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NARS The Multiple In Copacabana

NARS The Multiple In Copacabana (1)

NARS The Multiple in Copacabana is one of NARS’ cult classics and I can see why it has received such status. NARS describes Copacabana as a glistening pearl with sheer silver pearls and yes, I agree.

Retails at S$60 in Singapore, it contains 14g of product and is made in USA.

In this entry, I shall share some quick thoughts about this product. I have also previously featured this item in my December favourites last year.

NARS The Multiple In Copacabana (2)

I have previously reviewed G-Spot and Copacabana performs similarly to the former but of course, with its sheer, pearlescent glow, it’s more of a highlighting product than a blush.

Texture of Copacabana is smooth and creamy with a powdery touch. Despite the flecks of shimmers, it doesn’t feel gritty at all. The shimmers are very well-distributed and I didn’t have any problems with it looking patchy across my cheeks.

I usually use my fingers to apply such product to avoid streak marks but I recently explored a “new” way of applying – with a buffing brush and the result is pretty luxe. You get a seamless and flawless finish with no streaking.

I like to apply Copacabana after my foundation routine and before setting with a loose powder. If it’s a hot day, I dust a very small amount of powder over Copacabana but if it’s during the night, for parties, I skip powdering that portion with Copacabana because I want to look dewy and I know most likely, I will not “oil” up.

NARS The Multiple In Copacabana (3)

Like G-Spot, Copacabana is not for the lids – on my lids at least because it creases.

For me, Copacabana is for my cheek bones, cupid’s bow and under my brows – places I will normally apply highlighter to. I avoid nose bridge because my T-zone gets oily very quickly and it’s a no-no for cream products. I have tried using Copacabana over lipsticks, it looks amazing.

After lipstick, use fingers to gently pat Copacabana over center of the lips – you will love it.

Thank you for looking.

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