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Introducing NEW Dior Addict Eau de Toilette

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The House of Dior has always known how to dream. To dream of women and their beauty, their pleasure and their freedom. In 1946, Christian Dior became the “Master of Wonder” on the Avenue Montaigne. He was a magician, re-enchanting the lives of women who had gone through the dark years of war. It was this breath of life and this creative drive that established the Dior identity. Today, this vital power is still intact. A desire for joy, youth and audacity.

Dior owes its enchanting creations to essential transformations. To Perfume revelations and Couture revolutions that borrowed from surrealism and imposed their contemporary poetry. Surprise is everywhere at Dior, portrayed in pioneering images. Dior Addict is a perfume line that carries this heritage. The realm of a new style of addiction, positive and vital.

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Today Dior’s Perfume Creator François Demachy has imagined a new Eau de Toilette with an instant, multi-facetted attraction. A fragrance designed to please. It lures you with its originality and imposes a potent nobility. Resolutely feminine, it is a composition that dares to take on an unexpected woody charm thanks to notes of Sandalwood, infinitely precious and utterly sensual. To translate it, Dior Addict is launching a visual revolution. In the imposing décor of a château, icons of the New York underground scene encounter the Dior dream. Director Harmony Korine and photographer Ryan McGinley come together for Dior Addict. Two modern poets reinterpret the eternal luxury of Avenue Montaigne.

Giving them Dior Addict Eau de Toilette is a strong statement. A desire to call on their  creativity, their vision of youth. To let them venture naturally into the world of a unique fragrance, surprisingly fresh and vivacious, impetuous and alive. To leave them free to invent the story of Dior femininity in the making.

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A trip into a Dior Addict wonderland. More than a perfume, it is a passageway. Better than a fragrance, it is a sensorial frenzy, a thrilling addiction. A fragrance that opens the door to a transfigured, heightened, exciting world. The enchanted alchemy of a mind-blowing universe. Addict is my Dior.

In the dreamlike décor of a sumptuous castle, a carousel sets the scene. Explosive images plunge into a hallucinatory dream. Then a burst of colour, an initiation into freedom. Her journey invites her to leap through the looking-glass. A graceful adventurer, she is at the heart of a game that leads to her new identity. A world that brings together dream and reality. A surreal, poetic, unbridled escape.

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Queen of her kingdom, she twirls, dressed in floral brocade. A Couture beauty, shoulders bare, regal and slender. Mischievous in one look, provocative the next, she ventures onwards into the twists and turns of a sensational dream.

This is an irresistible adventure that makes light of time and oblivion, reality and dreams. Folly has its virtues when it lets us see the world on our scale. Dior Addict, an initiation into sensations. Dior Addict, a key to your  own enchanted world.

“Dior Addict Eau de Toilette is an instant, immediate statement. It is full without being opulent and charming without being overly demonstrative”

François Demachy

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“Misleadingly sweet, Sandalwood Essence adds a full and milky woody note that is warm and almost ‘organic’. It is an addictive note that makes our ‘animality’ see reason.”

François Demachy

Clearly present yet with an unostentatious trail, the Sandalwood Essence in Dior Addict Eau de Toilette sends out an irresistible call. Its unusual woody facet gives off a particular aura, capable of enslaving the senses like the sweetest of addictions.

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The bottle has become nobler, affirming its sophisticated identity. Its iconic silhouette is elegant, with evident couture charm. This luminous bottle is vibrant, calling out for an energetic spritz. More graphic than before, it is displayed as a lucky charm and a beautiful object. Light and transparent, it is the modern showcase for a gleaming golden scent. Its elegant lines are energetic, attractive and addictive.


A fresh and sophisticated floral-fruity – woody fragrance
Sicilian Mandarin blends with Jasmine Sambuc and Tunisian Neroli against a base note of evocative, woody Essence of Sandalwood and Vanilla.


A light and sparkling floral scent
Calabrian Bergamot, Freesia and Lily of the Valley form a joyful floral cocktail against a base note of enveloping white musk.


A vibrant and sensual oriental floral perfume
When Orange Blossom meets sensual Jasmine Sambuc Absolute against a base note of Bourbon Vanilla.

