes In Storm Bird, Schiap & Dovima - 2

Storm Bird is a clean and crisp grey that carries a very mild pink undertone with a solid cream finish.

I love grey nail colours because technically, grey is not colour (think white and black) and so, it should go well with any other colours. On my dressing palette with mainly black clothes with occasional blues and reds, grey pairs extremely well.

NARS Nail Polishes In Storm Bird, Schiap & Dovima - 3

Schiap is a shocking hot pink which leans cool, almost neon with a solid cream finish.

Schiap comes with a matching lip colour, also bears the same name. I do not have the lipstick but I am deeply in love with its nail colour. However, this shade does make my fingers and hands look a little darker than they normally are.

NARS Nail Polishes In Storm Bird, Schiap & Dovima - 4

Dovima is a bright, fire engine red which seems to have a neutral undertone – again, with a solid cream finish.

Gorgeous red. It’s fun and cheerful – and it brightens up my skin tone instantly (that’s what a red should do, if you find the right one – same applies to lipsticks).


These three nail polishes are excellent. I love everything about them – from their consistency to finish. They applies smoothly without being patchy nor streaky. The consistency is nice and thick, easy to handle.

I managed to test their longevity this time because I have been a little too busy. On average, each of them lasted for about 3 days before showing signs of tip wear. Note that I type a lot throughout the days, I wash dishes and I do the laundry.

Nail polishes that last for 3 full days are about average I guess, anything more would be good bonus.

Many thanks to Mag for gifting Storm Bird to me.

Thank you for looking.

Swatches taken under natural day light without flash. Swatches swatched with Nail Tek Foundation II, 2 coats of nail polish and Seche Vite Top Coat.

2 thoughts on “NARS Nail Polishes In Storm Bird, Schiap & Dovima

  1. I have 15 Minutes – a light yellow creme – and surprisingly, 2 coats for opaque, non-streaky coverage. I was expecting to go to war with it seeing how I generally find pastel cremes more tough to paint. I like Dovima!

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