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Happy Chinese New Year Everyone (9)

Hello everyone, how are you today? This post is one of those rare ones where I feature accessories, have been a while since I last spoken about them. Hope the following Hermès pieces will interest you.

I am all new to Hermès jewellery, with that being said, these are my first and I love every single piece – considering I purchased them in less than 20 minutes because I was rushing for a flight. It was difficult to choose from the range of colours and patterns available but the sales assistants made it easy for me.

Strange, I seldom encounter good services from the brand locally. Am glad I was spoiled at their Taiwan airport outlet – makes spending every cent worthy.

Good customer service is the way to go, even for big brands.

Hermès Jewelleries (1)

Balcons du Guadalquivir

Extra wide printed enamel bracelet with gold-plated hardware.

Hermès Jewelleries (2) Hermès Jewelleries (3)

This is the first piece I picked up. I like how the gold and white contrasts – this combination of colour seems to brighten up my skin tone. It also matches a lot of my outfits, acts like an accent piece when I am in black.

This piece looks effortless when worn with a white oversize boyfriend shirt and jeans.

Hermès Jewelleries (4)

Behapi Double Tour

Reversible leather bracelet in Ultraviolet and Bleu Hydra with silver and palladium plated hardware.

Hermès Jewelleries (5) Hermès Jewelleries (6)

This piece is an excellent buy because it’s reversible – I can wear it purple or blue. The brightness of this bracelet makes it a statement piece.

The leather is so soft and flexible – feels nice and comfy on the wrist.

Hermès Jewelleries (7)

Clic-Clac H

Wide bracelet in gold-plated white enamel.

Hermès Jewelleries (8) Hermès Jewelleries (9)

I couldn’t leave without getting their classic Clic-Clac H bracelet could I? It’s addictive – well, sort of. As soon as I got home, I started googling for all the different colours.

Orange and Black are must-haves. Other colours like Lin Pale Purple, Rouge Vif Red, Ardoise Blue Grey, Kaki, Marron Glace Taupe and Veronese Green are all lovely. And one more – Vieux Rose. There are too many colours out there to collect – each has its own “personality” whether it’s paired with silver or gold hardware, or the white H clasp.

I foresee myself getting a few more in brighter and sharper colours – most likely narrow. And possibly an extra wide in black.

Are you a fan of Hermès jewellery too? Where do you think is the best place to shop Hermès and what are your must have pieces? Do you have any particular craze of their Clic-Clac H bracelet? I am so excited, I want to know more – please share your thoughts below.

Thank you for looking.

12 thoughts on “Hermès Jewellery

  1. I sense a clic clac addiction coming on! I personally prefer the CDC… but until I can part with lots of $$$$…..hmmm we shall see! hehehehe. 🙂 Awesome loots!

  2. Hi Joey, thanks for sharing these sexy jewellry. I love the last pc classic Clic-Clac H bracelet and I think Black is a must go for all easy and classy match.
    Btw, how much did you paid for this pc? Would you mind to share the price?

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