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Introducing Lancôme Hypnôse Star Waterproof & Exclusive Purchase Invite

Lancôme Hypnôse Star Waterproof (8)


Lancôme, the undisputed mascara expert, is reinventing glamour by bringing together two icons: Betty Boop and Daria Werbowy. Betty Boop’s mischievous eyes and innate sensuality are combined with the contemporary spirit and confident femininity of Daria Werbowy. Yesterday’s vintage glamour meets the glamour of today.

Inspired by the hallmark codes of 30’s movies, Lancôme crafts a new, contemporary glamour: deep, intense and mysterious eyes, femininity that cannot go unnoticed and which quite simply demands the utmost attention.

Spotlight on Hypnôse Star Waterproof, the new show-stopping mascara.

The essence of sensuality, the faceted brush caresses lashes for amplified volume and Hollywood curl… In a word: glamour!


Star curves wrapped in a sparkling sequined case… An utterly dazzling first impression. Lancôme creates a true red carpet look for this star among mascaras. Irresistibly feminine in its scintillating dress, Hypnôse Star Waterproof is a precious object of desire.

A true Hollywood accessory, an it-mascara to be kept close to hand at all times! Pure glamour, reinvented by Lancôme.

Lancôme Hypnôse Star Waterproof (2)


For truly “cinema” eyes, Lancôme reveals the secret behind an ultra-glamorous fringe of lashes: the combination of an innovative brush system with two patents and a “Black Diamond” effect gliding formula to sculpt lashes precisely.

What makes it so special? The association of two flat and two oblique sides.

  • The former loads lashes instantly with mascara, applying just the right dose of texture to generously coat lashes.
  • Endowed with longer fibres, the latter separate and lengthen lashes while fixing them in a sensual curl.

Even the shortest lashes are coated: thanks to its versatile triangular shape, this all-new brush paves the way to creating made-to-measure glamour. Lashes are long, black and glossy for show-stopping eyes: intense, deep and mysterious.

Lancôme Hypnôse Star Waterproof (3)


Playing on the balance between two types of wax, Hypnôse Star Waterproof offers three benefits for a featherlight texture that holds 24 hours:

  • Incredibly glamorous volume
    This is guaranteed thanks to different soft waxes, which sensually swathe lashes from root to tip for “foolproof” application allowing dream volume with perfect separation to be achieved. Lashes are beautified in 3 dimensional splendour.
  • Voluptuous curl
    Thanks to hard carnauba wax which forms a thin film over the entire lash surface area and perfectly sets their curl. Lashes flaunt the curves of a pin-up model…. Dazzling.
  • 24 hour waterproof wear
    Four polymers were combined with a volatile solvent to form a protective film. The result? 24 hours waterproof, no flake, no smudge while being easily removable.

A fluid texture and an all-new brush create a surprising alliance, able to create ultra-glam volume and a cleanly defined lash fringe. Guaranteed show-stopping eyes.

Lancôme Hypnôse Star Waterproof (4)


Blending daring, charm and sequins, Hypnôse Star Waterproof channels the seductive attractiveness of its design into a dazzling shade.

A guaranteed “Black Diamond” effect thanks to mineral pigments bathed in light-reflecting gel. Black is adorned with moiré tints, as if transformed into the shimmering fabric of an evening gown. “Noir Midnight”: a shade to dress eyes in sophisticated shine and to capture every flashbulb.

Lancôme Hypnôse Star Waterproof (5)


With her magnetically radiant eyes and resolutely contemporary beauty, Daria Werbowy is more feminine than ever, lending her allure and natural elegance to Hypnôse Star Waterproof. She represents a modern interpretation of the spirit of Hollywood glamour, revisited by Lancôme.

Lancôme Hypnôse Star Waterproof (6)


A playfully mischievous character full of whimsical charm, Betty Boop has always typified on-stage glamour. Born in the 30’s as the first ever cartoon heroine, she was seen in black and white as an impish, petite woman infused with a joyful spirit.

As an established symbol of the golden age of American animated film, her legendary “boo-boo-bee-doo” catchphrase became famous, and has been adopted by the world’s most glamorous stars. Over time she has been transformed by technicolour, yet she has maintained her quirky, playful spirit and timeless youth.

Sizzlingly sensual and eternally adorable, she now joins the legacy of Hypnôse Star Waterproof!

Lancôme Hypnôse Star Waterproof (7)


Lancôme’s ultimate surprise is bringing Daria Werbowy and Betty Boop – two true glamour icons – together for the first time. Posing for the camera, this utterly unexpected duo compete with their show-stoppingly sensual eyes… Irresistible.

Lancôme Hypnôse Star Waterproof Exclusive Purchase Invite


The 1st 30 customers who purchase Hypnose Star Mascara on 23rd Feb at Sephora ION will receive a complimentary eyeshadow brush from Lancôme worth $35.


And there are two upcoming Lancôme events happening in the next week or so – would love to share them with you too.


20th Feb, 5pm

This is a facebook party for all Lancôme fans – Lancôme will unveil all the Hypnôse Star materials on this date and a facebook app which allows users to customize their own timeline cover picture in black and white film style. Whoever attends this facebook party and upload the timeline picture onto Lancôme’s Facebook Page will receive a deluxe size Hypnôse Star Mascara.


23rd Feb at Sephora ION

There will be makeovers, best dressed contest, makeup demo by Lancome makeup expert and more. During this launch, you get to buy this Hypnôse Star Mascara before its official launched in March.


Thank you for looking.

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