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Shu Uemura Glow On Blush In P Soft Coral 332 & P Medium Orange 541

Shu Uemura P332 & P541 (1)

Hello everyone, in this entry, I will be featuring two Shu Uemura Glow On Blush in P Soft Coral 332* & P Medium Orange 541. I believe P541 was released in one of their collections last year and it’s a limited edition shade. P332* is from their recent release, Blossom Dream.

Each refill retails at S$33 for 4g of product, made in Japan. Palette sold separately.

Shu Uemura P332 & P541 (2) Shu Uemura P332 & P541 (3)

I bought my empty palette at DFS and if I remember correctly, it’s about S$12 plus as compared to S$22 downtown price. The white empty palette is limited edition and there were a few left at DFS – entirely sold out in downtown Singapore.

Shu Uemura P332 & P541 (4) Shu Uemura P332 & P541 (5)

  • P Soft Coral 332* is a soft and delicate blend of rose and peach, on my skin tone, it translates more pink with very subtle peach undertone – a great everyday hue and matches many lip colours
  • P Medium Orange 541 is a fresh orange with a subtle golden sheen, I like that it doesn’t look too orange against my skin tone and it works very well with peach/beige nude lip colours and soft neutral smokey eyes

Shu Uemura P332 & P541 (6)

I pulled out a few other Shu Uemura Glow On Blush to compare.

Below, we have;-

  • M Soft Pink 335
  • P Soft Coral 332*
  • P Medium Coral 366

When swatched beside M335, the coral in P332* pops and it’s softer and brighter than P336.

Shu Uemura P332 & P541 (7)

And in the set below, we have;-

  • P Soft Orange 540
  • P Medium Orange 541
  • M Medium Peach 561

Three very pretty orange/peach blush shades – which is your favourite?

P541 is in between P540 and M561. And it seems like a result of P540 layered on top of M561 but the orange in P541 has more yellow in it, making it appear less bright and subtle against my skin tone – I think this shade will look gorgeous on fair ladies.

Shu Uemura P332 & P541 (8)

I am a fan of Shu Uemura Glow On Blushes, not a huge fan but I like them. I appreciate their range of shades ranging from natural hues to more intense ones. However, I find their numbering quite confusing especially when they revamped their entire line two years ago.

With my current Shu Uemura blush collection, I like to play layering.

Usually, I mix and match the shades depending on my eyes and lips. I like using M335 as a base and give my cheeks a pop of hue with P366. I also like wearing M561 and layer P540 over top of my cheek bones to elevate them.

As for P332, I can wear it on its own because it’s pigmented enough or I pair it with a touch of P541. It seems like an odd combination but it looks amazing when rocking a pair of coral nude lips. I find layering worked best – when I mix the two with my blush brush, the pearlescent quality of P541 seems to vanish.

Do you like Shu Uemura Glow On Blush? Which are your favourite shades and do you keep them in Shu Uemura palettes too?

Thank you for looking.

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