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Besides the items I purchased from Hermès, I also picked up a few items from Chanel – I finally own a pair of their classic earrings and you can never go wrong with them.

From what I know, Chanel accessories (especially their earrings and necklaces) get sold out very quickly. My friends had problem tracking down the piece she wants and Mak had problems too, while sourcing for my present.

Words from a wise friend “if you see it, like it then buy it, don’t think twice – when you think, it will be gone”.

I personally encountered such disappointment once. I fell in love with a bag while I was holidaying in Japan – saw it, loved it but never grabbed it. I saw it again at the airport but never bought it. I saw it again in Singapore but I still didn’t buy it. It was gone, all gone and I never see it again.

Now, I wish I had gotten that bag.

Chanel Jewellery (1) Chanel Jewellery (2) Chanel Jewellery (3)

Back to the jewellery. I am very happy with each of them. I usually wear the classic Chanel earrings with the necklace. The other set of earrings is a little too big and it looks a little too clattered when worn together with the necklace.

I love the necklace – it’s a good size, nothing too in-your-face yet nothing too small which can’t be seen. It can be shortened for a more formal and sophisticated look.

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The classic Chanel earrings are gorgeous. I love them. The size is perfect for my hair style and I appreciate how subtle it looks. The other pair is more casual and fun – I love the multicoloured surface.

My next purchase would be another pair of studs, hopefully with pearls – something small like the classic. What about you? What’s on your wishlist?

Thank you for looking.

23 thoughts on “Chanel Jewellery

  1. Very pretty, all of them! You are correct, you can’t go wrong with the classics. You will be able to wear these pieces forever and hand them down to your little niece someday, family heirlooms Chanel style!

  2. Hi Joey,
    Gorgeous pieces! Classics will always be the best understated pieces and you can’t go wrong with them! I’m thinking of getting the first pair of studs u have there, how much did u get them for?

  3. Hi Joey,

    Lately I’m also in chanel earrings. Had seen one of my relatives with a pair of classics and I fell in love instantly. Still contemplating to own a pair or not. Did you buy it in Singapore bouquet or overseas?

    • Hi Jenny,
      I think it’s a must have for me, I didn’t regret 1 bit althought this pair is the most common.. it matches lots of my outfits whether casual or smart 🙂 love it..
      I am sorry, I can’t remember the price.. and yes, I bought it in SG!!

    • Would love to see your collection!!! Love your warning and yes, I haven’t been wearing any other earrings except the first pair 🙂 they look good with all my outfits.. so happy!!

  4. i have a pair of chanel studs with pearls dangling just below my ear lobes. absolutely adore them! and i agree with your wise friend, think twice and it will be gone!

  5. i love pearls! Look at you and your jewelry indulgences – so happy that you have them! I wish i could afford it! 🙂 and ya i totally get the feeling when you completely miss out on something – i remember those regrets for YEARS! lol

    • Hi dear,
      I have no problems with them at all – so far 🙂 the material is matte and slightly “brushed”.. I reckon they won’t tarnish so quickly like the Tiffany & Co. silvers 🙂

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