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Poudre Signée de Chanel Illuminating Powder

Poudre Signée de Chanel Illuminating Powder (1)

Good afternoon everyone, how’s your Tuesday looking?

During my recent travels, I picked up two items and one of them is this super pretty Poudre Signée de Chanel Illuminating Powder. When it first launched locally, I didn’t purchase it because I wasn’t sure about my feelings for it – is it going to be a product I keep to admire or will it be a product I enjoy using?

I have pretty much “forgotten” about it until I saw it at the airport retailing at S$74.50 for 8g of product, made in Italy. What a steal?

Poudre Signée de Chanel Illuminating Powder (2)

I grabbed it.

I believe it retails at S$100 down town. Chanel has done it again, this is a collector’s piece and it’s gorgeous. At this point of time, I am not sure if I will be reviewing it – head over to Café Makeup for more amazing pictures and review.

This is the only item I picked up from Chanel Spring, what did you get from this collection?

Thank you for looking.

22 thoughts on “Poudre Signée de Chanel Illuminating Powder

    • I know right?
      Am particularly disappointed with the nail polishes and eyeshadow quad – perhaps I was expecting something a little different in terms of shade range?
      Oh well..
      Good for the wallet!!

  1. Omg, such a steal u got it at! I couldn’t bear to purchase it with my other routes de indes de chanel still sitting pretty (and untouched much!) In the drawer 😛

  2. This is one that I had to have 2 of. At first site, I didn’t think I would purchase it as I have a number of highlighters that are very nice, the Chanel from last year, the new Chantecaille etc. I applied some of this new Chanel at the counter but couldn’t really see it well in the department store because I’m middle aged and need glasses but I’m too vain to get them! Went home to look in my mirror at home where I have better judgement (and with a pair of “reader” glasses from the drug store) and WOW! This is by far the most gorgeous highlighter I’ve ever had. A very fine sheen of a combination of gold, softened by a touch of ivory and natural flesh tone. It is not white-ish or pink-ish but a beautiful “better than natural” glow of natural skin color and gold softened by ivory. In other words, the golden part is not bronzy or yellow-y but a very skin flattering gold. Great for any age including us older ladies, very flattering on middle aged, less than flawless skin. This is not an obvious, frosted, powdery or garish highlighter. It just has the softest, most lovely sheen I’ve ever seen so I really had to get another, just in case I never come across another highlighter that is this flattering. Very high quality, classy looking glow to the skin. It’s funny but I can’t imagine any skin color this wouldn’t work on. I think it is because of the perfect golden/flesh color, not a white-ish ivory, not pink, not orange, not a yellowy or bronze-y gold, not “shiny” or glittery but a glow or sheen, like that perfect radiance of baby’s skin. If you can get to a counter, try some on then go out into natural lighting or look in your rear view mirror of your car, or at home or wherever you can get a good, clear look at it. If you want something soft, extremely flattering and classy looking, this is it.

  3. P.S. I looked at the Cafe Makeup review and I thought it looked ivory on that site like so many other highlighters. Joey’s photos here capture a very realistic color of what it really looks like.

    • Hi Joyce,
      Thank you for commenting!!
      Tell me about it, we probably don’t need any more makeup =)
      I was gonna buy the eyeliners because I always do but thought I shall pass this round..
      I prefer MUFE lip liners, they are more creamy – better for my dry lips!!

        • Hi Mimi,
          Wow, is it as stark as white eyeliners?
          I haven’t tried using a soft lilac along my waterline before, thank you so much for enlightening =)
          I will go Chanel later to check it out!!

          • Stark white is not good unless you are going for an obvious look. It’s probably a good choice for photos from a distance as it will make the eyes look slightly larger but up close it’s fake and jarring. Just my opinion, as the young can get away with so much more than us middle aged ladies. Personally, I like makeup that enhances the wearer instead of noticing, “Hey, you’re wearing _______!” So that would leave out anything to faux or “in your face” so to speak. I like to look at a lady and think, “Wow she looks so beautiful” instead of “Wow she’s got a ton of mascara, eyeshadow….” or whatever. Again, just my opinion. If someone wants to wear obvious makeup that’s fine, it’s just their style or it’s how they want to express themselves, which is perfectly alright. I prefer that a woman takes her assets and enhances them so a person notices her individual beauty.

            • Yes, I agree, stark white is not the usual look I go for =)
              I love what you have mentioned and agree with everything – I appreciate subtlety and like it when people compliment that “I look good” – not always but ya, and they can’t quite pin point what is it that I have used!!
              Thank you for your comment Mimi!!

  4. Hi Joey,
    Am in another dilemma.. Do you think i need this powder if i already have the shimmer glow powder? Thank u..

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