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Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense In 24, 39, 42 & Moulin Rouge

This entry features four Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense I currently own and yes, they are all brand new. I have always been very curious about these lipsticks and after meeting up with MUFE Communications Manager over tea – where she showcased a tray of Rouge Artists, I was really impressed and that means, it’s time to splurge.

Because I swatched all the 50 shades, I had a better idea of what I would like to have – in terms of the colour and texture.

The range of Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense is not new, I believe they launched 2 years ago and I read about them on Facesbysarah – Sarah has reviewed and swatched all the 50 shades too. Although curious about them, I never knew which shades to pick up.

And these are the shades;-

  • Satin Orange Beige #24 – soft nude with a hint of coral
  • Satin Orange Coral #39 – soft nude with a more noticeable touch of coral
  • Satin Vermilion Red #42 – bright orangy red that is similar to scarlet but more orange and less red
  • Moulin Rouge* – deep, dark red with a hint of blue

Swatches below are swatched according to the shades mentioned above. Taken under natural sunlight, without flash.

According to the brand, each Rouge Artist Intense is formulated to offer intense colour payoff with a long-lasting result. And I couldn’t agree more. Given that I have swatched all 50 of them, even the lightest shade like Satin Nude #22 has excellent colour payoff. The Rouge Artist Intense comes in 3 different finishes – Satin, Matte and Pearly.

Personally, I am very attracted to the Satin finish range (as you can probably already tell – the shades in this entry are all Satin). They are extremely creamy and rich in pigment – a little goes a long, long way.

When swatching, I find the Matte finish range of lipsticks a little drying – I didn’t try them on my lips tho, purely based on my swatches. The Pearly finish range feels lighter in texture and is slightly less opaque as compared to the other two finishes.

I have been quite nude-shy in recent years because I feel that nude lipsticks make me look too pale and sick. Well, I think Satin Orange Beige #24 doesn’t. It has a hint of coral which brightens up my complexion but I reckon I must pair it carefully with my outfit and eye makeup to avoid looking pale.

On the other hand, Satin Orange Coral #39 has more coral in it, it’s brighter and gives more colour. This shade looks good without any eye makeup too but I think it may not be suitable for deeper skin tones as it contains a small amount of white.

Satin Vermilion Red #42 is an absolute sweetheart to wear, with or without any eye makeup. It instantly brightens my skin tone and makes my teeth appear whiter. One thing I like about wearing red lipstick is that it makes my complexion seem fairer too.

Lastly, I have the Moulin Rouge.

Moulin Rouge is an exclusive collection created from the collaboration between Make Up For Ever and the Moulin Rouge dancers in Paris. This red is deeper and darker than the previous but nonetheless, it brightens my complexion instantly.


Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense retails at S$35 each, for 3.5g of product, made in France. For swatches of the entire range, please refer to this entry.


Overall, loving the Rouge Artist Intense and am looking forward to purchasing more colours.

I usually suffer from dry, chapped lips but I have been applying lip care products religiously recently thus I find the formula not drying at all. I am very impressed with the intensity of colour. For the more neutral shades, I apply directly from the bullet but I use a lip brush to apply the darker shades.

The reds provide some sort of a stain and lasts for a long time on my lips (eating and drinking) – I would say it lasts for at least 6 hours. For the lighter shades, it lasts for approximately 4 hours before I need to touch-up.

Although the texture is creamy and the colour payoff is intense, the formula don’t feel heavy on my lips. After wearing it for the entire day, my lips still feel hydrated and the lipstick didn’t cling onto any dry skin. It feels comfortable and nice when I press my lips together at end of the day.

If you are looking for a red lipstick, I highly recommend Satin Vermilion Red #42 as I believe it will suit many skin tones.

Thank you for reading.

20 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense In 24, 39, 42 & Moulin Rouge

  1. Omg Joey!! You look FAB!!! You look gorgeous with centre parting hair!!! N your pics look amazing.. New lighting or camera??? Btw, I have to agree with u on hw great these lippies are;)

  2. Hi, I am attracted to your blouse (although I can only see a third of it)… Mind to tell where’s that from?

  3. Girl, have I told you how much I like it when you wear red lipstick, you rock it! I love Satin Coral too. The new camera and lighting looks fantastic by the way. I can see the colours well.

  4. You take wonderful photos and each one shows how the colors work with your skin tone. Thank you for the swatches. I was debating between 38 and 39 and looks like 39 is my bet.

  5. Thankyou!! I’m from korea and I was wondering what’s different between satin orange beige and satin orange coral. this posting is perfect to see difference of the colors. now I decide my mind what to buy. haha thank you for your posting

  6. Even though this post is over a year old, I have to tell you that Satin Vermillion Red #2 is absolutely stunning on you. The coral shades are beautiful too.

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