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Lancôme Blush Rose Désir Illuminating Smooth Powder

Lancôme Blush Rose Désir Illuminating Smooth Powder (1)

Almost every season, Lancôme creates an iconic face “palette” — be it a highlighter, a blush or anything in between. This Fall, the brand has done it once again with this beautifully pigmented Blush Rose Désir Illuminating Smooth Powder.

This limited edition piece retails at S$70 for 9g of product, made in France.

Lancôme Blush Rose Désir Illuminating Smooth Powder (2)

“This season, Lancôme draws inspiration from iconic « effortless made-in-Paris chic ».

A unique sense of elegance nestling within a secret: luxury teamed with creativity, bold twists on classics and new arrivals alongside the art of rewriting codes with a touch of wit. Following in Parisian steps, take an inspiring walk with Lancôme from the roses in Parc Monceau to the lights of the Eiffel Tower.

The essence of their inimitable style is captured in a sumptuous collection with a fresh take on Paris’ best-known beauty symbol: red lips, skilfully sculpted in vibrant colour, accompanied by the perfect manicure… Effortless…”


Lancôme Blush Rose Désir Illuminating Smooth Powder (3) Lancôme Blush Rose Désir Illuminating Smooth Powder (4)

Lancôme has created Blush Rose Désir, a precious powder with an all-new design reminiscent of a postcard from Paris, complete with the Eiffel Tour, roses and lipstick kisses.

With two light-infused, orange and pink toned shades, this blusher for all complexions has been specially crafted to enhance the lipstick and bring out its radiance. Orange, the tinted shade is used to sculpt the cheeks, while the pink-tinted shade can be smoothed on to warm the top of the cheekbones.

The black case of Blush Rose Désir is embossed in gold, matching the L’Absolu Rouge design and part of Lancôme’s charming tribute to Paris this season.

Lancôme Blush Rose Désir Illuminating Smooth Powder [SWATCH] (1) Lancôme Blush Rose Désir Illuminating Smooth Powder [SWATCH] (2)

The gold shimmer you see on the blush is an over-spray which disappears after 3-4 uses. I am glad it does because what’s underneath the golden shimmer is dazzling.

Both shades contain micro-shimmers which helps illuminate the skin without over doing it. Texture of both shades is delicate and smooth. The powder is very finely milled and very pigmented.

A little goes a long way — perhaps a gentle tap is sufficient for one side of the face.

Lancôme Blush Rose Désir Illuminating Smooth Powder

This is my new favourite sculpting blush. I simply swirl my brush to pick up both colours and apply to the highest point on my cheeks, blend downwards and pop some extra pink onto the apples of my cheeks for that indefinite glow.

Apart from the powdery formula kicking up a messy storm, I think this product is worth a look. Not only does it look pretty but it functions well at the same time.

The balance of orange and pink found in this blush also makes it a versatile piece — for all skin tones, all ages and this hue will fit well into most daily makeup looks; I can pair a nude, pink or coral lip with it.

Thank you for looking.

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      • Thank you Joey I will check with a Lancôme sa btw I just discovered your blog I absolutely love it I recently started blogging hope to get as good as you one day 🙂

        • Awww, you are too kind with your comments!!
          Thank you so much!!
          Just keep going and do what your heart tells you to, enjoy taking each picture and writing each post — it’s the process of blogging and interacting with the readers that keeps me going =)

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