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Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Indulges In A New Wardrobe [Including 100 Swatches]

For this second edition of the ROUGE ARTIST saga, I wanted to showcase the profusion of colours. I dreamed up and worked with interplays of coloured lights that express this diversity of shades. More than ever before, ROUGE ARTIST is a real artist’s palette in which makeup expressed itself and turns into an experience.

Beauty becomes one with creation in an array of lipsticks in every tone.

Dany Sanz

the essence of glamorous lipstick

Supreme pigmentation, supreme coverage, immediate seduction. Rouge Artist Intense marks the comeback of real lipstick with lasting hold. This object of desire and femininity turns lip makeup into an art form.

Its sexy, shimmering metallic black case holds a melt-away texture and an extreme colour result. Its maximum coverage offers an ultra-intense effect from the first stroke. Its secret? A formula saturated with pure colour pigments, a creamy formula and dazzling shades in a variety of finishes: matt, satiny or pearly.

For a supremely glamorous smile.

filtered lights, tinted shadows, soft intensity 

An interplay of sheer colours and vibrant layering adorn and embellish her. In an impertinent composition that says everything about her creativity. She dares to wear colour and changes it to match her moods. An artist of her own beauty, she invents new works of art in one brushstroke. She embraces luminous materials and has a sparkling vision of life.


  • Satin Nude #22*
  • Satin Beige #23
  • Pearly Beige #18
  • Matte Orange Pink Mat #2*
  • Matte Flesh Mat #1*
  • Satin Orange Beige #24*
  • Satin Light Rosewood #30*


  • Satin Caramel #25*
  • Matte Caramel Mat #3*
  • Satin Rosewood #29
  • Satin Brown Beige #26*
  • Satin Dark Rosewood #27
  • Satin Light Taupe #28*
  • Pearly Orange Pink #19*


  • Pearly Rust #20
  • Satin Rust #41
  • Matte Bordeaux Mat #7
  • Satin Dark Brown #47
  • Pearly Dark Brown #16


  • Satin Coral #38*
  • Satin Orange Coral #39*
  • Satin Bright Orange #40*
  • Satin Bright Pink #37*


  • Satin Blue Raspberry #35
  • Matte Dark Raspberry Mat #6
  • Satin Light Raspberry #34
  • Satin Fresh Pink #33*
  • Satin Soft Pink #32*
  • Pearly Rosewood #11
  • Matte Antique Pink Mat #4*


  • Satin Fuchsia #36*
  • Pearly Fuchsia #9
  • Pearly Cold Pink #10*
  • Pearly Mauve #12*
  • Satin Mauve Pink #31*
  • Matte Violet Pink Mat #5*


  • Matte Bright Red Mat #8*
  • Pearly Bright Red #21
  • Satin Vermilion Red #42*
  • Moulin Rouge*
  • Satin Raspberry Red #45*
  • Satin Bordeaux Red #46
  • Satin Brownish Red #44*


  • Satin Blackcurrant #48
  • Pearly Plum #13
  • Satin Blueberry #49


  • Pearly Violet #15
  • Pearly Dark Violet #14
  • Gold #17
  • Satin Black #50

Shades marked with (*) are available in all Sephora stores. The entire assortment is available at MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy.

avant-garde lipstick, sheer transparency

After the success of Rouge Artist Intense and its ultra-pigmented colours, MAKE UP FOR EVER launches Rouge Artist Natural. It is inspired by a return to naturalness, a key trend for Spring 2012 focusing on fresh, vibrant tones in wardrobes and vanity cases.

The result: an astounding choice of shades that are as striking as ever, in an ideal sheer texture to spark inspiration. Lipstick becomes playful with fashion colours. With its melt-away texture and “fresh lip” effect, Rouge Artist Natural dresses lips in delicious crystal clear shine. For natural coverage and an incredibly luminous, fresh smile. Shades with a sensational translucent finish. Who has never dreamed of a lipstick that naturally enhances the radiance of the lips?

a game of divine delights

Glide them on with pleasure. Sheer shine with Rouge Artist Natural: a savvy mix of film-forming polymers, intense colour pigments and precious pearly particles. Applied with fingertips or a brush, colour stays true and sublime under the effect of Candelilla plant wax and beeswax, which help the pigments adhere perfectly to the lips.

It protects and embellishes with its creamy, ultra-sensorial and violet-scented texture. On the border between lipstick and lip care, it delivers 8-hour hydration to the lips.

