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Lancôme Mat Miracle -24H- Long Wear & Comfort Satin Light Creator

Lancôme Mat Miracle -24H- Long Wear & Comfort Satin Light Creator  (1)

Lancôme Mat Miracle -24H- Liquid Foundation has been one of my go-to foundations.

This new long-wear liquid foundation by Lancôme contains a unique combination of 4 patented Aura™ and Eternal Soft Fix Complex™ technology, for satin luminous finish and all day wear. It claims to be all-day sebum resistant and shine control, all-day heat and humidity proof and all-day no transfer.

You may have recalled the Miracle Day Out with Sophia and Sarah featuring this foundation a while ago.

Lancôme Mat Miracle -24H- Long Wear & Comfort Satin Light Creator  (2) Lancôme Mat Miracle -24H- Long Wear & Comfort Satin Light Creator  (3)


This foundation comes in a frosted glass bottle and a tinted black cap — very much like their Maqui Blanc Miracle and Teint Miracle foundation bottles in terms of shape and size. The pump is easy to operate and allows precision when it comes to dispensing the desired amount of product during each use.

Due to the material used for packaging, I wouldn’t say it’s exactly travel friendly. Glass packaging does weigh more and the chances of breaking is higher.

However, I enjoy having my foundations in glass bottles because it just makes my vanity top looks a touch more luxurious. It feels posh and looks better than plastic bottles in general. What about yourself? Do you prefer foundations in glass or plastic bottles?

Lancôme Mat Miracle -24H- Long Wear & Comfort Satin Light Creator  (4) Lancôme Mat Miracle -24H- Long Wear & Comfort Satin Light Creator  (5)


In Singapore, there are a total of 10 shades available at the moment and I am matched to O-02. This shade is perfect for my skin tone, it’s slightly lighter if compared to my neck and chest but it brightens up my complexion and that’s exactly what I want.

Like Teint Miracle, at first glance, this shade may seem a tad too yellow for my skin tone but when I apply it on my face, it blends thoroughly well.

Texture of this foundation is velvety smooth. It is lightweight and melds into the skin without settling into lines and pores. This foundation is also very easy to blend — I could achieve even and streak-free results with minimum effort.

Despite its long-wearing properties, the formula isn’t drying and didn’t break me out. I didn’t notice any clogging of pores either.

Lancôme Mat Miracle -24H- Long Wear & Comfort Satin Light Creator  (6)


I would rate the coverage of this foundation a good sheer to medium; buildable coverage if required but I wouldn’t recommend. One thin layer (as shown above and below) is sufficient to conceal minor flaws, redness, pigmentation, spots and red veins on my face. For the more prominent spots and scars, I use a concealer.

Both set of photos shown above and below are without the use of concealer and loose powder.

It has a satin to almost matte finish immediately after application which I really fancy. It looks natural and almost skin-like doesn’t it? Despite the almost matte finish, I still feel the need to set it with some form of powder — especially my T-zone.

I have not tried wearing this foundation for 24 hours, the longest I have worn it for is 12 hours straight.

Based on my 12 hours experience with this foundation, it is definitely long-wearing. Blotting was still needed mid-day around my T-zone and chin but the foundation stayed in place all day until I remove it at night. I have the habit of touching up a little powder over my T-zone after blotting to brighten up the area.

I must say, the foundation still looked pretty decent after an entire day out. It didn’t oxidize on me and the colour stayed fresh throughout the day.

Lancôme Mat Miracle -24H- Long Wear & Comfort Satin Light Creator  (7)


I prefer using a buffing brush for this foundation. I like the idea of buffing all the goodness into my skin for maximum hold.

Brushes such as realTechniques Buffing Brush, realTechniques Stippling Brush, Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush and Hakuhodo G5556 are my go-to brushes for this foundation. Fingers seem to work well for this foundation too.

I like to use Lancôme La Base Pro underneath this foundation for a smooth and seamless application.

I use Lancôme Teint Miracle Loose Powder to set this foundation when I am at home and I bring along Lancôme Teint Miracle Pressed Powder in my makeup pouch for touch-ups throughout the day. Both powders are lightweight and do not cake.

Personally, I prefer Teint Miracle Loose Powder as compared to the pressed version. The loose powder seems to create a smoother finish but the pressed powder makes a convenient on-the-go companion. I find the brush that comes along with the press powder a tad rough and messes up the foundation underneath when touching up.

Look In Baby Romance & A Touch Of Purple (2)


Pictured above is a look I did featuring this foundation — click here to view look.

Overall, I like this foundation, it wouldn’t have been my go-to if I don’t. It’s a stellar performer. I like how lightweight it feels on my skin, it’s comfortable all day long without the feeling of heaviness.

But I don’t quite agree with what it claims to be “all-day sebum resistant and shine control” specifically for my nasty T-zone. Rest of my face still looks amazing at end of the day. I used this foundation on its own when testing, to be honest, it does fare better than some other “matte” foundations I have tried. There is a certain degree of sebum resistant and shine control but I wouldn’t say “all-day”.

This foundation photographs really well, it creates a satin veil over the skin and makes skin appears velvety smooth.

From my personal experiences with long-lasting and matte foundations, some can look quite flat with lack of radiance and contour. I am pleased that the Lancôme Mat Miracle -24H- doesn’t look flat. With a touch of bronzer and highlight, I am good to go.

A great foundation for every day wear for those with combination skin types. If you have oily skin, I reckon this foundation would fare better with the aid of a primer. I think this foundation will be ideal for those with normal skin.


Lancôme Mat Miracle -24H- Long Wear & Comfort Satin Light Creator retails at S$66 for 30ml of product, made in Japan.

Thank you for looking.

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4 thoughts on “Lancôme Mat Miracle -24H- Long Wear & Comfort Satin Light Creator

  1. Hey Joey, I asked for a sample of this foundation, and while it doesn’t oxidise, I find it does settle on my open pores at the side of my nose. It does last for a while, despite some shine on my T-zone, so it would be spectacular if it didn’t magnify pores. I guess using a filler primer will help, but I’m just too lazy. LOL!

    • Hello Lily,
      The Lancôme Le Base Pro definitely helped in smoothing out my pores, perhaps using a buffing/stippling brush helped too =)
      Looking forward to this Saturday!!
      Seems like a really long time but not really huh?!
      Happy week ahead hun xx

  2. Hi I recently bought this foundation too but when I apply it my t zone gets flaky and blotchy. I have oily skin so do you have any idea why my skin will get flaky ? Cause it’s supposed to suit oily skin right ? 😦 do you apply any primer? Please help

    • Hi Fion,
      I have oily T-zone too and I am so sorry this happened to you.
      Could it be the primer or moisturizer you used under the foundation?
      It depends, sometimes I use a primer and sometimes I don’t but I have no problems either way.
      Hope you have resolved this problem by now — sorry for the late reply!!

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