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Goodbye Maldives, Hope To See You Again

W Maldives 7 (1)

Maldives is indeed mesmerizing – the place, the water, the fishes, the people at W Maldives and the food. Our entire trip has been more than perfect, we couldn’t ask for more. We met people from all over the world, people who speaks in different languages but all shares something in common, the passion to serve.

All of them served with a smile and it’s really nice to be at a place where customer satisfaction is key. Thank you everyone for making this trip so memorable for us.


We felt really sad the day we depart. In my mind I wonder, when will I visit this place again?


On our way to the airport, we flew past Constance Halaveli Resort – probably 5 minutes away from W Maldives. Breathtaking and the resort looks very good too.



We miss you Maldives, hope we meet again soon.


Hope you have enjoyed this mini series of travel posts. If you have any recommendations on resorts at Maldives, please let me know below. And if you have any questions regarding this trip, feel free to comment below or contact me directly, I will try to provide as much information as I can.

Thank you for looking.

6 thoughts on “Goodbye Maldives, Hope To See You Again

  1. Blue ocean, smiling people, water, water, water, good food, who could ask for a better honeymoon/vacation — so happy for you!!!

    • Hello dear,
      We booked through W Maldive’s main website =)
      Oh my, you are going to LOVE this place!!
      How long are you planning to stay? May I suggest at least 7 days to fully experience the entire island?
      Have a wonderful week ahead hun xx

      • Thanks Joey! 🙂 Initially i was planning to go to Sheraton Maldives till you posted this whole series! I am planning to stay for 7 days too! This has been really helpful for me! Thanks once to have a great week ahead! xoxo

        • Hello hun,
          Most welcome, I am so happy the posts helped!!
          If you decide on W Maldives, please enjoy and let me know how you like it — we honestly LOVE this resort =)
          Happy Tuesday to you xx

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