Joey’space “Let’s Celebrate” Giveaway [CLOSED]

Joey’space “Let’s Celebrate” Giveaway [CLOSED]

First things first, THANK YOU. Thank you all for your support and encouragements throughout my entire blogging journey – I am tremendously grateful and couldn’t ask for more. Have been a very long time since my last giveaway and I have been finding the right moment – and what’s better than the month of May? … Continue reading

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Look In Splendid Frost

A simple look featuring Le Métier de Beauté Holiday Kaleidoscope in Splendid Frost (more swatches can be found here). This eye kit consists of quite an interesting combination – taupe, grey, pink and blue, let’s say I don’t think I will use these colours together individually. Do you layer your eyeshadows? Nail colour from Rescue Beauty Lounge – … Continue reading

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Laura Mercier Rose Rendevous Face Illuminator

Haven’t been getting any thing from Laura Mercier (except their amazing range of makeup brushes) in a long, long time until this came along in their Moonlight Makeup Collection For Holiday 2011. The Laura Mercier Rose Rendevous Face Illuminator that is, apparently sold out everywhere. The Rose Rendevous Face Illuminator is a face illuminator with a soft rose-gold shimmer which … Continue reading