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Dior Introduces Mystic Metallics Makeup Collection For Fall 2013

Dior Mystic Metallics For Fall 2013 (1)


Seize your chance; follow your destiny… Monsieur Dior was one of those people who believed in fate. “My destiny is walking towards me,” he said.

That evening in April 1946, as he stood on the rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, hesitating whether to give up his career as a fashion illustrator to design his own line, the couturier tripped over a metallic star pierced with a hole. How could he not see it as a sign? The following day, he decided to create his own House.

He always carried this lucky charm in his pocket, and from that day onwards, the star has never stopped shining in the Christian Dior galaxy.

Dior Mystic Metallics For Fall 2013 (2) Dior Mystic Metallics For Fall 2013 (3)


The colour harmonies that I have created for this look reflect the mysterious colours of the galaxy. Like a journey from the earth to the moon.” – Tyen

The radiance of a stone; the magic of iridescence, and the intensity of a metallic hue. This autumn, the Dior woman sets pulses racing. Tyen, Dior Makeup Creative Director, has dedicated an ultra-sophisticated collection to her. Eyes are dressed in shadow and light, whilst nails defy every colour in the spectrum.

Her makeup is her most precious talisman.

Dior Mystic Metallics For Fall 2013 (4)


Colour dictates renewal. A touch of colour is enough to alter your appearance.” – Christian Dior

Playing with pigments. Juxtaposing textures. Creating a clash between the metallic gleam of an eyeshadow and a satin smooth blush, or between muted colour harmonies and a pop colour. For the Fall 2013 collection, the iconic Diorblush is transformed and reveals its new assets: from now on, blush is seen as an it-accessory, and colour as a “face stylist”.

Pushing the chromatic cursor even further, Diorblush is essential as the most fashionable of beauty statements.

Dior Mystic Metallics For Fall 2013 (5)


Behind the scenes at the catwalks… At Dior, couture make-up has always looked backstage for its inspiration and avant-garde approach. This season, the house has created a new expert product to enhance and structure the eye, in catwalk fashion.

Dior Mystic Metallics For Fall 2013 (6)


Christian Dior’s lucky charm shines over the 2013 autumn collection and decorates the mythical 5 Couleurs palette. Sculpted with stars, the eye shadows shimmer with metallic shades and reflections. Shrouded in mystery, eyes have never been so magnetic.

Two colour harmonies exist in shades of violet and silver (864 Constellation) or blue-greens and browns (384 Bonne Etoile).

Dior Mystic Metallics For Fall 2013 (7)


A blend of genres… Shimmering highlights and abiding elegance alongside extreme sophistication and ultra-simplicity: in a single step, Diorshow Fusion Mono recreates the depth and contrast of a catwalk look.

Its unprecedented, rounded, gel-mousse texture weightlessly illuminates the eye with multi-faceted, long lasting colour.

With Diorshow Fusion Mono, Dior has created the first multi dimensional light and shadow eye look. Eyes dress up in the dazzle of black diamonds, of amber or even the moon. Six shades with intense shimmer and a powerful emotional charge. A mystical vocabulary for a professional result – mystery is at hand.

  • Aventure: a dense, gleaming black, the bearer of infinity.
  • Étoile: the glittering sparkle of stardust.
  • Cosmos: the magical blue of a night beneath the heavenly skies.
  • Lune: sublime, immaculate and iridescent, for poetic eyes.
  • Météore: a flamboyant and passionately sensual amber.
  • Chimère: the charm of opaline pink, flowing on your skin.

Two application techniques for two different effects:

  1. Soft Fusion: applied with fingertips, the eye shadow blends into the skin to create a light veil of colour and a subtly shimmering result.
  2. Bold Fusion: applied using the smudging applicator, the finish is intensified to reveal pure and extreme colour.

Advice from the pros: lightly wet the eye shadow for an extreme metallic effect with a dramatic lamé finish.

Dior Mystic Metallics For Fall 2013 (8)


To prolong the mystery ad infinitum, Dior has reinvented the mythical 3 Couleurs Smoky in sapphire blue and the 3 Couleurs Glow in a trio of silvers and black. Whether strong or transparent, eyes become the object of all desires, further emphasised by a line of Diorliner in prune.

