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6 Empties This Month


Hello everyone, this month – I have yet another 6 empties to feature and you have heard me mention a few of them before. I shall provide relevant links to their original posts.

There are 1 or 2 interesting products I want to share with you and we shall start with the Aesop Mouthwash.

AESOP MOUTHWASH Clove Bud, Aniseed, Spearmint Leaf

S$33 – 500ml, Australia

A refreshing mouthwash from Aesop. It’s alcohol-free and provides a solution to the sensitive problem of oral malodour. If you are wondering, nope, it is nothing like listerine.

Comes in a hefty tinted glass bottle and a glass beaker, it is no doubt fragile and not travel-friendly at all. But I do like the packaging tho, I think it dresses up the sink area pretty well – all Aesop products do, don’t they?

Every morning and night, I gargle about 20ml of product for approximately 30-60 seconds, then expel after brushing my teeth. There is a tiny, very tiny tingling sensation but I love how refreshing it feels and the scent ain’t too strong – but makes my mouth smells nice and clean.

Highly recommend checking this item out.


S$35 – 480ml, USA

I love the scent of this body wash. I didn’t manage to try it as a shampoo because I have totally missed that out – if I repurchase another bottle, I will give it a try.

This thick, pearly off white body wash foams up – the fresh burst of floral is captivating but doesn’t linger. My skin feels clean without being too streaky clean – my skin doesn’t feel dry after using too. I like it as a night time shower gel because it calms me down and gets me ready for bed.


S$65 – 150ml, Japan

Love the smell of this cleansing oil. It feels similar to Whitefficient (introduced here) but smells better. I have finally finished this bottle of cleansing oil – took me quite a while because I was caught up with other makeup removers along the way. Anyway, here’s an introductory post about it, if you have missed it.

If you are looking to try a new cleansing oil, I would totally recommend either the Whitefficient (reviewed here) or Ultime8. They are gentle on the skin and feels light – and does the job.


S$38 – 80g, Japan

I need another bottle of this, period. This small bottle takes forever to finish – for me at least.

I hardly use body mists and I only use this at night, after shower and before bed. This body mist helps to lighten and clarify spot and post acne scars on the body. It also helps to prevent pimples on the body. One of its ingredients, Cherry Leaf Extract also helps eliminates free-radicals and prevents oxidation.

This body mist features an easy to use spraying system, I can hold the bottle upside down to spray my back without having any problems at all.

Highly recommend this for those who have problems with body acne, especially on the back.

ORIGINS CLEAR IMPROVEMENT® Active Charcoal Mask to clear pores

S$50 – 100ml, USA

Oldie but goodie. This is one of those masks that I kept repurchasing – I lost count how many I have used up to be honest.

I always include a purifying mask into my masking routine, usually after exfoliating. I will then complete my weekly regime with a hydrating mask. This charcoal mask is good for clearing the pores and congested skin. It takes away the shine too.


S$25 – 125ml, EU

Since last December, I have finished another bottle of this remover. Check out my full review here.


Did you manage to finish anything this month? Have you tried any of the products mentioned in this post?

Thank you for reading.

11 thoughts on “6 Empties This Month

    • Hello Victoria,
      The Kosé White Mask is a peel off mask thus I find it a little more harsh compared to the Origins’ but the Kosé one “extracts” more dirt and impurities..

  1. The Origins charcoal mask sounds very interesting. I have read that some people react badly to Origins products and that has made me a bit weary to try it since I have never used any of their products before. How would you compare this to Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep-Pore Cleansing Masque?

    • Hi Victoria,
      Both are quite similar IMO, I like both and I think they are great for unclogging pores, removing dirt and excess sebum on the face.. perhaps when the Kiehl’s finishes, you can try the Origins?

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