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NARS The Happening Eye & Cheek Palette

NARS The Happening Eye & Cheek Palette (1)

Hello everyone, today, I have one of my favourites from last month for you – NARS The Happening Eye & Cheek Palette, retailing at S$86. The last time I checked (which was a few weeks ago), this palette was totally sold out – I am not sure if they have restocked.

It’s easy to fall in love with this palette – simply because it’s so happening.

I have been enjoying it since I bought it. Although the colours are not 100% unique, I have no regrets purchasing it because it’s so handy – during my multiple travels last month, I brought only this palette and it’s sufficient to bring me from day to night.

NARS The Happening Eye & Cheek Palette (2) NARS The Happening Eye & Cheek Palette (3)

The sun was on my side when I took pictures of this palette thus there are plenty in this post. Each picture shows the beauty of The Happening as it holds the brand’s signature blush and bronzer shades in Orgasm and Laguna – each 4.3g and 4 x 1g eyeshadows in Night Star, Gstaad, Kuala Lumpur I and Coconut Grove.

As mentioned in my favourites post, the prize for getting this palette is – I finally own a piece of Laguna, the most talked about NARS bronzing powder.

NARS The Happening Eye & Cheek Palette (4)

Apart from the obvious, Orgasm – which I secretly wish it’s something else, I also own the Kuala Lumpur duo. I think it’s perfectly justified in purchasing this palette because I have less than half the shades – and what’s more, the colours in this palette dresses up extremely well.

I think the shades work well on almost every skin tone.

NARS The Happening Eye & Cheek Palette (6) NARS The Happening Eye & Cheek Palette (7)

Swatches above taken without flash, under natural sun light – on dry arm, without primer.

I believe my arm was very dry when I did the swatches. My swatches don’t do the colours any justice but you get the idea. All shades have good colour payoff, just like their individuals. I experienced minor fall outs during application but no major problems blending.

NARS The Happening Eye & Cheek Palette (5)

One more close up for you above.

Overall, thumbs up to NARS for putting together this beautiful palette. It’s value for money and great for travels. The palette is slim and made of the same rubbery material all NARS packaging have – which I know, drives some of us mad due to the stickiness through time. But I find it helpful for bigger palettes like this, the texture provided some sort of a grip.

For those who are new to NARS, this palette contains wearable, work-friendly shades – great for beginners as well as professionals.

Makeup artist and a dear friend of mine, Sarah, has created a gorgeous and glamorous look (with video tutorial) using this palette. Click here to check it out. I love how Sarah used the purple along her lower lash line, so subtle yet alluring.

Thank you for reading.

20 thoughts on “NARS The Happening Eye & Cheek Palette

    • Hi Ruby,
      Aww.. it’s indeed a very well edited palette for anyone really =(((
      I hope NARS restocks them and you can get your hands on one soon..
      Have a great week ahead xx

  1. Hi Joey,
    I bought this set too, but I’m having difficulties in choosing the correct bronzer brush for this set ( I have never used bronzer before :p) can u ps recommend a few good brushes to go with Laguna? Any good from sephora or nars? Thanks much

    • Hi Anne,
      Do you have the NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush #27?
      I think that brush is perfect for both blush and bronzer application =)
      Sephora also carries one which I like, it’s the Angled Natural Blush 131 but after a while (about 1.5 years for me), the handle gets a little sticky and bristles get a little scratchy..
      Try Smashbox Angled Blush Brush, it’s not bad, I have the travel size!!
      And also Hakuhodo G5521 if you are looking to splurge =)
      Hope I helped xx

      • Hi Joey! Thanks! I actually have nars yachiyo kabuki brush! But I didn’t know that cld be used for bronzer! Haahaa.. Thanks for the tips!! I will look around at smashbox’s range too! Thanks once again

        • Hi Anne,
          No problem at all, glad to be able to help =)
          Try the NARS one first, I think that’s the best because of the size too – easier to pick up product from the palette!!

  2. This palette looks so good! And I’ve been meaning to get the Laguna bronzer for some time now and this seems even more perfect with the rest thrown in all in one palette. Really hoping that they’ve restocked this!

  3. In case anyone’s interested in getting the palette, Tangs @ Orchard has restocked them and I scored one myself too. Thanks for the great recommendation Joey! 🙂

  4. I Want to buy this but have heard some reviews say the top two eyeshadows have barely any pigmentation and that it is not worth it anf also that the other eyeshadows are just okay excpet the darkest brown. Do you think it is just their palettes? I don’t think I want to buy if they are inconsistent with their pigmentation. Please let me know.

    • I have to disagree. I have the palette too and all the colours are equally pigmented. Ofcourse the matte colours stand out more than the satin ones but they are all still very pigmented without the use of a primer

    • Hello Heather,
      I personally love this palette — not a must-have if you already own similar shades OR do not need to travel a lot because this palette comes in especially handy for me when I travel..
      Most things I need are in one palette, makes packing real easy =)
      I find the shades and formula decent, like their singles!!

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