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Shiseido Perfect Rouge In RS 320 Fuchsia, OR 544 Tiger & A Peek At RD 515 Dragon

Shiseido Perfect Rouge (1)

Hello everyone, today I bring you three very bold lip shades – an orange, a pink and a red, are you ready?

This post features the newly reformulated Shiseido Perfect Rouge. I have two shades from this range and a shade from their previous set to compare. For more product details, check out this post.

Each retails at S$43 for 4g of product, made in Japan. Available in 15 shades.

Shiseido Perfect Rouge (2) Shiseido Perfect Rouge (3) Shiseido Perfect Rouge (4)

It was extremely difficult to pick two from the 15 because they are all very pretty. With my current lipstick collection, I try to go for something I don’t have – I have very few oranges and pinks. Dusty roses, muted pinks and bright reds are colours I tend to go for and it’s always refreshing to see a change.

OR 544 Tiger was my first choice because it’s the only brighter orange from the set.

When swatched, the colour is bright but when worn on my lips, my natural lip colour gave it a tint and toned it down. The brightness became milder and more wearable – which is good in a way, more user-friendly I suppose?

RS 320 Fuchsia is a bright pop of blue-pink. I love it because it’s so modern and edgy. It’s sharp but not as crisp as a full on red.

Shiseido Perfect Rouge (5)

New Perfect Rouge comes in polished black packaging – the last casing you see above is their older packaging.

All swatches taken under natural day light, without flash.

Shiseido Perfect Rouge (6) Shiseido Perfect Rouge (7)

Texture of these new Perfect Rouges are rich and creamy. They give a subtle glossy sheen to the lips but nothing as dramatic as their Lacquer Rouges (reviewed here). The glossy sheen is somewhat natural and understated – they coat my lips with moisture and made my dry lips look moisturized.

Shiseido Perfect Rouge (8) Shiseido Perfect Rouge (9) Shiseido Perfect Rouge (10)

RD 515 Dragon is from their older formulation but Shiseido has kept this colour so I thought it would be nice to show you a lip swatch too.

This shade is the brand’s legend – a red that looks good across all skin tones. A few of my friends have it and yes, I think it flatters their skin tone very much. I find the older version of Perfect Rouge less rich in texture as compared to the newer ones. The new ones seem to glide more smoothly and feels lighter.

Pigmentation level seems to match tho.

Shiseido Perfect Rouge (11)

I love the vibrancy of colours – what you see in the tube is almost exactly what you get. Colours are true and brilliant – one stroke is all I need for an opaque coverage, although I like to blot and add another layer for some extra drama. I also like the rich, silky texture as it glides onto the lips – so effortless.

The curved tip of the lipstick fits perfectly onto the curvature of my lips – it actually feels great to have this “special” touch to a lipstick.

The formula isn’t drying which is a plus and it lasts relatively well. If I blot and reapply, the colour can stay through a decent meal. The slight glossy sheen disappears after a few hours but the colour is still visible. Despite the richness and opacity of these lipsticks, they don’t feel heavy at all.

Another thing I like about them is – they don’t enhance the dryness on my lips. The pigments fill in the lines and made my lips appear plump and moist. Even after a few hours, the pigments don’t dry up and cling onto my lips’ dry skin. A real plus for lipsticks so bold and vibrant. The last thing I want is to have bits of colour hanging loose.

Bottom line – nothing but love. I highly recommend them. If you like rich, creamy and vibrant lip colours, this range is made for you.

I think Dragon is a must have shade. So are Sublime, Secret and Fleur if you want a shade that’s more work-friendly. For the daring ones, you got to have Fuchsia and Tiger.

Thank you for looking.

10 thoughts on “Shiseido Perfect Rouge In RS 320 Fuchsia, OR 544 Tiger & A Peek At RD 515 Dragon

  1. hi joey. i discovered your blog recently and i must say that it is quite wonderful in terms of current products featured. i read about this lipstick on sophia’s blog and i am definitely going to check out the colours. you know, both you and sophia look quite similar in terms of looks and the way you present your make-up. could very well pass off as sisters. lol.

    • Hi Victoria,
      Thank you so much for your kind comments!!
      Am really enjoying these lipsticks and I think the colours are so pretty..
      LOL.. Sophia is always very inspiring, I guess we both love lipsticks and neutrals =)

  2. All colors looked pretty on you! If I can choose I prefer RS 320 Fuchsia or RD 515 Dragon. You’re so right. RD 515 Dragon is a must have 🙂

    Happy Chinese New Year Joey!

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