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NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush #27

NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush #27 (1)

My first brush review goes to this amazing Yachiyo Kabuki Brush #27 by NARS.

Inspired by traditional Japanese beauty rituals Kabuki Theater, the NARS Kabuki Artisan Brushes meld heritage with modernity, in both concept and function. The multi-functional design of the Kabuki Yachiyo Brush, with its tapered dome head, makes it excellent for defining cheekbones, highlighting the complexion, and blending and diffusing color on or around the eye area.

  • Made with very soft Pen Super Goat hairs, which are ideal for blending pigments
  • The hand-spun black wisteria handle preserves its unique traditional character

Above descriptions extracted from NARS website.

“The Yachiyo Brush is one of my favorite tools. The shape of the brush and the density of the hair picks up and deposits the right amount of color every time. It’s the perfect brush for contouring, highlighting, and sculpting the face.”

James Boehmer
Director of Global Artistry

NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush #27 (2) NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush #27 (3)

The Yachiyo Kabuki Brush measures approximately 16.5cm from tip of the brush to end of the handle – similar in length to some of my favourite blush brushes like; Laura Mercier Cheek Colour, Shu Uemura 20, Louise Young Super Blusher LY06, NARS 6 and Lancôme 6 – with some being a little longer by 0.5cm.

I find this length of blush brush works best for myself as it’s just nice – not too long like Bobbi Brown Blush Brush and MAC 129 which often gets in the way (knocking on mirror when I move too close). I don’t mind using shorter brushes like those found in a travel set though.

Throughout the years, I have accumulated quite a few blush brushes which I am very happy with. Each gives a different touch and is used on different occasions.

NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush #27 (4)NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush #27 (5)

The bristles of both Louise Young Super Blusher LY06 and Lancôme 6 are more plush and full. With a fuller blush brush, you get a fuller and more even colour distribution across a bigger area. With brushes like such, I use it when I want to achieve a more feminine and fresh look; on the apples of my cheeks.

Flatter blush brush like the Yachiyo Kabuki Brush, I use it to create sharper, more defined and contoured cheeks along the cheek bones. Particularly with this brush, I am able to apply blush precisely because of its tapered dome head. I can use it to sculpt, blush and highlight – all with one brush.

NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush #27 (6)

This Yachiyo Kabuki Brush is my first brush with hand-spun black wisteria handle – initially, I was quite afraid to wash it, wonder if the thread is going to come off – have been using it for a few months now, everything still seems to be in perfect condition.

I experience no shedding during first wash and no discolouration occurred either.

Unlike brushes with wooden handles, the Yachiyo Kabuki Brush needs a little more attention while traveling as it can easily be bended. I am not sure if it will break and I am not trying that.

While I was practicing my makeup artistry, my senior once told me that a good brush picks up product easily, does not “eat” up the product, does not “scratch” the skin and transfers to where you want to apply with minimum fall outs. And this brush fits the bill.

The soft Pen Super Goat hairs is gentle on the skin, even around the eye area.

I highly recommend this multi-tasker to everyone who wants to build up your existing brush collection. Or if you are someone who travels a lot, all you need is this brush and you will have every thing cheek covered. I personally find this brush worth investing in.

I believe the Yachiyo Kabuki Brush retails at S$75 in Singapore.

Thank you for looking.

38 thoughts on “NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush #27

  1. I have this lovely brush. It’s wonderful for blush or applying highlighter. If you love super soft brushes, please look at Hakuhodo. They have kabuki brushes that are softer than this, in white goat hair, in a couple different sizes and a pale wrapped handle. Also, their blue squirrel brushes are soooooooo soft! Chikuhodo makes fabulously soft brushes also. You can find these at a website called I love the Chikuhodo Series Z. I only have one now but will be ordering 4 more when they come back into stock in February. The time delay let’s me pay off my Christmas bills and save up for these.

    • Hi Mimi,
      Guess what? Hakuhodo will be coming to Singapore for a beauty event in Feb, I can’t wait to feel and “caress” their brushes!!
      I have a few of them and am loving them..
      Yet to try Chikuhodo but have heard so much about them..
      What are your picks from each brand?

      • My favorite brushes are the ones that are pure blue squirrel hair. I love softness as I have very sensitive skin. I only have one Chikuhodo. It is the MK-2 with cherry blossoms on the handle, sooooo pretty. We have Hakuhodo online here in the US but I got my Chikuhodo from A lady named Malin runs this business in Sweden. She’s really nice, good communication and good prices. I saw the same brush on our Ebay for over twice the amount I paid Malin. You better save your money cuz you are going to have a blast when Hakuhodo arrives! They have so many excellent brushes with all kinds of different handles. I am partial to the Kokutan handles but I have lots of others. You will have some decisions to make!

