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Urban Decay NAKED Flushed

Urban Decay NAKED Flushed (1)

At long last, the Urban Decay NAKED Flush has finally landed (a few weeks ago) and I have finally given this amazing palette a try – can you tell? I am in so much love.

“Go ahead, get NAKED and FLUSHED with our super silky bronzer, highlighter and blush. Use one or mix them all. Then bask in the radiant glow and let people wonder what you’ve been up to.”

Urban Decay

In this post, you will find product shots, close-ups and swatches. Hope the pictures and information found in this post are helpful.

Urban Decay NAKED Flush retails at S$48 for a total of 14g of product, made in USA.

Urban Decay NAKED Flushed (2)

This palette consists of a Bronzer, a Highlighter and a Blush. Each shade feels soft and delicate to touch – and they are very beautifully pigmented.

According to the brand, their micronized and jet-milled formula has a luxe, featherlight texture that feels amazing on the skin. I have not personally tried any of their face products before and yes, I totally agree – texture of these powders are silky smooth and lightweight.

A close up of the flattering trio below.

Urban Decay NAKED Flushed (3)

This trio contains light-diffusing particles which are meant to enhance and perfect our skin with a fresh, glowy finish. Absolutely love.

Similar in size as the NAKED Basics, only slightly bigger – this sleek palette comes with an easy-open magnetic closure and a full width mirror. I love how compact this palette is – it’s great for travels and portable enough for my everyday makeup pouch.

The shades;-

  • Bronzer – medium bronze satin; this shade of bronzer seems to be quite universal on most skin tones, if you are fair – try to build up layer by layer to avoid looking dirty.
  • Highlighter – soft pink champagne shimmer; love the softness and radiant glow of this shade – it may seem very shimmery but trust me, when applied on the correct spot, this shade gives the “lift”.
  • Blush – dusty rose satin with a hint of shimmer; to me, dusty rose blushes can never go wrong particularly this one – infused with golden shimmers, this shade brightens and completes most looks; and pairs well with many lipstick shades.

Swatches below taken under natural day light, without flash.

Urban Decay NAKED Flushed (4)

With that many “love” used in this post, I am sure you already know my feelings for this piece.

And with that being said, I highly recommend the Urban Decay NAKED Flush to anyone and everyone who adores naturally sculpted, glowy cheeks. For those who travels very often, I am sure you will appreciate having this 3-in-1 kit in your makeup bag.

In the past, I tend to stay away from palettes with different shades in a pan – think of all the beautiful palettes like Dior Mitzah Palette or the more recent NARS x Andy Warhol Self Portrait Eyeshadows. They are all tiny and I drag to think I have to “squeeze” my brushes (even though eyeshadow brushes are smaller) to pick up the colours.

Division of each colour in the Urban Decay NAKED Flush is big enough for my face brushes and I like that – I can dip my brushes onto the pans and pick up colours without worries. That’s a plus for me. I usually use an angled blush brush for the Bronzer and Blush. And my trusty Hakuhodo highlighting brush for the Highlighter.

If you already have similar shades of Bronzer, Highlighter and Blush that works wonders on you – and you don’t travel frequently, I reckon this kit will not be as helpful.

Thank you for looking.

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