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Wash. Massage. Blowdry. You’re PREPPED To Go

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Welcome to PREP, Singapore’s first dedicated blowout-only salon. No cuts, blowouts only. PREP is the answer for the modern woman in pursuit of the perfect place that provides the ultimate blowout.

Inspired by a nostalgic era of beautifully coiffed hair, where women were always immaculately groomed and getting their hair ‘set’ was an everyday affair, PREP is a reminder that a woman’s hair is her true crowning glory. Whether it is a glorious updo reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour, or beachy waves, PREP will replicate the look you desire.

Conveniently located at the heart of Orchard Road, the blowout bar at Mandarin Gallery offers a hip and preppy vibe for the perfect pick-me-up. Step in to get your hair done before a date, a girl’s night out, or just simply because you want to have fabulous-looking hair.

Customers may also book PREP for private events such as hen nights, birthdays, baby showers and wedding-related festivities.


Flip through PREP’s Hair Library to choose from a variety of hairstyles whimsically named after literary classics. With names like Straight Expectations (smooth and lustrous straight locks), Brave New Curl (big sexy voluminous curls), and The Great Gats-beach (beachy wind-tossed waves), you are sure to find a hairdo that not only suits your style but also tickles your literary fancy.

For those in the mood for a little indulgence, add-ons like longer head massages and deep conditioning treatments are also available. With stylists who pay meticulous attention to detail, PREP is also happy to customise creative updos for special occasions. Mums with toddlers in tow will be pleased to know that PREP offers adorable styles for the little ones.

The men aren’t left out either – boys can get an extended head massage and their hair styled for some extra machismo.

If you like quirky novelty items, PREP also stocks an array of products from tote bags to shower caps (called Bath Time Bodyguards), which double up as fun gift ideas or mementos of your fabulous blowout.


Here at Prep, we believe that having great hair every day should be easy, convenient and fuss-free, so we have created the Bath Time Bodyguard to help you sustain your blowout for longer. This specially designed shower cap comes with extra room to accommodate voluminous hair and a terry cloth inner lining that keeps your tresses safe from blowout-ruining steam and moisture.

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Leaving behind their jobs as investment bankers and F&B and lifestyle specialists, owners Jacelyn Soh, Jacqueline Chang, and Yishi Lian Teh – all in their late twenties – believe that PREP is poised to benefit from what is clearly a growing demand for specialised grooming services. Fans of blowouts themselves, they share the common dream of bringing the blowout bar concept, so popular in the US, UK and Australia, to Singapore.

We want to tell women that having great hair should be an everyday affair, not just for special occasions; and that it can be convenient, easy and affordable to maintain such a habit.” says Yishi.

Their dream of making PREP a household name started with the desire to simplify what was notoriously an ambiguous and non-standard offering of wash and blowdry services at hair salons.

We stumbled across this idea when we realised how difficult it was to get our ideal blowout – the right kind of curls, the right ambience, at the right price,” Jacelyn remarks.

At PREP, there is only one price for standard blowouts – $39 regardless of your hair length across 6 distinct styles clearly described in a pictorial menu, with no hidden costs. For something more glamorous, expect to shell out $49 and upwards.

We like the idea of having blowouts only because sometimes you just want to relax and pamper yourself without having to smell chemical fumes or look at mounds of stray hair on the floor,” Jacqueline adds.

Friends for around 15 years now, they complement one another in the management of the salon’s operations. Jacelyn is the finance guru, Jacqueline is in charge of marketing, Yishi takes care of HR, and all three are involved in the day-to-day running of PREP.

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PREP’s interior design was conceptualised by Asylum, a design company regarded as an unconventional maverick in the creative world.

The design intention behind PREP’s interior was to strike a balance between the comfort of home and a salon environment, with the application of oak wood and soft lighting creating a warm and cosy atmosphere.

PREP (4) PREP (5)

PREP manifests itself as a playful and inviting space, rather than replicating the stoicism of a traditional salon. Upon arriving at PREP, you will be greeted with an oak herringbone-clad reception desk, and a quirky window display of blowdryers that fronts the store. A bold feature wall of green and oak diagonal stripes creates a strong visual backdrop – and doubles up as a fun photo wall for private parties at PREP.

The interior itself is divided into two main spaces on each side of a central washing station that provides privacy for those customers getting their hair washed and massaged. A communal space on one side allows friends to gather and socialise around a styling station, while an individual styling area on the opposite side caters for a more personal experience.

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Whether it’s for a night out, a meeting or just because you feel like it – you no longer have to flip through magazines looking for that ideal hairstyle or worry that it won’t turn out the way you envisioned.

At PREP, our concept is refreshingly simple – just choose from our menu of hairstyles and we will pull all the stops in creating it for you! All standard styles from our Essential Reading list whether straight or curly are at one price regardless of hair length – we do not discriminate!

We are also delighted to offer PREP Packs for returning customers as well as gift cards for your friends.


Smooth and Lustrous Straight

Natural, Silky Waves

Tousled, Beachy Waves

Shiny Voluminous Curls

Sultry and Stylish, Tousled Bob

Short and Sleek Bob


PREP Pack of 3 Blowouts: $105

PREP Pack of 6 Blowouts: $199
(Comes with 1 FREE Fast Track Treatment)

Store Credit:
Start a tab of minimum $350 with us and enjoy 20% off standard blowouts and all other services*

*Discount not applicable to purchase of products

Femme Boulevard_Vintage With A Modern Twist (5)

PREP prepped my hair for this month’s Femme Boulevard collaboration themed Modern Vintage, click here for more pictures. I am so glad I had the chance to experience their service because I truly enjoyed every second spent at the salon.

Maurice was my stylist and he was really friendly. I went with an open mind, I didn’t have any specific hairstyles in mind.

My journey at PREP started off with a wash and guess what? DJ Rozz was getting prepped too. Hair wash comes with a massage too, on a very comfortable shampoo bed. Head massages always help me release tension and relax. The real stuff begins when Maurice started his creation.

Communication is key when it comes to styling, especially with someone you have just met. Maurice and I had some casual conversation on preferences and he gave me several options.

Don’t we love options? The more the better, yes? We agreed that I need some form of fringe and he suggested doing an up-do to elongate my neck. Everything looks sleek from the front, a voluptuous “S” wave for the fringe which leads up to a baby french twist. He created some “Finger” waves on the other side for me – because I told him I like them but I can’t pull them off as fringe.

Femme Boulevard_Vintage With A Modern Twist (7)

I am not a hair person. Many of you have asked what haircare I use and how I style my hair – honestly, I don’t do much but I wish I know more. To me, hair is extremely important to complete a look, imagine nice hair without makeup or gorgeous makeup with greasy hair (well, you know what I mean).

I totally dig the idea of getting hair done before an event, before attending wedding dinner or for a hot date? PREP is located at a convenient spot – for those who drives, park your car at Mandarin Gallery Level 3, they are just beside SNAILS. PREP mainly uses products from Redken and Shu Uemura, I spotted some Toni&Guy styling products too – we are in good hands.

One more plus point for PREP is, their prices are really reasonable and affordable. I have been to salons charging over 60 bucks for wash and blow dry, at PREP it’s only $39.

GET PREPPED TODAY, make an appointment by phone or online. Experience it yourself and tell me if it’s worthy. I personally love it and I hope you will too. Say yes to good hair day, every day – alright, maybe not every day but every other day?

T. +65 6732 6123
SUN: 11:30AM-7:30PM

Thank you for reading.

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