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There’s Something About Penhaligon’s

Penhaligon's (1)

There’s something about Penhaligon’s that draws me right in and I hardly walk out empty-handed. The last time, I left with a bunch of travel candles (which I will be bringing to my upcoming getaway), hand wash, 2 bottles of fragrances and a box of gentleman fragrance for the husband.

In this post, I shall show you all the fragrances I currently own from the brand paired with some of my thoughts.

Penhaligon's (2)

Penhaligon's (3)

This Gentleman Fragrance Collection features 5 x 5ml d’Eaux de Toilette et Colognes for men. Inside, you will find two Eau de Cologne – Quercus and Endymion, and three Eau de Toilette – Blenheim Bouquet, Opus 1870 and Sartorial.

A great selection of scents for the mister. His personal favourite would be Sartorial. This scent is a contemporary interpretation of a classic Fougere with traditional notes of oakmoss, tonka bean and lavender stitched together with woods, ozonic and metallic effects, leather, violet leaf, honey and spices to create the perfect illusion of a tailor’s workroom.

Penhaligon's (4)

As for myself, I have always fancied floral scents with a powdery dry down. Although I must say, I have recently drifted slightly – and I am enjoying scents with a tiny musk.

Penhaligon's (5)

My first pick from Penhaligon’s has to be Jubilee Bouquet from the brand’s Anthology Collection.

This scent was originally created in 1977 in honour of Queen Elizabeth’s Silver Jubilee. Jubilee Bouquet remains a very unique scent in my collection, with a blend of floral and woody notes. This is a rather strong scent for me, it’s warm and I love when it has settled down on my skin.

It’s no doubt lasting and I love wearing it in the evenings when sun sets for a candlelight dinner.

Penhaligon's (6)

Soon after my first, my thirst for more brought me back – this time, something a little more intimate, Artemisia.

This scent doesn’t leave a trail, it’s a scent close to you and only that special someone gets to smell it – yes, that close. I would describe it as romantic, as if a whisper in the ear. Enjoy the burst of uplifting fruity notes, followed by a sensual powdery dry down.

A soft yet addictive scent, I can never have enough of it. I can wear it every day and night – no matter what occasion, season and weather.

Penhaligon's (7)

Did you know that fragrances are unisex? Well, sort of. There is no clear line between a scent for men or for women. Apparently, if a man wears a more feminine scent, the masculinity in him transforms the scent to give it a more manly vibe.

My third bottle from the brand happens to be Blenheim Bouquet filed under their men’s fragrant category.

I believe it was the adorable 15ml bottle that did the trick when I first got my eyes on one. My nose captured the citrusy blend of Lemon, Lime and Lavender – which reminds me of a spa and essential oils. This scent has no heart notes and ends with spices and woods.

It’s a delightful scent and I enjoy wearing just a little dab of it on my wrist for sports.

Penhaligon's (8)

Peoneve is one of the brand’s latest fragrance. This is a light, fresh and luscious scent for me – consisting of Violet Leaf, Peony, peppery Bulgarian Rose and a powerful white floral note.

It’s a scent I could wear all day and night, irregardless of the weather. And this is a classic example of when floral hues meet woody accents (for me anyway) because it also consists of earthy Vetiver, mischievous Musk and warm Cashmere Wood.

This scent has less of a powdery dry down as compared to Jubilee Bouquet and Artemisia.

Penhaligon's (9)

If I could label all my fragrances from Monday to Sunday, Elisabethan Rose would be Sunday.

I am in for anything rose, pink juice is definitely a fine bonus. This scent is also created in the year I was born, 1984. It’s playful interpretation of the classic British rose. Almost as pure as a cup of rose tea. It’s feminine, young, soft and delicate.

Imagine having picnic on a Sunday morning in the middle of a garden fill with roses.


Here are all the Penhaligon’s fragrances I own. The brand does carry some of the most exquisite and refined scents I have ever come across. Having said that, I am not a fragrant expert and scents are very personal.

I love every single one I own because they are distinctively unique in one way or the other. But I have to say, I use Artemisia the most and Jubilee Bouquet is something exclusive I use on special occasions. I haven’t own both Peoneve and Elisabethan Rose long enough to compare usage but Peoneve is quickly becoming one of my favourite.

What sort of scents do you like? And what are your favourite Penhaligon’s fragrances?

Thank you for reading.

6 thoughts on “There’s Something About Penhaligon’s

  1. Lovely collection of scents! I love Peoneve so much I have decanted it into a travel atomizer to spritz on the go, it’s perfect for all occasions fun or formal. And yes Elisabethan Rose is certainly on my list of scents to get. It smells so fun and soft!

    • Hello gorgeous,
      Thank you so much =)
      Peoneve is surprising beautiful.. took me quite some time to decide on getting it!!
      I am glad I did in the end..
      Happy weekend my dear xx

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