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COVET London Nail Lacquers In Celebrate, Confidence & Dream

COVET Celebrate, Confidence & Dream (1)

Good morning everyone, how’s your weekend so far? I have some nail polishes to showcase today and they are from COVET London – a brand new to me.

I received three bottles of press samples last week and in this post, you will find swatches and thoughts about them. Hope this post is helpful and let me know if you have tried them before; what are your thoughts and which is your favourite shade.


COVET Celebrate, Confidence & Dream (2) COVET Celebrate, Confidence & Dream (3)

Each and every one of COVET London nail lacquer is hand-filled into these minimalist eco-friendly Italian tempered glass bottles. I am a huge fan of square nail polish bottles because they are so easy to store and space savvy rather than bottles that comes in odd shapes and sizes.

I also find that square bottles look modern and chic.

COVET Celebrate, Confidence & Dream (4) COVET Celebrate, Confidence & Dream (5)


A shimmery metallic bronze-gold with multi-coloured micro glitters and 24k gold micro-dust. Formula of this shade is nice and smooth, full coverage in just 2 coats.

COVET Celebrate, Confidence & Dream (6) COVET Celebrate, Confidence & Dream (7)


I love the name of this shade and yes, red is confidence. Confidence is a silky smooth cherry red, a vibrant red with slight pink undertone. Full coverage in just 2 coats.

COVET Celebrate, Confidence & Dream (8) COVET Celebrate, Confidence & Dream (9)


A dreamy, pastel lilac-pink with iridescent blue specks. This colour is perfect for Spring/Summer but it requires 3 coats for decent coverage.

COVET Celebrate, Confidence & Dream (10)

The colours are beautiful, formula is nice and smooth, the packaging is very well put together but overall, not entirely captivating to me.

But I am particularly in love with their brushes.

Each bottle of COVET London nail lacquer is equipped with custom 398-strand soft brush for maximum coverage and easy application. Besides the YSL nail polish brushes, I don’t remember being so in love with any other.

This brush applicator is shorter than usual, I find it provides awesome grip and perfect control – I didn’t have to move the brush much during painting because the brush spreads open, fans out to provide great coverage. Curvature of the brush tip fits snugly along the cuticle, maps the shape and makes painting so easy.

COVET Celebrate, Confidence & Dream (11) COVET Celebrate, Confidence & Dream (12) COVET Celebrate, Confidence & Dream (13)

I have not checked out their entire range of colours personally and I would love to when the brand is available at Escentials later this year.

Based on the three bottles I received, I am happy with the packaging, consistency (varies depending on shade: Celebrate is slightly thicker than Confidence) and intensity – in love with the brush applicator.

Although the formula is nice and smooth, they are not very long-lasting on their own – a good base and top coat is needed to aid in longevity. And with aid, my Confidence manicure lasts for merely 3 days. The formula dries relatively quickly without being streaky.

I would recommend checking this range of nail polishes out personally – find a shade or two you will wear often because of all the goodness in their formulation.


Nail lacquers could be traced back to 3,000BC in China as a beauty repertoire strictly reserved for the royals. A mixture of egg whites, beeswax and flower petals were used to colour nails in shades of crimson. The trend quickly spreads to Ancient Egypt with Nefertiti favoring bright ruby-red shades while Cleopatra fashions dark burgundy hues.

Fast forward to the modern world, nail lacquers are adapted for the masses by substituting natural ingredients with cheap synthetic chemicals. Present-day conventional nail polish is a variation of automobile paint, unsuitable for humans and scientifically proven to cause adverse health effects from early menopause, birth defects to cancer.

In the era of mass production and excess chemicals; COVET London delivers the ultimate luxury through handcrafted products enriched with wholesome natural ingredients.

Merging inspiration from the old world with the latest technological breakthrough and elements of nature, COVET London brings superior impeccable resistance, high shine and vibrant intense colours derived from natural minerals with multidimensional shimmers from crushed gems.

  • Pro-performance formula: self leveling, non-yellowing and dry to the touch in 30 seconds
  • No toxic synthetic chemicals
  • 5 Free: no Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor
  • Vegan
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Ethically sourced
  • Strictly no animal testing

Extracted from press release provided by the brand


Each bottle retails at S$36 for 15ml of product. Currently available at Luxola and Escentials this summer.

Thank you for looking.

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