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Shu Uemura Tokyo Lights Palette In 01

Shu Uemura Tokyo Lights Palette In 01 (1)

“tokyo tower, tokyo sky tree, a lot of skyscrapers with dazzling lights which you see everywhere in tokyo….

all fascinating elements of urban tokyo backdrop is incorporated in this exclusive on-the-go palette!

an exclusive assortment of colors for eyes by shu uemura artists give you natural make-up look for daily use, for all travelers.”

Shu Uemura

If you are travelling via Singapore Airlines, you can find this Shu Uemura Tokyo Lights Palette in 01 onboard or you can simply purchase from Krisshop. It retails at S$71 for 6 x 1g of product, designed in Japan, made in Korea.

You can also find this palette on Shu Uemura website here.

Shu Uemura Tokyo Lights Palette In 01 (3) Shu Uemura Tokyo Lights Palette In 01 (4) Shu Uemura Tokyo Lights Palette In 01 (5)

There are 3 variations in this Tokyo Lights range and this palette of warm neutrals caught my attention immediately. Consists of six Shu Uemura best-selling eyeshadows shades, they are;-

  • pressed eyeshadow M895 (matte deep aubergine)
  • pressed eyeshadow P875 (pearl golden brown)
  • pressed eyeshadow ME825 (metallic gold sand)
  • pressed eyeshadow ME280 (metallic bronze)
  • pressed eyeshadow G Gold (sparkling gold)
  • pressed eyeshadow ME906 (metallic sparkling snow-white)

Two more closeups for you.

Shu Uemura Tokyo Lights Palette In 01 (6) Shu Uemura Tokyo Lights Palette In 01 (7)

I fell in love with P875 and ME280 – I got to have this palette. But when I got home, I realized I already own two of them shades. However, I still love this palette as I have all the beautiful shades in one – very handy and versatile, and convenient.

All the shades are buttery smooth and nicely pigmented. If you don’t own any of the shades and you are a neutral lover, I highly recommend getting this palette. If you are starting out in makeup or beginning to explore Shu Uemura eyeshadows, this palette is brilliant for doing so – you will not be disappointed.

P875 can be slightly crumbly if you pick up too much at one time. I suggest tapping off access prior to applying to avoid fall outs.

Rest of the shades, including the glittery ones adhere nicely onto the lids with minimum fall outs.

Shu Uemura Tokyo Lights Palette In 01 (8) Shu Uemura Tokyo Lights Palette In 01 (9)

Swatches above taken under natural day light, without use of flash – swatched on dry arm without primer.

I pulled out several other Shu Uemura palettes and individual eyeshadows for comparison. Am beginning to adore my little collection of limited edition Shu Uemura palette designs. But I still wish Shu Uemura will come up with palettes that hold more eyeshadows and blushers.

That would be so much more easier to be able to browse all shades at once.

Shu Uemura Palettes - 1 Shu Uemura Palettes - 2

Thoughts and swatches of Shu Uemura Unmask Palette in Blue coming up soon.

And a little comparison for you below. I do not have any Shu Uemura eyeshadows close to P875ME825 and ME280 so I will only be comparing the glittery shades.

Shu Uemura Tokyo Lights Palette In 01 - C (1) Shu Uemura Tokyo Lights Palette In 01 - C (2) Shu Uemura Tokyo Lights Palette In 01 - C (3)

All swatches above taken under natural sun light, without use of flash – on dry arm, without primer.

Texture of Tokyo Lights ME906 is similar to Tokyo Lights G Gold – they are not gritty and the glitter particles are very densely packed. Both G Gold have the same texture and intensity.

G909 and G311 from Glitter Eye Collection last Summer are smoother, softer and silkier in texture. Almost like sheets of glitter layered together softly as compared to glitters being pressed and packed. All of them have impressive textures and intensity despite the differences in texture.

The glitters can be layered over powder eyeshadows to create more oomph or used alone for a sheer wash of sparkle. Or you can use it over cream eyeshadows.

Overall, love.

Thank you for looking.

19 thoughts on “Shu Uemura Tokyo Lights Palette In 01

  1. Love the shot of all the open shu palettes! I shall go see if I have the shades u listed! Like Elaine, i wanted this so badly!

  2. So pretty! Is the shimmer really obvious? This palette will be right up my alley if the shimmer is subtle. Thanks for the lovely review and for keep me posted of it xx

    • Apart from the glittery two, rest of the shimmers are quite subtle..
      Can be metallic looking but nothing like Chanel Illusion D’ombre or GA ETK IMO..
      If you want to, apply over cream shadow or primer for the shimmer to show up more!!
      You are most welcome, thank you for popping by!!
      Have a wonderful week ahead xx

    • Hi Carina,
      Unfortunately, I don’t own many ready-made Shu Uemura palettes..
      All mine are customised (meaning, I picked the singles and fill the palettes in)..
      Tokyo Lights is definitely one of my favourites..
      I also like their singles – ME270 and P871 (cream), and a few other older ones..

      • Ah, thanks for answering, Joey! I recently got the shu ME 885 and I love it a lot, and was wondering where to start. I do have the KL Prestigious Bordeaux Palette, though I wanted to give these LE ones a whirl.

        • Wow, that’s one gorgeous colour you have there =)
          Shu Uemura makes some of the most gorgeous eyeshadows & blushers too..
          And I like their range of base products as well!!

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