Dior Mystic Metallics For Fall 2013 (9)


Mystic. Edgy. The new Dior manicure creates surprise and makes your look pulsate with a shadowy blue lacquer which, owing to its integrated magnet, reveals an enigmatic motif. Luxury in its raw state.

Dior Mystic Metallics For Fall 2013 (10)


Shimmering lights of silvery pink (382 Destin) and brocade prune (992 Galaxie): these two shades propel nail lacquer into a new dimension, for a half-shadow, half-light aesthetic that is always stylish.

Dior Mystic Metallics For Fall 2013 (11)


As the undisputed expert on colour, Dior has revisited its emblematic blush. In a thinner case containing a bevelled brush, redesigned and stamped with the House logo, Diorblush has been reinvented.

A new formula gives maximum expression to pigments. This micronized powder goes on as a veil of pure, evanescent, weightless colour. In red, pink, coral and nude, with the new motif, colours explode with uncompromising energy. Face make-up is stylish and blush is the new dress code, determining dress colour and lipstick. Addictive and a fashion whim, Diorblush promises to be the new “must-wear”.

  • Fusion: apply with the flat of the brush, to fuse colour with the skin. Perfect for a healthy look.
  • Sculpting: apply with the bevelled edge of the brush for professional “contouring” to shade temples, redefine face shape and define cheekbones etc.

Diorblush will be available in 13 colours divided into 4 colour spectrums (pink, red, coral and nude) and 3 finishes (iridescent, matte and satin).

Dior Mystic Metallics For Fall 2013 (12)


Lipstick: the contemporary amulet? Dior has created four new shades of Dior Addict Extreme (369 Mystic, 546 Gri Gri, 619 Fortune, and 986 Bonne Aventure) to go with the Mystic Metallics collection. From poetic rosewood to dramatic purple, colour is bewitching.

Dior Mystic Metallics For Fall 2013 (13)


Like so many charms on a bracelet, and in harmony with the Dior Addict Extreme shades, the four new Dior Addict Gloss (311 Magic, 346 Charm, 684 Merveille, and 981 Endorselante) references capture the light and accessorize the lips.

Dior Mystic Metallics For Fall 2013 (14)


Smooth, shape and enhance lips with two new shades of Rouge Sérum. In romantic rosewood or discreet violet, colour lights up your face and heightens your style.

Dior Mystic Metallics For Fall 2013 (15)


This gel structures the face, emphasizing its proportions. At the Dior shows, eyebrows have personality, and this translucent gel with its brush-applicator adds texture and shine, whilst structuring brows for a striking look. Simply brush the brows from bottom to top for a tamed yet highly natural finish.

Dior Mystic Metallics For Fall 2013 (16)


As the finishing touch to the Mystic Metallics look, Diorshow Iconic Overcurl, with its curved brush and its shape-memory formula, reveals generously plumped lashes with radical curl.

Dior Mystic Metallics For Fall 2013 (17)


The pro curling tool accessible to all make-up addicts, the essential step to stretch lashes to infinite dimensions.

  • On bare lashes / before applying mascara: In one easy stroke, this new make-up step reveals a lash line with unparalleled curves, ideally prepped for the application of any Diorshow mascaras.
  • On made-up lashes / after applying mascara:
    1. It locks in more spectacular curl.
    2. It makes the mascara formula more fluid to perfectly coat the lashes and to ensure a more even make-up result.
    3. It optimizes the lash care action of some Diorshow mascaras.

Result: enhanced curves for perfect hold until mascara removal and maximized lash care effect.


  • Dior 5 Couleurs Mystic Metallics (Collector’s Edition Fall Look 2013) – S$98
  • Dior Vernis Mystic Metallics (Limited Edition) – S$42
  • Diorshow Fusion Mono Eyeshadow – S$52
  • Diorshow Brow Styler Gel – S$34
  • Diorshow Heat Curl (Limited Edition) – S$52
  • Diorblush – S$69

Dior Mystic Metallics Makeup Collection For Fall 2013 will be available from 1 August 2013 at all Dior counters.

Thank you for looking.

*Diorblush in 533 Gold Addict, 829 Miss Pink and 856 Rose Diorette will be available from 1 August 2013 – other shades will be available from 1 September 2013.

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