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Introducing NARS Makeup Collection For Fall 2013

NARS Makeup Collection For Fall 2013 (1)

Designed by NARS Founder and Creative Director François Nars, the Fall 2013 Color Collection signals a revolt against de rigueur. A rush of high-fashion hues builds to a modern, matte finish for a look that smolders even as the weather turns cool.

Photographed by Nars in New York City, the Fall 2013 campaign features of-the moment model Toni Garrn in a striking image inspired by the work of the 1970s’ most iconic photographers, including Helmut Newton and Chris von Wangenheim. Seen in magazines and on runways the world over, the German beauty was the perfect choice to channel the decade’s liberated and powerful feminine style.

Bold colors pop on an even, matte complexion, turning drama up to “10” and making a major beauty statement.

NARS Makeup Collection For Fall 2013 (3)

To achieve the campaign’s mesmerizing beauty look, a smooth canvas was first created by preparing skin with Pore Refining Primer. Next, Gobi Sheer Matte Foundation was warmed in the palm of the hand before being applied to the center of the face and blended outward. To blur out imperfections, Vanilla Radiant Creamy Concealer was dotted under the eye with the ring finger, and blended to a smooth finish.

Using the Kabuki Botan Brush #20, Flesh Loose Powder was pressed, then rolled all over the face. Excess powder was dusted away with Loose Powder Brush #1. A sultry, smoky eye complemented the skin’s understated matte complexion.

To create the riveting look, Smudge-Proof Eyeshadow Base was first used to prep the eyelid, blending with the fingertip to a fresh finish. Using Black Moon Eyeliner Pencil, top and bottom lashes were thickly lined, then softened with Smudge Brush #15. Next, Calabria Soft Touch Shadow Pencil was traced over Black Moon to create a half-moon shape, extending the color all the way up to the bridge of the eye.

Kamchatka Single Eyeshadow instantly upped the drama when swept across the entire lid with Angled Eye Shader Brush #4. The same navy smoke shade, applied with Eye Contour Brush #14, created contrast for the eyeliner and gave depth when used to define the lower lashline. Lashes were made luxe with two coats of Larger Than Life® Volumizing Mascara, employing a back and forth curling motion to separate and evenly coat lashes with the wand.

NARS Makeup Collection For Fall 2013 (4)

Brows were filled in with Salzbourg Brow Perfector, then set with Oural Brow Gel.

The finishing touch? A bold lip, of course. Toni’s pout was defined and filled in with Jungle Red Lip Liner Pencil. Mysterious Red Velvet Matte Lip Pencil was blended on top for a final look with plenty of depth.

NARS Makeup Collection For Fall 2013 (5)

Haute. Hypnotic. Modern matte. A spellbinding new spin on strong, sexy style, the Fall 2013 Color Collection introduces a seductive saga filled with intense hues in matte finishes. Eyes smolder in turbulent shades of grey moon and navy smoke.

Femme fatale lips veer from demure to dramatically decadent. Nails in bold, regal purple or tempered by an understated dove grey accentuate this minimal yet luxurious look. The effect is sophisticated, intense, and undeniably authentic.

In other words, completely NARS.

NARS Makeup Collection For Fall 2013 (6)


The rich history of Germany’s largest state inspired the name of this Single Eyeshadow, whose deep blue sea shade allows for a range of stunning eye looks, from soft and sheer to intense and fashion-forward.


With its name from a peninsula in the Arctic Circle, this maple sugar Single Eyeshadow’s moniker means “end of the world” in the language of the area’s indigenous inhabitants.


Inspired by the Russian region known as “The Land of Fire and Ice,” this navy smoke Single Eyeshadow smolders – just like the volcanic lands for which it is named.


This matte grey moon Single Eyeshadow, named after the driest desert in Africa, offers a universally flattering effect. Wear solo or layered for a more intense look.

NARS Makeup Collection For Fall 2013 (7)


This yellow gold Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner is lively and vibrant, just like its namesake—a bustling Barcelona promenade.


This chocolate-hued Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner is as opulent as the legendary Medici neighborhood that this ancient road runs through in Florence.

NARS Makeup Collection For Fall 2013 (8)


Named for the picturesque French beach town, this pink chiffon Velvet Matte Lip Pencil glides on with ease while delivering a sophisticated matte finish.


The perfect complement to an understated eye, this crimson red Velvet Matte Lip Pencil works equally well alone or layered with lip gloss for a look with high shine.

NARS Makeup Collection For Fall 2013 (9)


Mirroring the beauty of Bolivia’s largest city, this orchid Pure Matte Lipstick delivers bold, inviting color.


On the lips, this ginger pink Pure Matte Lipstick imparts a playful, pumped-up look. Wear on its own, or layered with gloss for a velvety shine.

NARS Makeup Collection For Fall 2013 (10)


This dove grey Nail Polish is as elegantly refined as the Vienesse operetta for which it’s named.


This regal purple Nail Polish brings exuberant color to fingertips with a high-gloss, incredibly lustrous finish.

NARS Makeup Collection For Fall 2013 (2)


What was your inspiration for the Fall 2013 Color Collection?

My inspiration for fall was a very independent, powerful woman. I re-watched [the 1970s’ cult classic film] The Eyes of Laura Mars, and I thought to myself, “Who would this woman be today?” I wanted to interpret this character for a modern era.

What mood were you trying to capture in the campaign image?

I’ve always had a passion for art, and in this campaign image, I wanted to evoke the amazing photography of the 1970s, with cues from icons such as Helmut Newton and Chris von Wangenheim. I wanted it to look luxurious yet minimalistic. With the metallics and the lights – everything is to feel kind of hard, but sexy.

What shade should every woman be wearing this fall?

I was very happy to see a bold lip on so many runways this season; I adore a woman taking on the world wearing a bright color on her lips! The Mysterious Red Velvet Matte Lip Pencil gives that perfect mix of mystery, elegance, and glamour.

What are your favorite looks for Fall 2013?

So much of the collection has a matte finish, and I really love that. For fall, a hypersaturated, matte look feels modern, but not trendy. These shades are so versatile; they can be used to create a strong eye and muted lips, pale eyes and a strong pout, or both—a bold lip and a smoky eye all at once! Women shouldn’t be told what to wear; I just provide the options, and then they get to choose.

Why did you decide to focus on the eyes this season, with four new Single Eyeshadows?

I am all about a strong eye right now. Take Kamchatka and Namibia Single Eyeshadows; they’re subtle, in navy smoke and grey moon, but very sexy. Truly, they give you a whole season’s worth of eye looks. There’s so much you can do with them.

Why Toni?

Toni resonates a distinguished beauty and poise that help her appear both at ease and intense — perfect for channeling the photography of Helmut Newton and Chris von Wangenheim. She’s striking, yet nonchalant. It’s really quite impressive.


  • Kamchatka Single Eyeshadow – S$38
  • Namibia Single Eyeshadow – S$38
  • Yamal Single Eyeshadow (limited edition) – S$38
  • Bavaria Single Eyeshadow – S$38
  • Via De’ Martelli Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner – S$33
  • Las Ramblas Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner (limited edition) – S$33
  • La Paz Pure Matte Lipstick (limited edition) – S$38
  • Peloponnese Pure Matte Lipstick – S$38
  • Paimpol Velvet Matte Lip Pencil – S$37
  • Mysterious Red Velvet Matte Lip Pencil (limited edition) – S$37
  • Galathée Nail Polish (limited edition) – S$30
  • Fury Nail Polish (limited edition) – S$30

NARS Makeup Collection For Fall 2013 will be available at TANGS Orchard end of August.

Thank you for looking.

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