Its secret: a moisturizing cocktail of vegetal castor oil and Cupuaçu Butter for exceptional glide and lips that stay silky all day long. A lipstick treat to savor in 50 appetizing and radiant shades with a satiny, iridescent or diamond finish.


  • Iridescent Nude N1
  • Iridescent Beige N2*
  • Iridescent Pink Beige N3*
  • Pink Beige N4*
  • Nude Beige N5*
  • Iridescent Fresh Pink N17*
  • Powdery Pink N18*


  • Iridescent Copper Pink N10
  • Pink Praline N13*
  • Soft Beige N14
  • Beige Violet N16


  • Diamond Copper Gold N6
  • Icy Brown N7
  • Warm Brown N8*
  • Copper Pink N9*
  • Pink Brick N15*
  • Pink Brown N25


  • Iridescent Coral N36*
  • Iridescent Icy Coral N37
  • Diamond Coral N38*
  • Soft Apricot N39
  • Pastel Coral N40*
  • Water Melon N41
  • Diamond Orange N42*
  • Orange N33


  • Iridescent Strawberry N11*
  • Warm Pink N12*
  • Iridescent Icy Pink N19*
  • Iridescent Pink Gold N20
  • Diamond Warm Pink N24
  • Raspberry N26*
  • Iridescent Orange Pink N35*


  • Pastel Pink N21*
  • Diamond Baby Pink N23*
  • Iridescent Blue Pink N27*
  • Diamond Pomegrate Pink N30*
  • Soft Fushia N31*
  • Diamond Pink Violet N32
  • Diamond Fresh Pink N33*
  • Candy Pink N34*


  • Diamond Red N44
  • Red N45
  • Cherry Red N46*
  • Red Brick N47
  • Griotte Red N48


  • Violet Purple N28
  • Diamond Plum N29
  • Iridescent Burgundy N49
  • Aubergine N50

Shades marked with (*) are available in all Sephora stores. The entire assortment is available at MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy.

Flashy, floral, radiant, romantic. From the most classic to the most extravagant colours, from the most natural to the most sexy. A hint of nude or passionate red. A flashy sorbet or fruity candy. Rouge Artist Natural and Rouge Artist Intense adapt to every trend and mood. Now you can find every colour and every texture at MAKE UP FOR EVER.

A fabulously rich collection, a tone palette to use to your heart’s desire. 100 shades to satisfy every impulse. An invitation to non-stop creation. A superbly colourful range for inspired beauties.


Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense & Natural retails at S$35 each, for 3.5g of product, made in France.


Overall, very impressed with the Rouge Artist lipsticks. Each range has its own character. Personally, I prefer the Intense range more as the colours are sharper, more opaque and intense. But, the Natural range is more wearable – ideal for those who are colour-shy, looking for a pop of hue that’s less traffic-stopping.

The entire range of Rouge Artist lipsticks offer wide colour selection, you will surely find something that matches your style and taste. Shall follow-up with a proper review of the formula and shades I picked up.

Thank you for looking, hope the swatches above helped.

Sephora Ngee Ann City | Sephora ION Orchard | Sephora Great World City | Sephora Marina Bay Sands | Make Up For Ever Academy

34 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Indulges In A New Wardrobe [Including 100 Swatches]

  1. Oh what WONDERFUL swatches and information about all the lipstick colors for MUFE!! Thank you!!!!!

  2. These swatches are fabulous! I appreciate all of your work in putting this together. I love MUFE’s Rouge Artist Intense Lipsticks (both original and natural formulas); I have several of them! 🙂

  3. WOW I am in love with your swatches! 😀 and I am lusting over those reds!! some of the pinks and corals looks pretty too. Just what i was looking for to show my aunt cause she was looking to purchase a red lippie. Thank you for the swatch galore!!! I seriously need to hop by MUFE in the future.. 😛

    • Hello Idda,
      Thank you so much!!
      Red lipsticks are so gorgeous and these are superbly pigmented =)
      I hope your aunt will find a red lippie soon..
      Happy Saturday xx

  4. How fantastic!! I wanted to try all of these in person but they are not available at a Sephora 😦 But your swatches help so much! Thanks once again for doing this 🙂 There are so many of these that I want, I don’t know what to get anymore, lol

  5. Just looking for a new lipstick and SO frustrated with the color “swatches” on Sephora’s website. I can’t imagine what a time consuming undertaking this swatch-fest must have bee – but thank you so much – can’t even tell you how helpful it is!

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