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Clé de Peau Beauté Silky Cream Foundation

Clé de Peau Beauté Silky Cream Foundation is the newest addition to their existing range of base products. Retailing at S$180 for 25ml of product, made in Japan.

I have been playing with this foundation for several months and I am really loving it. In this post, I will share my thoughts about this foundation, application tips, how I wear it and a little comparison with two other foundations from Clé de Peau BEAUTÉ that I own. I hope you enjoy the following review.

An exquisitely rich cream foundation that combines unprecedented moisturizing benefits with light-diffusing technology to create a silky smooth and dramatically luminous finish.

Launched towards end of last year, it’s a foundation that offers a lustrous coverage that gives a smooth and sheer inner glow. This foundation also features an exquisite radiance by diffusing soft light using its new Diffuse Reflection Ultrafine Powder. The new double moisturizing technology offers intense and deep hydration with a unique gel network that breaks down and smoothes evenly over skin.

The beauty of a woman knows no age or time. Each day.. each cell.. a new beginning. Individual skin cells, like brain cell, possess the power to “think”. Surrounding influences, positive and negative, define the future. Through understanding of Neuro-Skin Theory, Clé de Peau Beauté was born. Luxurious formulations that offer skin all it needs to be its best. Beaming with vitality, intuitively brilliant, cell by cell. Clé de Peau Beauté Raidnace Dawns with Every Tomorrow.

Clé de Peau BEAUTÉ

The Silky Cream Foundation has a very discreet floral scent and it smells slightly different to their Refining Fluid Foundation and Cream Foundation. The texture of this foundation is soft, silky (like the name suggests), smooth and creamy. The consistency of it is firm and has a certain hold, similar to Chanel Vitalumiére Aqua and Estée Lauder Double Wear Light is slightly thinner.

Both the texture and consistency of the Silky Cream Foundation is very similar to its elder sister from the same family, the Cream Foundation which has also been re-packaged. The Cream Foundation now comes in a fuss-free tube just like the Silky Cream Foundation – light, handy and sturdy. Used to come in a twist-up bottle which is messy. The tube packaging also features a slightly narrower tip which allows you to gain control of the amount of product dispensed. I find it extremely helpful because for both cream foundations, you really only need a tiny amount for the entire face.

I have put together a simple comparison chart below for easier reference.

The Cream Foundation is harder to work with as it dries a little faster than the other two. I usually apply in sections. It provides full coverage and lasts throughout the day with a semi-matte finish. Great for oily and combination skin types in my opinion as I feel that this foundation offers the best oil-control.

The Refining Fluid Foundation is more watery, think along Diorskin Nude and Lancôme Teint Miracle. It is infused with micro-shimmers which creates a very luminous finish. If you have extremely oily skin and dislike shine on your face, the chances of you liking this foundation is quite slim. Because of the light and fluid texture, this foundation is easy to apply. And due to the nature of this foundation being lightweight, it offers very minimal coverage. Works better on those with good skin or those who doesn’t require much coverage.

The Silky Cream Foundation is like filling the gap between the other two. The texture is perfect to work with, you can use your fingers, a sponge or a brush to achieve an even finish. The coverage is medium but adjustable and buildable. Very easy to blend and feels extremely smooth on the skin.

I tested the Silky Cream Foundation on several occasions in the past couple of months (I also did a few looks with this foundation for this blog) and I managed to document them in the following sets of pictures.

Pictures above show how the foundation look right after I have finished my makeup, before heading out. I usually set this foundation with their Translucent Loose Powder which offers very little extra coverage but helps to mattify the foundation. This loose powder is ultra light and very finely milled. This pairings gave me a very natural, healthy glowing sheen.

And the pictures before show how the foundation looks after 7.5 hours of zero blotting and zero touch-ups. Most of the foundation is still intact but shine is peeping through on my T-zone and cheeks.

