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Our Wedding Notes: Fetching Me

Our Wedding Notes

Looking back, it seems so long ago (almost 4 months!) but each and every detail remains fresh in my heart — and it feels just like yesterday I was wedded to the most charming, caring, understanding, supportive, encouraging and loving man in my life.

Let’s start with events from the morning.


I am never a morning person, I hate waking up early — let alone having to dress up for the big day. It also didn’t help as I couldn’t sleep the night before so for the entire morning, I looked grumpy and bloated.

Grumpiness and looking bloated aside, “Fetching The Bride” aka “Fetching Me” is probably one of the funniest moments I have ever seen Mak and his brothers in — all of them are real sporting and watching the video made me laugh so hard.


I have put together many pictures in this post so we can all relive the moment. All square thumbnails are click-able to enlarge, celebration details are stated at the end of this post but if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to comment below.

jm_20130525_a0168 jm_20130525_a0174

All my sisters have been very kind to the boys — I swear, the boys had it easy. Except a big hold in the wallet, no leg hair was lost during the event.

First things first, “Welcome Drinks” packed with nutrients in a tube, served chilled to calm senses (more like numb their senses). We stayed up late the previous night to gather all sorts of ingredients from the hotel, each tube made with love.

Based on what I saw in the video, the boys find them easy — nothing challenging apparently.



When things didn’t go according to my sisters’ plan — it’s push up time.


Love the boys’ team spirit.


Round two, apparently the most difficult — was some “Funky Yoga Poses” to stretch some muscles and wake them up. If you think the poses are easy, think again — they are in pants and got to hold each pose for 20 to 60 seconds. Big hugs to all the boys.

Love the team yoga pose, so nicely done with great coordinating skills.

Look! My grandma got excited too and she demanded for more ang pows. Love her energy level, higher than ours for sure.



Dick Whistles

Well, the original plan was to have me blow the dick whistle in the middle of the road to direct traffic on my Hen’s Night. Since it didn’t quite happen, the girls decided to recycle them for the boys.

jm_20130525_a0410 jm_20130525_a0451

Looks like they are strangely aroused and enjoying them.

jm_20130525_a0421 jm_20130525_a0427 jm_20130525_a0433

Basically, they had to blow the balloons, burst them while blowing the whistle. Doesn’t count if the balloon bursts any earlier than commanded.


I waited for what seems like a lifetime for Mak to fetch me. While waiting, my sister and little niece were in the bridal suite keeping me accompanied as well as keeping me updated with what’s happening down stairs.

And, that’s me!

jm_20130525_a0478 jm_20130525_a0527 jm_20130525_a0480

Finally, after all the sweat, Mak and his brothers made it to the room but that’s not it. More games, more laughter and more ang pows for the girls before entering my room.

jm_20130525_a0523 jm_20130525_a0517 jm_20130525_a0519

Patiently waiting behind the door, I was trying to listen to what’s happening outside — including his “Promises To Me On Our Wedding Day“.


jm_20130525_a0526 jm_20130525_a0524 jm_20130525_a0533 jm_20130525_a0559 jm_20130525_a0520

And finally, mission completed.

jm_20130525_a0571 jm_20130525_a0573 jm_20130525_a0575 jm_20130525_a0579 jm_20130525_a0581

If you are wondering what’s up with the banana — that’s because Mak placed a banana inside one of the ang pows for my sisters, how cheeky.

jm_20130525_a0612 jm_20130525_a0631

I have always imagined all our bridesmaids and groomsmen wearing something similar; dresses, in either a similar style or material, shirts and pants in the exact fit and style. These dresses from Lavender Dress Shop by Susan Li made my dreams come true.

These dresses are superb in quality and cutting, each made to measure and consists of four styles — strapless, with strap, V-neck and one with sleeves to suit each and every one of my sisters’ taste, including my little niece.

All the ladies love their dresses and compliments on how good the make is and how flattering the cutting is — I absolutely agree with them. I also love this red dress she made which I wore to Audi Fashion Festival earlier this year, love the neck line.

Susan offers immaculate customer services, she is incredibly patient and detail, kind and accommodating.

Besides my bridesmaids dresses, Susan also made matching bow ties for the brothers. And, my gown is from her shop too. I love the simplicity of my day gown — slightly vintage, mermaid cut with low back, French lace details mixed with Thai silk completed with a beautiful train.

jm_20130525_a0606 jm_20130525_a0633 jm_20130525_a0646 jm_20130525_a0673

To my best friend and “oldest” friend who caught the bouquet of flowers I threw that morning — congratulations on your recent engagement and all the best in planning your very own wedding happening next year. I love you and am so happy for you.


After the entire “Fetching Me” event, both Mak and I were so tired already.

Our photographer, Hong from The Phötoz managed to capture some lovely group shoots and some of just Mak and myself.

Hong is probably one of the friendliest photographer I have met. He is very energetic (which is such a blessing, he moves crowd and handles them well) and very quick in capturing moments (which is another blessing).

He is able to make you relax and smile to the camera naturally, he jokes a lot too but I think he’s quite amazed with the way I communicate with my girlfriends — I may not have behaved as elegant as I should have but it’s alright, I have so much fun being myself so long I look decent in the photos, no?

jm_20130525_a0783 jm_20130525_a0798 jm_20130525_a0872

Love the following shot and I can’t wait to share more pictures and details of the wedding with you — sorry to have taken so long, there were just too many to narrow down. I have not even uploaded them on Facebook, you guys are the first to see them!


Thank you for looking.



Shangri-La Hotel (Kuala Lumpur)

Lavender Dress Shop (Singapore)

Jimmy Choo (Singapore)

Lavender Dress Shop (Singapore)

Jamie Chu from Hairesources Hairdressing Salon (Kuala Lumpur)

Kim’s Nails (Singapore)

Hong from The Phötoz (Kuala Lumpur)

Design Vault (Kuala Lumpur)

20 thoughts on “Our Wedding Notes: Fetching Me

  1. Looks like a super fun wedding, congratulations! I hope married life has treated you well so far. P.S. Love the wedding makeup, any tuto in the future?

      • Hi Joey,

        Thanks for the reply. I am a big fan of your blog. No, Sydney is getting warmer now! Would love to know what you used for your wedding! x

        • Hello Rena,
          Thank you so so so much for your support!!

          Below are some of the main products I used for this wedding look;-
          – Shu Uemura POREraser UV Under Base Mousse
          – RMK Liquid Foundation
          – RMK Pressed Powder N (P) in 02
          – Chanel Rives and Spices (mix)
          – Chanel Rose Pétale
          – MUFE Sculpting Kit (to contour)
          – Givenchy Delicate Rose
          – CDP Luminizing Face Enhancer 12 (to highlight)

          Hope the information helped =)

  2. I absolutely love the photography, u chose the right photographer!
    The white gown, hair and make up are so gorgeous too.

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