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Introducing The NEW Clarins Body Lift Sculptor Treatment

Clarins Body Lift Sculptor Treatment (1)

It’s been proven, after one hour of the NEW Clarins Body Lift Sculptor Treatment: -½ cm around the thigh and -10% rough skin.

Boosted by a new CLARINSPRO formula and expert application techniques, the Body Lift Sculptor Treatment demonstrates its ability to refine and smooth and ensure superb-looking skin.

You can now feel good about your skin and show it.

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Developed to be used exclusively in the Institute, the Body Contouring Cellulite Control Gel-Mask combines effective contouring results with a comfortable texture, formulated to adapt to the expert hands of a Clarins Beauty Therapist.

360° Body Contouring Action

Body Contouring Cellulite Control Gel-Mask doesn’t just refine body contours and leave the skin silky-smooth. The specific ingredients that promote a refreshing, lighter-feeling body also help protect the body’s micro-circulation network, nourish and promote prettier-looking skin,

A Pleasant Texture

Rich yet supple, the “CLARINSPRO” texture is ideally adapted to accompany the drawing movements and specific pressure points carried out by the Beauty Therapist for an enhanced feeling of well-being and immediate body-refining results.

Clarins Body Lift Sculptor Treatment (2)


Three new, specifically designed steps have been added to the Body Lift Sculptor Treatment to amplify its body contouring actions:

  1. A “contouring conditioning” step prepared the body for the Treatment and increases ingredient receptiveness.
  2. A massage technique enhances the body’s natural draining mechanism to help trigger the slimming process.
  3. Fingertip pressure point movements relax muscle tissue and help remove cellulite.


The Body Lift Sculptor Treatment underwent clinical tests to measure its refining and smoothing ability and evaluate the feeling of well-being it promotes.

These tests took place at Clarins Evaluation Centre and included 22 women ages 39-68.

For each test, measurements were taken before and after a one-hour Body Lift Sculptor Treatment which was carried out in the same conditions as in a Beauty Institute.

Clarins Body Lift Sculptor Treatment (3)


The most advanced measurement methods were used to prove the effectiveness of Body Contouring Cellulite Control Gel-Mask combined with Clarins new “contouring technique”.

Observing and studying the skin “before” and “after” confirmed the effectiveness of the Clarins Body Lift Sculptor Treatment.

Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control (5)


Body contouring results can be optimized at home by adopting the following recommendation after a Body Lift Sculptor Treatment.

  • Use Body Lift Cellulite Control, Clarins new body contouring formula, on a daily basis.
  • Use a body exfoliator once or twice a week to enhance the removal of dead skin cells and improve skin’s receptiveness to the contouring product applied afterwards.
  • Maintain a balanced lifestyle including a healthy diet, regular exercise and regular Body Treatments.


“Taking time for a Facial or Body Treatment is not a luxury but a necessity in today’s world.

Nowadays, feeling good begins by taking care of yourself. At Clarins, our mission has always been to ensure your well-being and enhance your beauty.”

Doctor Olivier Courtin-Clarins
Clarins Managing Director


The NEW Clarins Body Lift Sculptor Treatment is priced at S$175 (inclusive of GST). Each session lasts for 60 minutes.

Thank you for reading.

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