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Spider Webs On Joey’space

Spider's Web On Joey'space (1)

It’s time for some feather dusting on this blog as I can see spider webs growing all over this space.

Hello everyone, how are you doing? It has been a very long time since my last chat and I miss that intimacy — the last catch up was in July? No way, that’s so long ago and I have recently permed my hair. I love it because I don’t have to worry about keeping my hair straight and tidy.

You know, that whole “out of the bed look”? I am enjoying while it lasts because I was told these loose curls won’t last for long.

Spider's Web On Joey'space (2)

Saint Laurent bag // Pandora rings

Spider's Web On Joey'space (3) Spider's Web On Joey'space (4) Spider's Web On Joey'space (5) Spider's Web On Joey'space (6)

I am still traveling very frequently which totally messes up my momentum to blog.

However, I update my Instagram more often now so follow me for updates. Alternatively, you can also access my feed from the side bar.

Besides my new love for iRoo, a Taiwanese brand, my sister and I also discovered yet another Taiwanese bored brand, Jamei Chen. I have links to their website. iRoo is available in Singapore but not Jamei Chen. Shiatzy Chen is another brand to look out for, I particularly love their bags with rustic jade handles.

We dined at Jamei Chen SOFT during one of my recent trip to Taipei. This cozy open restaurant offers authentic Spanish food cooked by a Spanish Chef. The ambient and decorations are definitely worth checking out.

Spider's Web On Joey'space (7) Spider's Web On Joey'space (8)

Did some shopping while in Taipei and bought my first Chanel Boy Bag.

Strange as I was just telling my sister I don’t have any green bags two days before spotting these. I couldn’t decide which green to get at first so I told them to reserve both — went back two days later and got the (right) green but in a smaller size.

The lighter (left) green looks good but not against my skin tone, a little too yellow and dull.

Spider's Web On Joey'space (9) Spider's Web On Joey'space (10) Spider's Web On Joey'space (11) Spider's Web On Joey'space (12) Spider's Web On Joey'space (17)

Picked up four velvet dividers from MUJI last week to organize my accessories. Love them as they make my frequently used pieces so neat and tidy. The other two dividers are larger and I mainly use them to store my Pandora charms, bracelets and some Chanel brooches.

Camera 360 Spider's Web On Joey'space (14)

Attended a close family friend’s wedding the other day and here’s what I wore.

Love, Bonito dress // Cartier ring and bracelet // Chanel watch // Saint Laurent clutch

Spider's Web On Joey'space (15) Spider's Web On Joey'space (16)

Some NARS 413 BLKR items landed just the other day and I am so excited. Finally, it’s time to play.

Nothing extremely exciting has been happening in my life. Traveling (not for leisure or holiday) really breaks my blogging schedule. I am tired when I get home and there are so much to do when I get back. Whenever I have time, I wish to just lay down on my bed and rest.


Or play GTA5 with the husband.

But having said that, I have been very hardworking this weekend. I have finally sorted out all the pictures from my wedding and written three posts. I can’t wait to check them through one last time and publish them.

Looking through the pictures brought back so many wonderful memories. Hope you all had a wonderful F1 weekend — felt so short, it’s Monday already.

Thank you for looking.

6 thoughts on “Spider Webs On Joey’space

  1. Love everything! Very cool. You picked the right bag, IMHO. You look lovely and happy! Is that picture with the big grey table a restaurant you visited or is it a furniture shop? I love the decore.

  2. Hi Joey, I miss your full FOTD looks breakdown! But in any case, I am glad about this post, gives readers an insight on what you do when you’re not blogging (or working ;)) Loving the neat accessories collection! Thanks for sharing x

  3. Hey Joey love your rambles post! Felt like not too long ago I just had my wedding too… Love ur Chanel boy bag & ur curls?! Can I ask where and who did ur curls? I wanna go curl it too in a few mths!

    • Hi Daphne,
      Thank you for your kind comment!!
      It actually didn’t feel like 4 months ago, LOL..
      My stylist, Kelvin Low did my curls, you can find him at Essensuals Hairdressing at Bugis (above Burger King), have been with him for too long, I only trust him =)

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