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Introducing Diorskin Forever Extreme Control Compact Powder

Diorskin Forever Extreme Control Compact Powder (1)



Like a made-to-measure garment, Diorskin Forever adapts to each skin type, making it look beautiful.

Created by Dior to provide women with perfect skin throughout the day, this exceptional-wear foundation range fuses with the skin for a vibrant makeup look.

Today, Dior is expanding its compact foundation range and pushing its technical limits even further, by combining a matte effect, with long wear and lightness, in a formula that is specifically conceived to resist extreme summer conditions. Such is the feat of Diorskin Forever Extreme Control.

This foundation ensures that the skin has a velvety finish, and refines pores without a caked-on effect. In the summer, when the weather is hot and humid, it blends into the skin providing a perfectly matte finish.

Light and ultra-matte, this powder is ideal for creating perfection and radiance in Asian complexions.

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Diorskin Forever Extreme Control achieves the incredible feat of providing skin with a dynamic matte finish that is both perfect, and always radiant.

To achieve these amazing results, Dior has incorporated a skilfully dosed blend of smoothing micro-beads and powder plaques into this compact foundation formula. Thanks to this judicious balance of particles, the powder glides on incredibly well.

It can be blended endlessly, and forms a regular, even, ultra-fine film on the surface of the face. These particles are combined with matte mother of pearls, which reflect light to illumine skin texture, as well as correcting shine and skin tone. All of this is done without any opacity, and pores are therefore less visible, creating the illusion of ideal skin.

Diorskin Forever Extreme Control acts as an imperceptible skin perfector. Forget frozen facial features and a mask-like sensation, this new foundation is like a genuine second skin.

Once applied, it feels like not even there.


Diorskin Forever Extreme Control ensures extreme wear as the hours pass, whatever the circumstances.

At the heart of its formula lies Control Wear complex ™. This complex contains absorbent micro-pearls with varying degrees of porosity, which control and capture the excess sebum of oily skins, for a purer epidermis with minimized pores. This in turn reinforces the foundation’s adherence to the skin, in order to ensure a perfect, true to life finish.

In addition, it contains elastic polymers, new generation binding agents, which encourage cohesion between elements and which melt at skin temperature. On the surface of the face, a perfectly fusional, uniform network is therefore created, which follows the movement of the skin perfectly, throughout the day.

It wears impeccably, and even in the summer heat and humidity, the complexion remains fresh from morning till night, free from imperfections (unevenness, pores etc.), as though by magic.

Diorskin Forever Extreme Control Compact Powder (3)


The key ingredient of Diorskin Forever Extreme Control is the tailor-made perfecting Skincare Essence, by Dior, which is present in all the Forever foundations, and which contains a duo of encapsulated agents.

It contains both spheres of NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor, or substances naturally present in the skin that retain water in the corneal layer) hydrating agents, and spheres of sebum regulating zinc derivatives. Thanks to their encapsulation method, these ingredients identify the specific needs of the skin, in order to rebalance it.

In dry zones, encapsulated hydrating agents are released, trapping water at the heart of the epidermis for deep hydration. In oily zones, the spheres melt, releasing sebum-regulating ingredients.

Finally, the elastic polymers optimize UV protection by encouraging the bioavailability of filters at the surface of the skin.


Nestled in a slim, elegant and practical case, Diorskin Forever Extreme Control is every woman’s best friend. The case is magnetic for easy and secure closure, and contains a large integrated mirror as well as a sponge applicator, for easy application and touch ups. Refills clip easily into the case.


Diorskin Forever Extreme Control is available from 10 June 2013. Comes in 6 shades, fulfilling the needs of every skin tone.

  • Diorskin Forever Extreme Control Compact Powder – S$90
  • Diorskin Forever Extreme Control Compact Powder (Refill) – S$66

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