        • Thank you for the heads up, will definitely take a look at what Malin has to offer =)
          Prices on Ebay can be so crazy, I don’t shop on Ebay because it’s hard to trust.. And cos I am a noob too..
          I prefer purchasing from e-stores!!
          Yes, lots of decisions to make – I am looking forward to checking out their S100 series =)

  2. Hi Joey,
    Thanks so much for this review! I had wanted to purchase this too, but was afraid of the washing part as the handle seems to be very different from other brushes. Do u wash the whole brush? Does it takes more time for the whole brush to be dried?

    • Hi Anne,
      You are most welcome =)
      Oh no, I never wash my brushes in whole – this will loosen the glue, big no no..
      I wash the tip to about 3/4 of the bristle because that’s where all the product goes..
      Hope I helped xx

      • Thanks thanks!!! When I asked the nars lady about this, she told me I could just wash the whole brush.. I just felt uncomfortable about her “advice” as the handle part is so different from normal brushes! Thanks for your speedy reply, and yes I will be getting this too! Will note on your tips on the washing part! Haha

        • Huh? The BA really said that?
          I wouldn’t recommend washing the whole brush at all – if product doesn’t gets onto the handle, why wash it?
          Even for other brushes, I usually wipe the handles with a wet cloth when they get dirty accidentally or makeup wipes for stubborn stains like foundation or concealer (it also depends on the brush handle material – some are very easy to clean)..
          Have fun with this stellar performer, hope you like it too =)

  3. Hey Joey! Thanks for the review. Is the Hakuhodo event open to all? I am interested to get their Yachiyo Brush more than Nars. Also, do you comb your brushes after they are dry, like how Hakuhodo advice? I tried it once and got 2 hairs falling out. And feel kinda silly for listening to their advice!

  4. hi joey,
    i agree with you, when i first looked at my yachiyo i got worried by the handspun handle… so afraid it’s gonna unravel becos I have sweaty palms!

    is contouring a breeze with the yachiyo?
    i have just started to contour my face more often n i was gonna buy a mac or sigma f5 for contouring… should i try the yachiyo?

    • Hi Nais,
      Me too but it didn’t, so happy!!
      Contouring is easy with Yachiyo because of it’s dome tip..
      I haven’t tried Sigma before – comparing what I have, I think NARS Yachiyo is a better alternative to MAC..
      After using my MAC blush brush for about 1.5 years, I feel the hair gave up – a little rough now and scratches my skin..
      But then, I haven’t used Yachiyo for that long so..

  5. I bought this brush over a year ago – maybe 2 yrs? It looks brand new – I use it everyday and I ususally clean it w/MAC brush cleaner daily. Love this girl!

  6. i wanted this brush years ago, and when i finally bit the bullet to go buy it, they were sold out! the SA said the trish mcevoy blush brush was similar and so i bought that instead! i don’t think they are similar, but i do love the trish one. I guess i’ll be curious about this one forever! haha

  7. Hi Joey, if you are going to the Beauty Asia Fair, do check out the Hakuhodo yachiyos. Hakuhodo have them in 2 shapes, tapered and dome, and each shape in 3 sizes. I have the small tapered Hakuhodo yachiyo which is just as firm yet much softer than the Nars one.

    • Hi Hannah,
      Thank you so much for letting me know, I shall keep that in mind =)
      Hopefully I will not be too excited that day – but I think I will go crazy and “feel” all the brushes!!

  8. hi joey! may I know if the brush is scratchy? I check on MUA and a few other blogger’s reviews and it seems like there’s quite a few people commenting that it’s scratchy and not very soft for the price.

    thought would like to ask you what you think about it 🙂


  9. Hi there, I’m currently using the Body Shop blush brush for 2 years now, but would like to buy a new blush brush. The Body Shop blush brush is very soft on the skin, but I feel it’s rather flat and it doesn’t pick up much product whenever I use it.

    Which one is better – the Bobbi Brown blush brush or this Nars kabuki brush? Or would you recommend another brush altogether? Thanks!

    • Hi Simin,
      I would recommend getting NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush instead of the Bobbi Brown’s..

      A few of my other favourite includes;-
      – NARS #6
      – Laura Mercier Cheek Colour
      – Shu Uemura 20 Pony (have been using this for over 5 years and it’s still like new)

      Hope I helped =)
      Happy Sunday xx

  10. If I may insert myself here, the Yachiyo Brush is adorable and functions very well but it is not very soft, in fact, if it wasn’t so cute, I wouldn’t keep it. I am a fan of very soft brushes and therefore only use blue squirrel haired ones. Simin may want to check out a blog that specializes in only makeup brushes. It is called Sweet Makeup Temptations. The author has thousands of brushes and goes into very deep analysis of each brush on all points. I have learned a tremendous amount there and as a result, I own brushes I never would have heard of. She is currently out on safari in Japan going to the brush factories to learn even more.

    • Hi Mimi,
      Thank you for all the information.
      Yes, I agree with you >>> Sweet Makeup Temptations writes the most impressive and detail reviews on brushes!!
      I refer to her blog all the time too =)

    • Thanks so much Joey and Mimi for your advice! I will certainly check out Sweet Makeup Temptations and try out the brushes before I go on a blush buying spree! 🙂

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