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On A Short Break

Our Wedding Day

A big thank you to you for all the well wishes and warm blessings. Our wedding went very smoothly – and now, I am a wife.

Our photographers printed a few pictures for us to take home. I am so in love with them and I can’t wait to see all the photos taken throughout the day. It was indeed the most memorable day of my life (so far).

For the past 6 months, I haven’t had proper rest. Travelling every other week, rushing to meet deadlines and featuring product reviews – and planning the wedding. I have run out of inspiration to blog lately and honestly, feeling a little tired.

I will be taking a short break from blogging – could be a week or two, longer or shorter. Whichever, I will be back afresh, I promise. During this break, I hope to sort out some personal matters, spend more time with the family and enjoy being Mrs Mak.

Looking forward to speaking to all of you again soon. Take care and till the next post.

PS I will be away from this Friday until the next, I will try to pick winners for Joey’space “Let’s Celebrate” Giveaway on 31 May 2013 and announce them in the same post. Please check back.

Thank you for reading.

26 thoughts on “On A Short Break

    • Hi Clare,
      Thank you so much!!
      It was a great break – not yet a honeymoon, haven’t planned anything for that..
      Looking forward to blog again soon =)

  1. Looks like a wonderful wedding! I’m so glad for your and Mak. Have an enjoyable vacation time and we’ll be here waiting for you on your return.

  2. Goodonya Joey and my very “Best Wishes” for You and Your lucky Mak. Both of You are real “Winners” and surely Your future together will be even more spectacular ! “Congratulations” – may You continue to enjoy a wonderful life : ) Cheers, Robert

  3. Enjoy your break, I hope you have a nice time !! I saw these pics on your Instagram they look adorable I hope when you will be back and have all the pictures you will post a few more of your bridal pics

    • Hi Sataa,
      Thanks, we had a great time relaxing =)
      I can wait for all the official pictures from the photographers!!
      Yes, I will surely post them on the blog xx

  4. Congratulations! You get married just a few months after the proposal? In France, it usually takes a whole year before you walk down the aisle 😉

    • Hi Margaux,
      Thank you so much =)
      LOL.. Actually the proposal came so “late” – we were almost finished prepping for the wedding!! They say, better late than never?
      In Singapore, many people plan their wedding a year before too..
      Could be just us..
      We discussed about getting married in Jan, decided to get married in Feb and got married in May..
      Happy weekend hun xx

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