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Make Up Store Lipstick In Redwood & Cherry Pie

Make Up Store Lipstick in Redwood & Cherry Pie (1)

Hello everyone, I have more lipsticks for review this month. I love lipsticks, I love how they can transform a look instantly and I get very excited whenever I have new lipsticks to play with. Today, I have two lipsticks from Make Up Store and they are Redwood and Cherry Pie.

Each retails at S$29 for 4g of product, made in Canada.

Make Up Store Lipstick in Redwood & Cherry Pie (2)

These lipsticks are housed in a matte black casing with the brand name printed all over in a subtle way – some sort of like a layer of UV varnish. And the cap has a letter “M” embossed on it, I love this little detail.

Texture of these lipsticks are smooth but not soft nor creamy. I reckon it will take a long time to get through one which is good in a way.

Make Up Store Lipstick in Redwood

Redwood is a light, pale puce with cream finish. It has no visible shimmer at all. I am not sure if this is the kind of shade I can pull off personally but it’s a very pretty nude shade in my opinion. This is definitely not a shade that brightens up my skin tone because without any eye makeup, I look sick.

On the other hand, Cherry Pie is a warm rosewood red with sparkling red and gold shimmers. This shade is absolutely divine and I love it. It’s neither red nor orange nor brown – I think this shade is pretty unique and the shimmer is gorgeous.

Despite the amount of shimmers found in this shade, there’s zero grittiness when worn – even when I press my lips together.

Make Up Store Lipstick in Cherry Pie

I have tried several Make Up Store lipsticks throughout the years but sadly, I find all of them quite drying. I am not sure why, could it be the formula or ingredients that my lips just ain’t agreeing to? After 2-3 hours of wear, my lips gets completely dried out.

The shimmer flecks from Cherry Pie dries on the lips which gets rather messy when trying to wipe it off unless I use a makeup remover.

As much as I would love them to work on my lips, they don’t contain enough moisturizing properties for my dry lips. It’s such a pity because Make Up Store makes so many lip colours and I really like Cherry Pie. I have been applying generous coats of lip balm prior to wearing Cherry Pie because I like it that much.

If you have no problems with Make Up Store lipsticks and your lips ain’t as drying as mine, I would definitely recommend checking Cherry Pie out.

Thank you for looking.

2 thoughts on “Make Up Store Lipstick In Redwood & Cherry Pie

  1. I do not like their lip products or rather cream or liquid products at all.
    Had bad experience with these.
    Only a fan of their eyeliners and eye shadows.

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