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6 Empties This Month

6 Empties This Month

When I first started this series of empties entries, I never thought I could keep up – with empties to talk about every month. But it seems like I can. I honestly don’t realize how many products I go through before this, now I do and it’s fantastic.

This month, I have more used up skincare, body care, mask and hair products for you.


S$58 – 50ml, France

This mask is a deep-purifying mask which cleans and refines pores. It is very gentle on the skin and it’s not drying. I have used up a few tubes and it has become one of my staples.

CLARINS SMOOTHING BODY SCRUB FOR A NEW SKIN with bamboo powders – softens, smoothes, firms

S$60 – 200ml, France

I redeemed my member’s points for this item and I am so happy I picked it. I like that it’s gentle on the skin yet I am able to feel the beads. Unlike the one I usually use, the beads in this body scrub are in similar size which makes exfoliating relatively smooth.

The creamy base foams up slightly and my skin feels nice and smooth after using it.

CLARINS EXTRA-COMFORT TONING LOTION* with aloe vera – alcohol-free for dry or sensitized skin

S$46 – 200ml, France

Love the smell of this toner. This toner is especially good for those with very dry skin and best of all, it’s alcohol-free. I have sensitive, combination skin so I tend to use this toner at night. During the day, I use one for combination skin because I find this extra-comfort toner a tad too moist for day use.

KIEHL’S OLIVE FRUIT OIL NOURISHING SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER for dry and damaged, under-nourished hair

S$61 for shampoo & S$59 for conditioner – 500ml, USA

This month’s empties contains a little cheat – I combined both shampoo and conditioner together as 1 product because it wouldn’t make sense if I split them up, right?

I switch shampoos and conditioners very often but I find myself repurchasing this pair several times after I run out. I started with the smaller bottles and moved onto getting the bigger ones. And I usually pair my shampoo and conditioner from the same brand, same range – just like how I usually like to pair my foundation and loose powder. It feels more complete.

This pair is very mildly scented, doesn’t leave a trail – as soon as I blow dry my hair, the scent has pretty much dispersed unlike my other favourite by L’Occitane.

Together, this pair nourishes my dry hair and keeps my hair in good condition.


S$33 – 120ml, Japan

FANCL makes one of the best cleansing oils I have tried. My dear friend bought this for me from Japan – I believe it’s the same as what you get in local stores.

If I compare FANCL’s to Shu Uemura, I find consistency of the former slightly thicker, more dense so to speak. Shu Uemura’s is a little more watery. FANCL’s does a great job at removing makeup, including waterproof mascara and false eyelash glue. And it doesn’t irritate my eyes.


S$38 – 50ml, Korea

Many thanks to dear Charlene for introducing me to this Korean brand, Belif.

I fell in love with their face masks, especially this one. This soothing mask is naturally cooling without the need to place it in the fridge. I use it after exfoliating if I have the time but I enjoy using it post-facial most. I get quite red after facial and this mask helps to calm my skin down. 80% of the redness on my skin goes away after the mask and I like how gentle it is.

It comes in a clear gel base and contains tiny white beads. If I am not lazy, I give my face a 2 minutes massage and wipe off with cold towel.


Thank you for looking.

12 thoughts on “6 Empties This Month

    • Hi Jacq,
      Ever since I discovered Clarins through my sister, I have been loving it..
      Their products don’t seem to break me out (fingers-crossed) and is gentle for my sensitive skin..
      I love the smell of their products too..
      Depending on your skin type, I would recommend exploring their Face Treatment Oils – I love Blue Orchid which is for dehydrated skin..
      Visit Clarins and see what the SA recommends =)

  1. I have given up on body scrubs. I love smooth, exfoliated skin but the scrubs are usually too rough for my sensitive skin. I have tried all kinds, big particles and little round silicone beads. I have made my own with safflower oil from the kitchen with sugar added as sugar is gentler than salt. I have even tried using facial scrubs on my body but this becomes too expensive to continue. Some scrubs leave me with a coating that then has to be removed with soap which is drying and stripping, some make me itch. Yuck. Then, I discovered something special. I have tried these special cloths from Japan but I had only tried the rough rayon ones, again, too rough and didn’t seem to work. Now, I have the best thing! It is a specially woven cloth from natural fiber. It is called a “Biwako” cloth and it comes in two sizes. You can order from It really works wonderfully! Gave me a good scrubbing but didn’t hurt my skin. I have those icky bumps on the backs of my arms and this cloth really helps with those. I didn’t bother to put on any body lotion afterwards and my husband commented on how silky soft my skin was! So I knew it wasn’t my imagination as he usually never makes this comment. I’ve ordered more of these cloths as they are not expensive and are the best thing for doing a better job than scrub without any painful skin afterwards.

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