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A Day At Camp Tamok With Lyngsfjord Adventure In Tromsø


Our last day in Norway and today we are booked for some serious adventure at Camp Tamok.

Camp Tamok is located in the Northern Lights heartland and they offer activities departing from the city of Tromsø both day and evening. For the more adventurous and energetic individuals, you can opt for their full day activities program or stay over at their camp for a night or so.

The wilderness centre of Camp Tamok is situated in Norwegian Lapland where you can enjoy modern comforts of the Arctic capital of Tromsø and at the same time, experience the thrill from activities in the surrounding wilderness.


From our pick-up point outside Rica Ishavshotel (the hotel we are staying at), Camp Tamok is approximately 1hr 20mins away and from our coach, all we see is snow, snow and snow.

Once we arrived, we were immediately greeted by the Sami people.

We moved onto the changing room where we put on another layer of clothing (insulated body suit) provided by them. We also changed into boots and grabbed a pair of gloves.

Our dog sledding adventure this morning starts with meeting a bunch of barking huskies about 5 minutes away by car from the changing room. Our very friendly guide gave us a crash course on how to drive the sled.


Mak drove through the 15km of white landscape, through the beautiful Vass Valley. The area is totally uninhabited with mountains and forests — absolutely breathtaking.


Half way through, there is an opportunity to switch places but I remained the passenger because I don’t think I have the energy to sled. I enjoyed the entire journey, no doubt, seating on the sled taking photos while the man works hard, it feels so good.

Weather was good but very, very cold — I could hardly feel my fingers. There was ice on eyelashes and Mak’s beard; and our noses were wet with ice inside!! What an experience.

Our guide is super friendly and caring knowing we are from a hotter country and probably aren’t used to the cold, she placed us in front so she could keep an eye on us. She even offered her pair of boots to my sis because her feet was too cold. And she offered me her mittens and heat packs. Too sweet.


At the end of our trail, we returned to Camp Tamok for a hot meal in a lavvu (Sami herdsmen’s tent). It’s nice and warm inside. Mak, a very tired husband and me, smiling and all because I am a very happy wife. The food was really good too.

A Day At Camp Tamok (30)

Before we head back to Tromsø, we had 15 minutes or so to go out and play with the snow once more. Snow angels checked.


Thank you Lyngsfjord Adventure for providing such a pleasant adventure. If we were to visit again, I will definitely consider staying overnight so we can complete our Arctic experiences.

Did I mention that their Aurora Chalet features windows placed in the direction of the Northern Lights? That means you enjoy the dancing lights from your bed! How awesome is that?

Thank you for looking.

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