First impressions I am very impressed with the texture and how smooth it feels on the skin. It is very easy to apply and blend. And the fact that it costs S$180, a little goes a long, long way. This foundation is able to take away the redness on my face and conceal certain spots instantly, leaving my skin tone looking even.

After 3 days No break outs occurred.

After 2 weeks Formula didn’t break me out or irritate my skin.

In the morning, due to time constraint, I apply this foundation with fingers. When I have more time to get dressed, I like to apply this foundation with brush and Shu Uemura 18 does a great job. The set of application pictures above shows how I usually apply this foundation.

My skin has been quite sensitive recently which explains the redness. Because this foundation has a dewy finish, I like to pair it with Shu Uemura UV Under Base Mousse or Make Up For Ever HD Primer for oil-control on my T-zone. If you need more oil-control, you can opt for a mattifying base or loose powder to set.

In the following set of pictures, on the left is the finished look with rest of the makeup. On the right is taken during mid-day while driving under natural sunlight.

The Overview

As we all know, Clé de Peau BEAUTÉ is a luxury skincare and makeup brand and this Silky Cream Foundation is a form of lavish investment. I had very dry, flaky skin for a couple of weeks last year and this foundation helped moisturized my skin. It didn’t enhance the dry patches on my face – around my forehead, my mouth and chin.

It has a dewy finish which might not be to your liking. It also has great coverage for my skin with a very light texture – almost feels like not wearing any makeup. However, if you have combination skin like I do, you would have to pair this foundation with an oil-control or mattifying base. I also like that this foundation does a good job at smoothing out my pores and imperfections.

This foundation is listed as one of my favourites in 2011 here.

I would recommend this product to

I think those who have dry or very dry skin will appreciate this foundation like no other because it is rich, smooth and extra moisturizing. It has a beautiful and flawless finish for a natural, glowing and radiant complexion. However, if you have very oily skin, this might not be for you.

Thank you for reading.

27 thoughts on “Clé de Peau Beauté Silky Cream Foundation

  1. S $180 is a lot of bucks for a merely 25 mls of foundation; You look great in the pics, I am tempted but will definitely have to try it out myself for a few days before i splurge.

    • Hi David,
      How have you been?
      Yes, it’s very expensive!! I think CdP, Sisley, La Mer and La Prairie have the most expensive foundations in town – great for those who uses them regularly because of all the science, technology and skincare benefits.
      For me, because I switch foundations so often, it’s really quite difficult to explore their full potential!!

  2. This is a great review! I like how this wears and it has pretty good coverage too! Definitely listing this down in my must-try list when I’m looking for a very indulgent splurge 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for the review! I tried sample of both cream and silk cream foundation and since I have combo, I find extremely hard to find the right one. Cream seems dry and too flat, and silk cream foundation feels sticky when I put it on in the morning. do you have dry skin? does it feel sticky to you when you first put it on? do you still like it?
    Thank you!! 🙂

    • Hi Kate,
      I have combination skin too..
      The Silky Cream Foundation feels more luscious but not sticky on me..
      May I suggest applying a more hydrating primer prior to applying the Cream Foundation if you find it drying?
      As for the Silky Cream Foundation, perhaps you can apply a mattifying primer first or use a piece of tissue to gently blog/press on your face after applying it?

      • Thank you so much for your reply!! 🙂 why do you like silky cream foundation more than the cream foundation? do you use mattifying primer? which one? 🙂 thanks!!!

        • Hi Kate,
          I find the Silky Cream more workable so I wear it more often and I guess I like it more =)
          I don’t use a mattifying primer but I make sure I don’t use a hydrating one too..
          You can also try using a mattifying loose powder to set this foundation..
          I hope it works for you!!

