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Our Wedding Notes: Dinner, Entertainment & All The Little Things

Our Wedding Notes

As soon as we were done with our Tea Ceremony and photo taking, we went up to our suite, had a 15 minutes rest and got changed for our Wedding Dinner.

We had an “Old Shanghai” themed wedding dinner and most of our guests were dressed in gorgeous cheong sam looking stunning as ever. Having a theme actually helped us plan our outfits, songs, menu, decorations and entertainment.

Like I mentioned previously about picking a theme, it can be as elaborate or as simple like having a colour story so you can work around the scheme.



Our guests wrote their blessings on post cards and “sent” them off into the post box.

We decorated our Photo Booth based on an old street in Shanghai; concrete wall with huge colour poster, red lanterns, vintage bicycle and vintage wooden case. We also brought along several props for the guests to have fun — hats, colourful feather scarves and wooden stools.



Flower arrangements and table decorations done by our wedding planners Ita and Nadia from Design Vault. Absolutely amazing and I love the idea of having each table named after a famous street in Shanghai rather than being numbered.

Many thanks to our planners for handling our wedding. It was a huge success and we are very thankful of your services — communicating through emails and phone calls ain’t easy but am glad we did it.

jm_20130525_a1702 jm_20130525_a1563 jm_20130525_a1567

On this night, we also had a three-piece band consists of a female lead singer, keyboardist and a saxophonist.

Huge thanks to Ee Jeng & Band for making our guests go wild. They are super amazing and Cookie, our female lead singer has the best voice ever — we were mesmerized. When she started singing the first song, some of our guests though it was a CD playing.

We were impressed — she sang beautifully in Mandarin, Cantonese as well as English.


For our first march in, I opted for a fully laced piece by Lai Chan.

I love this A-line gown completed with jade details. The train for this gown is much shorter than my day gown, makes walking easier and is more suitable for dinner.

I also love the laced flower detailing on my left shoulder.



Our second march in is definitely more laid back and casual.

I changed into another Lai Chan piece — which is 3/4 in length, with sleeves. Mak took his coat and tie off, loosen up the buttons and folded up his sleeves.

Special thanks to Dr Georgia Lee for introducing me to Lai Chan, I had the honor of meeting the man himself at his boutique. My sister and I also enjoyed the services and warm hospitality of Eddie Goh, who is helpful and kind with his expertise.


You may not believe this but I was in a mess when it came to my “Thank You Speech“. Mak had his go first and made almost everyone in tears already (including me that is) and when it’s my turn, I couldn’t talk at all.

I missed out so many people whom I want to thank when I did a mental note. So, lesson learnt for brides-to-be/grooms-to-be, prepare a physical note in hand — just in case.

To those whom I have missed out thanking — you know who you are and I am very thankful of your existence in my life. Each of you has shaped me into the person I am today (be it good or bad) and I truly appreciate everything you have done for me.

And to the man I call husband now — I didn’t get to thank you on 25th May 2013 but in my heart, I thank God every day for letting us meet and I thank You for loving who I am. Thank You for loving my good, my bad and my everything.

jm_20130525_a1724 jm_20130525_a1726 jm_20130525_a1738 jm_20130525_a1743 jm_20130525_a1765

Besides having Ee Jeng & Band perform that night, we also had two very special performances by our guests.

Jessica, my ring leader sang “The Wedding” unplugged — thank you so much Jessica. And my uncle sang “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” — thank you so much uncle. Both of you have extremely powerful vocals and you guys sang so well.

jm_20130525_a1834 jm_20130525_a1840 jm_20130525_a1859 jm_20130525_a1636

After the amazing performances, it’s time for cake cutting and some champagne pouring.



We hosted our wedding to a very intimate crowd, mainly family members with a few close friends. We have never envisioned a huge one with hundreds of people because we appreciate spending time bonding with each and every guest who came.

jm_20130525_a1863 jm_20130525_a2152 jm_20130525_a2140

It was a wonderful celebration — words can’t describe how much love this night is filled with.

And that’s me throwing a bouquet of flowers again. To the loving couple who are due to wed next year, congratulations in advance and looking forward to attending your big day.

jm_20130525_a2223 jm_20130525_a2236

Some photos from the Photo Booth.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

And a kiss which sealed the deal.


Thank you for looking.



Shangri-La Hotel (Kuala Lumpur)

Lai Chan (Singapore)

Oxford Tailor (Singapore)

Jamie Chu from Hairesources Hairdressing Salon (Kuala Lumpur)

Kim’s Nails (Singapore)

Ee Jeng & Band (Kuala Lumpur)

Hong from The Phötoz (Kuala Lumpur)

Design Vault (Kuala Lumpur)

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    • Hello Espenine,

      Happy New Year!!
      Sorry I took so long to reply, here are some of the songs played at our wedding — our band improvised and added a few others which are not listed.


      We have also added a few of our favourite English songs that night.
      Hope I helped =)

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