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Dior Vernis In 306 Gris Trianon & 355 Rosy Bow

Dior Vernis In 306 Gris Trianon & 355 Rosy Bow (1)

TGIF everyone, on this lovely afternoon, I have a very quick post on two nail polishes from Spring – Dior Vernis in 306 Gris Trianon & 355 Rosy Bow.

This pair took me quite some time to decide before purchasing. I was on a “makeup strike” when the Spring collections launched and this Spring, I actually bought very, very few items. I chanced upon them again at the airport last month and decided to get them – if they are still in stock.

And so, the rest became history.

Each bottle of Dior Le Vernis retails at S$29 (at DFS) for 10ml of product, made in France.

Dior Vernis In 306 Gris Trianon & 355 Rosy Bow (2) Dior Vernis In 306 Gris Trianon & 355 Rosy Bow (3)

I am sure you have seen a gazillion swatches online, I shall keep this post short and sweet with just two pictures and some thoughts.

Let’s start with 306 Gris Trianon – nothing but love for this one. I love everything about it – the shade, texture and formula. Like other Dior polishes, this one is nicely pigmented and brilliantly smooth. Two coats offer full coverage and I love the subtleness in this gray.

On the other hand, 355 Rosy Bow is a vibrant pop of baby pink. It’s pigmented but I experienced some patchiness and bald spots along the way – especially for the first coat. For this shade, I needed three thin coats for an even, smooth finish.

Did you pick up any Dior nail polishes recently?

Thank you for looking.

Swatches swatched with Nail Tek Foundation II and Seche Vite Top Coat. Under natural day light with no flash.

12 thoughts on “Dior Vernis In 306 Gris Trianon & 355 Rosy Bow

  1. I like the Rosy Bow and I can see the grey polish for a certain look too, say with a business suit or for evening when you wear Armani.

    I need to go on a makeup strike, you should see my drawers. Especially lip gloss! I’ll never use them all up. I need to stop but it’s so hard when you see a beauty. I just picked up two from the new Guerlain collection and am looking forward to the new Armani Flash glosses which aren’t out here yet but should be very soon. Number 701 is a sparkly blue which intrigues me. There is always something to look forward to and want, so somehow we’re never quite satisfied! I am glad to see that the next two upcoming Chanel collections don’t hold anything for me as they are corals and I like cool blues. 🙂 Oh dear, just remembered that Chanel is coming out with some cream blushes in Fall and there are a number of good colors to choose from. I’ll try to be good this summer and save my money (but you know how that goes!)

    • Hi Mimi,
      LOL.. my drawers are all filled too!!
      Lucky I am not a lip gloss fan so that side of the drawer is still quite empty =)
      I haven’t been picking up anything from GA recently, haven’t had time to go that part of the town..
      I also haven’t been up to date with all the upcoming collections!!
      Sad to be “outdated” but life has been too busy lately..
      And yes, I know how that goes 😉
      Happy weekend hun xx

  2. At first I thought Dior rosay bow would be rather boring or dupable but I really really like it, such a wearable pink, no load at all. I love DIor nail polishes!

  3. Oh my goodness! I was looking at clothes in the same shades! I’ve already stared to fill my wardrobe with pinks and pinky-nude colours and worn pink on my nails many times over last couple of months, but that grayish shade has definitely what I’ve been looking for….looking to get some grey shades in my wardrobe….just need that nail colour!….something to smile about while not well 🙂

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