          • Thanks Joey! have you tried their new highlighting powder? “Luminizing Face Enhancer”?
            do you recommend anything else from their line? 🙂 i’d love to try! thanks 🙂

    • I just ran out of my cream foundation from CDP that I have used forever and wanted to buy another one until I saw there were 2 different kinds. Because I didn’t know the difference between the 2 I had to research what the difference are between the SiIk and Cream foundation. This review definitely clarified it and I have the same issue as some of you the cream was too flat and hard to manage but I discovered Syllys Silk & Satin Lipids to mix with in my CDP foundation and not only did my CDP lasted much longer but I was able to customize the consistency/coverage of my CDP cream foundation to my liking and depending on the environment. I travel alot from dry places to humidity so my skin easily reacts by becoming dryer or oilier. I was almost tempted to buy the silk foundation but thanks to this review I will continue with what I have been doing in the past. xx

  4. Hi Joey! I just want to say THANK YOU for your detailed review on CLe De Peau Foundations! I was very indecisive in terms of which formula to get, and you helped out tremendously! XO 🙂

  5. Hi Joey,
    I have just moved from Australia to HK and am so glad the cosmetics are so much cheaper in hk. I have recently discovered Cle de peau’s concealer and was recommended by the SA to try their foundation. I got the silk cream foundation in O 20. Hope its better than my current GA Designer Lift as it oxidises on me 😦 Your blog is awesome !!!

    • Hi Vanessa,
      Oh wow, HK is awesome!! The shopping is madness and I love HK =)
      Yes, cosmetics in Australia have one of the most ridiculous price tag..
      CdP concealer is really good and I like their foundations too, I guess Silk Cream Foundation has more coverage than GA Designer Lift huh?
      Thank you for your support and kind comment!!

  6. Hi! I did searches on three completely unrelated products in the past day or two and your blog popped up all three times. Really great posts 🙂
    Kind of random but do you remember what lipstick you were wearing in the first couple of pictures?

    • Hi Angela,
      Wow, I must thank the search machines for bringing you here =)
      Thank you so much for commenting!!
      I can’t remember exactly but I believe it’s EDWARD BESS Eternal Passion..

  7. You look flawless! Been wanting to get it after I tried their stuff at their counter. But it’s over my budget and for a student, this is too expensive! I got Chanel and guerlain foundations instead and have been using them for quite sometime but can’t really get over these! CDP foundations look like second skin. Thanks for the chart comparing all 3 foundations in terms of longetiviy, texture etc. Really helpful!

    What lip colours are you using (1) the one in the olive green top and (2) the one where you’re in the car? They both look good on you! Thanks!

  8. Hi Joey, first of all, thank you for your review on these products. It is very detailed, informative and helpful. Thank you 🙂 I used a sample of silky cream foundation about 2 years ago and it was a great coverage. I did like it but at the same time I thought it might be too much of coverage for my age..I was 27 but now I think the coverage is suitable for my skin. With your review I’m most likely going to choose this.

    • Hi Rachel,
      Thank you so much for your kind comments!!
      I hope I helped..
      In my opinion, coverage doesn’t have to go up with age.. I wear a lighter base now compared to when I was in my teens and I think a natural base goes a long way =)
      CDP makes foundations suitable for all age group, you just have to find the right formulate!!
      Good luck xx

  9. Hi Joey,
    I am debating between the CDP silky cream foundation and the brightening powder foundation, do you still prefer the powder foundation over the silky cream foundation? I am kinda worry about the powder foundation being too dry for harsh cold winter months where I live. Thanks

  10. Hi Joey,
    Your blog is really helped me to determine which one should I pick even it’s been a long long time ago… Hopefully it’s not awkward that I still leave comments here…

    I noticed that you picked O30 on both cream foundation & fluid foundation but O20 on the silk cream foundation, is there any reason why? Bcus I went to CPB counter and they told me that I should get the O30 for whichever of the foundation that I am going to get and the Almond color for the concealer to pair with O30, I just want to make sure I will be getting the right color, so the O20 is whiter than O30?

    Also, I have very oily skin type, but I don’t like full coverage, I was thinking to get the fluid foundation or the silk cream one since it’s the lightest/light to medium coverage but after reading your blog, it seems like both of them are not good for oily skin… Is there anything from CPB with light/light to medium coverage but good for oily skin? And won’t make you shining very quick?

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