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Diorblush In 856 Rose Diorette

Diorblush In 856 Rose Diorette (1)

This Fall, Dior will be launching a range of new powder blushers — yes, finally (don’t get me wrong, I like their “old” versions but it’s always exciting to see new products from brands I love).

In their recent Mystic Metallics Makeup Collection, Dior teases us with three shades, namely 533 Gold Addict, 829 Miss Pink and 856 Rose Diorette – there are a total of 13 shades, 10 more releasing from 1 September. For blush lovers, do keep an eye out as the variety of shades are stunning.

Each Diorblush retails at S$69 for 7g of product, made in France.

Diorblush In 856 Rose Diorette (2)

Quick post with some swatches and thoughts for you tonight as I have a look featuring this blush on its way this week.

856 Rose Diorette is a soft feminine rosy hue with a slight coral tinge. It offers a very beautiful subtle sheen with a satiny finish. Texture of this blush is extremely finely milled, it’s soft to touch and blends like a dream. It has decent colour payoff – nothing too overly pigmented but definitely buildable.

Illamasqua or NARS powder blushers are much more pigmented, don’t expect this Diorblush to be on the same level.

But don’t get me wrong, the pigmentation is not disappointing at all which is great for easy application and everyday use. Layer for a more intense hue. You can never go wrong with this shade either. I think it’s universally flattering.

Diorblush In 856 Rose Diorette (3) Diorblush In 856 Rose Diorette (4)

Overall, like but nothing extremely fascinating — perhaps I haven’t seen all the shades available yet (I shall wait patiently for the other 10 shades launching in a few days to make the final call). This blush lasts for about 4-6 hours on average, not particularly long-lasting to me.

Are you planning to get any of them? If so, which shades?

Thank you for looking.

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6 thoughts on “Diorblush In 856 Rose Diorette

    • Hello Barbara,
      Not many people would but then again, price range is personal and subjective.
      There are many other brands with a steeper price tag!!
      Have a great day ahead xx

    • Hello Gauri,
      A little pricey but then again, we are already paying S$67 for Chanel Joues Contraste which holds only 4g of product.
      So yeap, like I said, price range is personal and subjective.
      I am definitely looking forward to the more unique colours in this range =)

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