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They have captured the image of a liberated and sexy Dior Addict heroine. Two commanding, visionary artists. The filmmaker Harmony Korine and the photographer Ryan McGinley have captured the beauty of her youth, her smiles and her adventures. A daydream in a fantastical garden, a dazzling fantasy that steps beyond the limits of perception.

Harmony Korine and Ryan McGinley, who have worked closely for many years, fashioned their style on the streets of New York. With Dan Colen and the late Dash Snow, their youthful and provocative genius made them an overnight sensation with their precocious and provocative genius. They have created a new way of looking at youth and capturing its unrestrained sensuality.

They are all-American, but much more… Steeped in urban culture, their references are erudite and their art is universal. These turbulent descendants of John Cassavetes and Nan Goldin, Richard Avedon and Larry Clark, have chosen to scrutinise their loved ones with cheekiness and affection. Genuine bad boys, they lay claim to a totally free lifestyle, untrammelled by convention.

These eternal teenage skateboarders live on the fringes of society, free from constraint, seeking a strange type of grace. Their images are generational and always musical – a visionary rap style. Today they are leading artists who have relinquished none of their originality. They were classified as “trash” and have have now become poets, for each has created a world to match his taste.

They have both, in their own way, turned Dior Addict into a playground and the stirrings of a dream. Addictive, sensual and haunting.

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A young genius, Harmony Korine gained recognition at the age of 22, when he wrote the script to Larry Clark’s Kids (1995). This cult film launched the career of the movie-mad skater boy from Washington Square, who has since followed an atypical and strongly independent route. Citing highbrow influences (such as Werner Herzog, John Cassavetes and Jean-Luc Godard), this oft-considered enfant terrible of the American independent film industry has continued to tread a fiercely personal path, blending art and rap, skateboarding and classical references, as well as photography and books.

Gummo (1997) and Julien Donkey-Boy (1999) were written, produced and filmed on the fringes of the system, describing borderline characters. Manifestoes for a unique type of poetry in the face of a surreal, trash America, these otherworldly works have taken on iconic status for an entire generation.

Harmony Korine has been widely acclaimed for his latest opus, Springbreakers (2013), in which he impresses audiences with his mastery of film and the unclassifiable beauty of this hallucinatory ballad. Its images are as strong and mind-blowing as «hard drugs,» violently poetic and totally fascinating. These addictive images suffused with a pop veneer resurface for the world of Dior Addict, in an explosive, sexy and haunting film.

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“What matters most to me is that my models are comfortable with their bodies. I see the Dior woman as a strong, free woman. That’s what I wanted to capture with Dior Addict.”

Ryan McGinley

A contemporary photography phenomenon, at the age of only 36 Ryan McGinley is today considered a veritable prodigy. The youngest artist ever to have a solo exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art in 2003, he has since enjoyed a dazzling career. This “child of Warhol,” as New York Magazine nicknamed him, was even awarded the ICP Young Photographer Infinity Award, the finishing touch that cemented his reputation. Today his photos are everywhere, from Korea to Paris, where his work is currently kicking up a storm at the Galerie Perrotin. His unfailing youthfulness and tall, distinguished elegance have seen him propelled onto magazine pages. A star is born…

His photos, which are almost always nudes, celebrate the grace of smiling youth and a complex- free relationship to the body. Whether in his studio or on a road trip through the magnificent wild landscapes of America, Ryan McGinley reveals spontaneous and hedonistic sensuality and the casual insolence of a carefree generation whom he observes with kindness, for they resemble him.

Inspired by major influences in the same way as his friend, Harmony Korine, he says he admires the beautiful images of filmmaker Terence Malik and American photographer Bérénice Abbott. For Dior, he has captured the radiant sensuality of the new Dior Addict heroine, the fiendishly sexy Sasha Luss, whom he chose to lay bare in mischievous and sophisticated fashion. The young woman is portrayed in the dream décor of an unconstrained reality.

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Dior Addict Eau de Toilette will be available at all Dior counters from 1 June 2014.

Dior Addict Eau de Toilette comes in two sizes, 50ml and 100ml and will retail at S$122 and S$178 respectively.

Thank you for reading.

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