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NARS Highlighting Blush Powder In Satellite Of Love

NARS Satellite Of Love Highlighting Blush Powder - 1

Hello everyone, I have the NARS Highlighting Blush Powder in Satellite Of Love for you today with a little comparison between the other 2 highlighting blush powders I have from the brand.

Satellite Of Love is part of the NARS x Andy Warhol collection for holiday 2012 and it retails at S$43 for 4.8g of product, made in Canada. Instead of the usual black paper box, this item comes with a special reflective silver metallic box which is really pretty.

NARS Satellite Of Love Highlighting Blush Powder - 2

Satellite Of Love is named for one of Lou Reed’s most recognized songs from the 1972 album, Transformer. As a member of the Velvet Underground, Reed was a part of the Factory’s exploding artistic scene.

NARS describes Satellite Of Love as a sparkling gold sand and I wouldn’t describe it differently. It has a nude, skin tone base with gorgeous sparkling gold shimmer sprinkled all over. It is subtle, very subtle yet glistens beautifully on my skin tone.

Jason Hoffman, NARS Lead Trainer suggests layering Satellite Of Love directly on top of Laguna bronzing powder to give it a shimmering bronzed twist for the holidays.

I don’t own a piece of Laguna but I have tried layering over other bronzing powder before and it looks great. Warm and dazzling – truly something different for the holidays but since I am in Singapore, no one noticed the difference except the sparkling highlight.

NARS Satellite Of Love Highlighting Blush Powder - 3

On NARS website, only 4 shades are listed under their highlighting blush powder section and New Order is missing from this comparison. I believe New Order is one of the newer ones released last year. It would have been even more interesting to feature all four but sadly, I don’t own New Order.

NARS Satellite Of Love Highlighting Blush Powder - 4

From left to right;-

  • Albatross – gives the most obvious highlighting effects amongst the other 2, it’s packed with micro-shimmers and has an almost duo-tone appearance; together with the golden sheen, this highlighter creates a define three-dimension quality on the face; absolutely breathtaking
  • Miss Liberty luxe and crisp silver sparkles suspended in a champagne pink base; this highlighter brightens with an irresistible glow
  • Satellite Of Love – the most natural looking amongst the rest on my skin tone; provides warmth to and glow to add instant radiance to one’s complexion

NARS Satellite Of Love Highlighting Blush Powder - 5 NARS Satellite Of Love Highlighting Blush Powder - 6

The overall texture and smoothness of Satellite Of Love is ace. Despite the amount of shimmery particles, this piece applies smoothly without any grittiness. Application method is similar to that of Miss Liberty. I wouldn’t brush it on but instead, pat and roll it on.

For those with fairer skin tone or skin tone similar to mine, you will find this piece helpful – in warming up skin tone and giving that warm glow. For those who has a deeper skin tone than myself, I am not sure if it’s going to work. You may want to try layering over Laguna like Jason Hoffman suggests.

This piece is yet another unique addition to my stash as it leans more warmth than many of my other highlighters.

Due to the semi-sheer quality of this highlighter, there are many ways to wear it. Personally, I enjoy wearing it over matte contouring blush shades like Illamasqua Kiss, Shiseido RD 401, Rouge Bunny Rouge Habanera, MAC Darkly My Dear or the like.

At a glance, you might think that both Miss Liberty and Satellite Of Love look very similar. In fact, they do thus if you have Miss Liberty and are happy with it, you don’t need Satellite Of Love. Unless you find the former a tad too cool and overwhelming for you than the latter will come in extremely handy.

Hope my thoughts and comparison above helped. Did you pick up Satellite Of Love too? How are you liking it?

Thank you for looking.

2 thoughts on “NARS Highlighting Blush Powder In Satellite Of Love

  1. Satellite Of Love looks gorgeous. I used to own New Order, you really do not need to get that. It’s kinda powdery and isn’t one of the best highlighter I had tried…

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