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Our Weekend At W Hotel, Singapore

W Hotel Singapore (1)

Took a break from all things and visited W Singapore for a mini staycation beginning of the month. This trip was also part of our very belated Valentine’s Day celebration. Having stayed at W Hong Kong – I long to visit the one in Singapore and I couldn’t be more excited.

Situated on the island of Sentosa, W Singapore resides on Sentosa Cove – just off the southern tip of Singapore.

We were greeted by the magnificent “W” logo upon entrance and isn’t this sculpture a beauty? I love the delicate carvings and details – I can almost smell W now, just almost, not until we have parked our car and walked into the hotel lobby.

W Hotel Singapore (2)

So, as I was talking about “smelling W” – I meant literally. If I am not mistaken, all W Hotels around the world bears a set of signature scent – some sort of a home scent used around the hotel.

That’s me looking rather like a tourist in their glass elevator before heading out for lunch.

W Hotel Singapore (3)

One of the reasons why I get very excited about visiting W is – their interiors. Every space and every corner is photogenic. Every piece of furniture and every accessory is meant to be there. This dynamic space is love at every sight – I wish for a home like this.

W Hotel Singapore (4) W Hotel Singapore (5) W Hotel Singapore (6)

See that little gift shop on the left hand corner? That’s the place if you would like to purchase some diffusers for your home – the W style of course.

W Hotel Singapore (7) W Hotel Singapore (8)

W Singapore offers a wide variety of rooms and suites. We went for the Marvelous Suite – I have a separate post on that, it’s too gorgeous not to share.

W Hotel Singapore (9)

Below are the views from our suite – breathtaking aren’t they?

W Hotel - From the room (1) W Hotel - From the room (2)

The WET® Outdoor Pool is huge and it only gets better when night falls – and guess what? The pool operates 24/7 so does the GYM.

WET® Outdoor Pool

Our stay includes daily breakfast at THE KITCHEN TABLE – breakfast starts from 6am to 11am.

The Kitchen Table (3)

If I were to rate the breakfast spread, it would be around 5 (on a scale of 1 to 10). Yes, the variety of food is somewhat average but like people always say, quality over quantity ey?

The Kitchen Table (4) The Kitchen Table (5) The Kitchen Table (6) The Kitchen Table (7)

I enjoyed the pastries and fresh juices – and the beautiful view.

The Kitchen Table (8)

It was a totally different story over at SKIRT – the food is mouthwatering, very delicious and the level of service is top notch. We were so impressed, each and every stuff served with a smile. The bartender mixed a drink for me based on my preferences – I love it, it was exactly what I wished for.

To all those who served us, thank you so much for making our dining experience such a pleasant and memorable one.


We ended the night with our welcome drink at WOOBAR.


The lobby space you see in pictures above transform into the most hip and happening bar/lounge at night. Love the music and the ambient is perfect for couples or even friends to catch up.


Overall, we had a wonderful time at W Singapore. Our short weekend stay flew by – I think it’s not enough. Like most new hotels, some things can be improved so we are looking forward to an even more pleasant stay with them in the near future.

Services at W Singapore are really good, everyone seem to enjoy working there. They are relax, cheerful and greets with big smiles. And they are really friendly and helpful.

A few of my friends asked – Capella or W? They are both very different – I would say W is younger and more trendy, Capella is more grown up and timeless. W never sleeps – honestly, I have not heard of a hotel pool that operates 24/7. At W, there’s something to do even at wee hours of the night.

Posts on Capella, Singapore;-

Capella is a classic brand which signifies and provides a good, long-lasting escape, a total rejuvenation for me.

Looking forward to sharing a few more posts on this lovely staycation. We tried one of their treatments at AWAY® Spa too and explored the new Quayside Isle. Stay tuned.

Thank you for looking.

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